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Talent Recommendations: Whirling Dragon Punch, Diffuse Magic, Hit Combo or Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

This is a very intense and long fight based on priority targets and positioning. For some reason, Windwalker is pretty good there!

You’re usually going to nuke down the blue recursive elementals. The void zone it drops will protect your raid from some mechanics so this is very important.

Once again, Transcendence is your best friend here!


Talent Recommendations: You’ll probably want Diffuse Magic on this fight.

Good positioning is paramount here. You want to have your Transcendence dropped on the outer part of the room to have a get-out for free port ready. Otherwise, be quick with decision making: it’s better to pop Diffuse Magic and Touch of Karma and get hit once than to die from getting hit unintentionally.

Windwalker is not particularly good at soaking the Spanning Singularity but you definitely can try that out.


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There is a lot of min maxing to be done here on Elisande. You need to know when to pop your cooldowns, and balance cleave damage versus single target damage.

When you know the blue recursive elemental is going to die very early, you can spread your Storm, Earth, and Fire clones and focus on Spinning Crane Kick and others to cleave on 2/3 targets.

However, when you know it’s tensed, you need to fixate your clones and nuke that recursive elemental to death.

There is no point in trying to force using your cooldowns during the speed up buff: yes it will increase your casting time and damage but on the other hand, it will also make your Storm, Earth, and Fire buff shorter.

The one thing that doesn’t get affected again is Touch of Death: the debuff is still 8 seconds, so if you use it with speed buff, you’ll get a few more GCDs into Gale Burst. This is a very minor gain though.

It is very easy to use Touch of Karma on cooldown while helping the raid, just stand one or two seconds in Spanning Singularity. However this will remove one of your best defensives in case things go wrong with some other mechanic.

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger is an asset on this fight: it’s a very big burst on single target (your best option to deal damage over a 1:30 minutes window by far), it deals very high damage on 2-3 targets thanks to Crackling Jade Lightning, and it’s cooldown refreshes during “useless” parts of the fight (freeze time in transitions, etc).

Conclusion: Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger will help you nuke the blue add and cleave on boss/purple add, then wait for it to refresh on transitions. On the other hand, Hit Combo will drop during transitions. Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger is pretty good here.