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Talent Recommendations: whirling dragon punch, hitcombo (/rushing jade wind)

This is a generally straightforward fight with very few mechanics to deal with. Windwalkers actually do very well here because their single target can actually benefit or barely lose from adds being up, and your single target relevant spells (touch of death, strike of the windlord) are not very relevant for AoE.

If your group has high dps, you will reach the 200% damage phase around 1:30 into the fight, so you may want to keep touch of death for this. Otherwise, you can use it on pull and again on 200% damage phase.

Make sure you drop transcendance close to the boss; if you fail and get hit by shockwave, you want to be swift to come back to the boss.


There is very little unavoidable damage that you need to focus on personally. If you hide well behind chitine for shockwave you shouldn’t face particular issues here.


Not much to add there, the fight is very similar to what it is on normal/heroic.

Check your guild’s dps comapred to some logs to know wether or not you’ll be able to reach phase 2 before/after second Touch of Death comes up to know wether to use it on pull.

It’s probably for the best that you use Storm, Earth, and Fire for single target purposes in this fight mostly as boss damage is more relevant.


You will notice that many people are going to do crazy damage on this boss and in particular, using rushing jade wind.

Allthough I understand RJW can be an asset to clear the boss from the adds and they are one big part of the boss, willingly spawning extra adds to AoE harder is not a boss mechanic you deal with. This is why Rushing Jade Wind isn’t really considered an asset here allthough it can quickly be the highest dps option.
You usually will do just as much from just Storm, Earth, and Fire tagging most scorpions and hitcombo increasing your AoE greatly.

If you are to be the greatest of padders though, put transcendance up, put black ox statue up, get hit by shockwave and roll through the adds, transcendance back before you die and rushing jade wind plus SEF to victory. It will however not help your raid much!