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Talent Recommendations: Whirling Dragon Punch, Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

This is a very intricate 3 phase fight with a lot going on. Fortunately, once again, it is very decent for Windwalkers!
Check out “surviving tabs” for transcendance useage.

Phase 1 is all about tunneling adds while having good reaction time to boss abilities. Use your Touch of Death and cooldowns on the Inquisitor Vethriz  when he spawns, you can probably get some Fists of Fury and other cleave hitting the other targets.

Phase 2 will require you to have cooldowns ready to deal with Eye of Gul’dan. On Heroic, you’ll also be killing the Hand of Gul’dan summon. Be sure you use your Storm, Earth, and Fire and other cooldowns when you have several targets up.

As soon as Eye of Gul’dan become Empowered Eye of Gul’dan, you’re going to need Storm, Earth, and Fire casts on each spawn and to nuke these as soon as you can. Don’t forget to re-fixate once Empowered Eye of Gul’dan die!

Phase 3 will mostly be about surviving a few mechanics while keeping the damage on Empowered Eye of Gul’dan really high. As usual, make sure your Transcendence is dropped and you know where it is. Roll and Flying Serpent Kick will carry you through the rest of mechanics.



Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

Phase 1: Make sure you have an eye on the boss because the deadliest mechanic here is the Fel Efflux: if you’re not quick to roll out of it when it’s on melees, you may very well die! Rest is mostly be in the right position.

Phase 2: You can use Tiger’s Lust when being hit by Bonds of Fel. Make sure you’re spread when Eye of Gul’dan are up: as a Monk you can position out of the raid on an outer Eye of Gul’dan with your clones hitting other targets, make use of that! That will also allow you to move out of raid and make sure you’re safe from fire damage when Eye of Gul’dan are up to use your extra action button, Time Dilation, safely.
The best way to trump empowered bonds of fel is to drop transcendance on top of your melee group right before they hit; it will count everyone hit where you land towards spreading the damage and is extremely powerful. This saves a lot on your raid and equates good damage gains, make use of it!

Phase 3: when this phase hits, the boss goes through a short immunity time. Make sure you take this opportunity to hit refresh/drop Transcendence. Dropping this towards the edge might give you an easy way to drop out of the raid with Flames of Sargeras. This is paramount on Heroic difficulty.

If you didn’t, always use Transcendence on boss when going out for a mechanic. You can also use it when he does Storm of the Destroyer so that you can port back to Empowered Eye of Gul’dan if it drops there. Don’t overdo it: you don’t want to die from mispositioning for Black Harvest.




This fight has changed a lot. As a melee a great deal of the fight will look like heroic with a spin.

Phase 1:
Here you’re gonna recognize aspects of phase 1 and 2 from heroic guldan. Your big focus here is gonna be on Eyes of Guldan as a windwalker. For your first few wipes, I would consider running Rushing Jade Wind. This is not a joke, it will give you crazy good eye damage on every wave. This will be tough on your ressources, so you’re likely to not even use RSK on cooldown during eye downtime.
Once your group get’s used to timings, the eye damage will be smoother, but you’re still likely to use your Storm, Earth, and Fire on these. Due to how important this mechanic is (and timely burst throughout the fight on priority targets) I would highly suggest using Convergence of Fates if you have access to it.

It is paramount that you emphasize the Empowered bonds of Fel cast. You want to drop transcendance right before it hits so that you can teleport back to melee instantly. This will save crazy uptime for you and people soaking bonds, and is a huge asset for windwalkers on this fight. Make use of it!

Phase 2:

This phase will mostly challenge your use of Windwalker’s mobility. You’ll want to be aware of hitcombo, of using chi wave, flying serpent kick and crackling jade lightning smartly to keep your buff up. You’ll want to refresh transcendance next to the spots where Gul’dan is tanked as much as possible to be able to swiftly come back to melee after dropping flames. You’ll want to avoid panicking and wasting rolls to get out of storm of the destroyer quickly when you could have used these rolls after it to reach the eye of guldan quicker.

One very important thing as a monk is your ability to provoke eyes. This might be asked of you by your raid leaders, or you can suggest it. If you cast provoke on an empowered eye AFTER IT HAS FIXATED ON PLAYERS, it’ll move untill it is in melee range of you (quite a large hitbox). This can allow you to limit player movements, move an empowered eye outside of storm of the destroyer quickly. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll be piloting the eyes naturally and putting them wherever you wish.

Phase 2 and 3 timers:

As you’ll have noticed, this fight is not really about having high overall dps as much as it is about having good dps when it matters. Very specific timers in the fight will require you to provide the maximum output and it’s important to be aware of when they happen.

The two most important times in the fight are probably pushing gul’dan from 10% to 0 fast enough and maximizing your output during the demonbane phase on Illidan.

If you’re using the most common strategy, aka popping one demonic essence for the first Visions of the dark Titan, then three for the second one, then you’ll have this huge window of 30 seconds where the boss will be taking 250% of normal damage.
Worth noting that this double dips on the gale burst golden trait: Gale Burst inflicts 250% of 10% of the damage dealt, which itself is amplified. Gale burst is bigger than ever during this phase!
Because of that you’ll really want to have touch of death up at this time, which means being aware of timers.

Once the Demon Within phase starts, you have 3 minutes roughly before the second Visions of the Dark Titan (every 1:30). The Gul’dan push itself takes a bit less than a minute. Aka if you touch of death at 11-13% of Gul’dan’s health, then on cooldown during the demon within early phase, it’ll be up precisely for the second Demonbane.

Warning: you cannot get touch of death on the first demonbane debuff!

Once phase 3 starts, you usually have a few seconds to drop transcendance next to the Demon Within, then a few GCDs to hit the boss before he bumps you. You can instantly transcend back to melee and start hitting the boss again.



Maximizing Damage

Touch of Karma is easy to maximize phase 1 and 2 free of risk: Liquid Hellfire hurts like a truck so it’s quite easy to Touch of Karma this. However, this is rarely lethal damage so the healing from Touch of Karma is often wasted there since you’d most likely be topped right after by a large cooldown. Make sure you do the right choice there.

Phase 3 you’re going to have very easy abilities that require Touch of Karma: if you get targeted by Empowered Eye of Gul’dan, you really want to reflect its damage to help nuking it. Otherwise focus on Black Harvest.

About the time dilation extra action button:

Just as for Elisande and Chronomatic Anomaly, this buff makes your cooldowns end faster as well as ticking faster, so you don’t actually win anything from popping it during cooldowns. In theory, therefore, the best way to use it dps wise is to maximize it’s uptime so that things refresh quicker.

However, there is merit to using this on AOE: you do gain way more out of this during high damage phases, aka cleave or AoE. It is, however, hard to use this on Eye of Gul’dan because of the ongoing fire damage. This is also the most beneficial thing to do for the raid.
Therefore, I would encourage you look out for every boss ability and set up this extra action button to be used right after adds spawn and you know you’re not targeted/cleaved on.