Icy-Veins FatBossTV WoWHead


Talent Recommendations: Whirling Dragon Punch, Hit Combo, Diffuse Magic

This is a pretty straight up fight once you have positioning covered. Don’t stand in front of the boss, be aware of your surroundings and proceed.

Focus on boss but be ready with cooldowns for Animate casts. You can use one stack of Storm, Earth, and Fire on pull and should always have one up for Animates after this. With convergence of fate, you will need to press Storm, Earth, and Fire TWICE before animate comes up.

Windwalker is one of the craziest classes to clear this boss. Make good use of this and spam Spinning Crane Kick!


Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic

This is a very easy to decipher fight: it is scripted to the bone, follow your timers and you’ll know exactly when you can use defensives.

Every cycle lasts around 1:15 minutes which is close to the cooldown of defensives. You can cover two types of spells (usually Duplicate and Animate) with Touch of Karma and Diffuse Magic.


Mythic Aluriel doesn’t add much mechanics wise besides a mythic only add you’ll mostly ignore. Just keep in mind if you run Storm, Earth, and Fire, the clones may very well jump on it and stick to the Fel Soul, which is a significant waste of damage.
As for Heroic, keep track of the boss’s animate timings for SEF use. Fire adds might be spread out, you can usually get 5-6 stacks of mark of the crane quickly and hit 2-3 Fire enchantments with Spinning Crane Kick.
Be sure to keep energizing elixirs and ressources for AoE.
This is absolutely your boss.


This boss has a 1:15 seconds cycle rotation. This means you want to do Storm, Earth, and Fire at 1:15, 2:30, 3:45, 5:00. By 5:00 you can cast Storm, Earth, and Fire exactly 5 times: therefore you do NOT want to waste Storm, Earth, and Fire casts if you do not have convergence of fate.

If you do then it’s way easier to deal with Storm, Earth, and Fire timers so you can probably use it every Touch of Death as well as every Animate OR use two stacks on some Animates if they are slow to die and you need the damage there.