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Talent Recommendations: Whirling Dragon Punch, Hit Combo or Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger.

This is the closest thing to a council fight in Nighthold. Windwalkers are not kings of council fights anymore but still pretty good at it and excellent here thanks to the ongoing AoE.

You want to focus on surviving the mechanics, which should be easy as a Monk since they are movement based. There is no tense dps check here as much as important mechanics: you can take things slowly as long as you focus on the right target (Plasma Sphere/Parasitic Lasher).

You can use Tiger’s Lust on Parasitic Fetter to spawn the Parasitic Lasher, then stun the Parasitic Lasher as soon as possible. Focus these down quickly, all fight long.
Follow raid leader’s calls for Plasma Sphere focus Phase 2 and 3, but mainly, be careful your clones don’t unintentionally wreck the third Plasma Sphere and wipe the raid. The clones don’t jump as far as before so with proper positioning this won’t happen, still you should be aware!

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, actually has a niche here on Normal and Heroic. It will be up twice throughout the fight usually, and Bloodlust is used Phase 3 with all three targets up. Therefore, you get two uses of Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, including one perfect Potion+Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger+Bloodlust on three targets.

This might do very slightly less damage than Hit Combo overall (specially if you’re running some draught of souls for instance) but the damage will be there when it matters most, Phase 3



Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

Keep Transcendence up as always; if your raid has a marker for preferred orb target, put it there at all times: it will sit on your favored target, on the outside of the room, making it an asset for the three most important mechanics: the two avoidable damage spells and the orbs Phase 2 and 3. Don’t forget to refresh it.

Avoid Solar Collapse at all cost. You can roll out right after a tick of damage went off and dodge it all regardless of positioning.
Deal with Controlled Chaos like you would with Felseeker on Mannoroth. This should be easy as a Windwalker



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There is not that much ongoing damage if you dodge everything, and not dodging something is likely to kill you. Although, on Normal mode you can obviously Touch of Karma and sit through one tick of solar collapse, you really do not want to do that on Heroic and Mythic.

The easiest mechanic to Touch of Karma for damage is Plasma Explosion in Phase 2.