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Talent Recommendations:

Prepare for your classic single target set up, wether it is serenity or whirling dragon punch based.

This encounter will ask you to focus on single target, with an emphasis on slight target switching.
Depending on your raid group and difficulty, you might kill one or more things that should not be named before the boss in last phase; be ready to switch to them or to call off your Storm, Earth, and Fire if they are mistakenly attacking it.


Talent Recommendations: diffuse magic.

The best advice to surviving this fight is for you to be precise in your movement. Drop your transcendance in melee of the boss at all times. This will allow you to quickly return to the boss after moving out for abilities such as Icy ejection, Fel ejection or Fel nova.

If you are using the legendary chest, The Emperor’s capacitor, make sure you keep in mind Fel Nova timers to be able to move out and cast it there, having both a safe timer for Fel Nova and no lost boss uptime.

If you think you will use a defensive for icy ejection or fel ejection, use it early rather than late. Wether it’s touch of karma or diffuse magic, it is important that you use them to mitigate some of the ticking dots.


Very few things change in mythic besides stuff hurting harder, as usual. There is the obvious grand conjunction you will have to deal with. Being a monk, you’ll have priority over other classes in moving out and in with rolls, serpent kick and transcendance. I usually start the fight with transcendance close to the entrance to have an easy way out for icy ejections. Never use transcendance without checking that the spot is safe. During the fight, you can refresh transcendance in melee of the boss to be able to come back quickly from mechanics.
Take advantage of the boss’s large hitbox to be able to move out of the melee clutch and still hit the boss.

In last phase, second (and potentially third) casts of the things that should not be are by far what’s most dangerous. Be ready to use defensives for these only (karma for one, diffuse magic for the other for instance). You don’t have immunities to bypass some casts like other classes. Having an extra dps surviving these can be the difference between a close wipe and a kill.