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Talent Recommendations: healing elixirs, hit combo, whirling dragon punch.

This is a slightly intricate fight based on positioning. It will mostly come down to picking a strategy for your guild/group and everyone sticking to it.

Make sure bloods die quickly when fixated on your tank. If you are meant to kill them, you’ll do a find job of cleaving them down (fists of fury and sometimes spinning crane kick shines there).

You can pick up an early purple orb phase 2 to get the damage buff rolling as windwalker with Storm, Earth, and Fire shines at killing these bats and giving everyone the buff.


Talent Recommendations: healing elixirs

This fight is actually very healing intensive, and healing elixir’s going to help your healers out more than timely defensives. Being able to top yourself up before a bad seeker’s swarm might be the difference between life and death there. Pop transcendance smartly to move in and out of echoes of the void. The extra healing from healing winds is just icing on the cake.


Spec into summon Ox statue.

This is most likely one of the best fights for windwalkers as you can make the fight much easier by yourself.

On mythic, phase one is mostly about carrion plague/seeker’s swarm management, which you cannot help much with.
This phase is very likely uneventful and will let you tunnel the boss mostly. You can use touch of karma on the first raidwide damage from Brand of Argus and then again on the begining of second echoes of the void, right before illusionary night.
Make sure energizing elixir is used close to on cooldown for it to come up during illusionary night.

Illusionary night is the phase windwalker is all about. You will be able to carry this half of the fight on your own.
As the phase begins, you can place your Ox Statue near the middle of the room. This will ensure bats automatically pack and no one randomly gets aggro of them. This might seem insignificant but is an unsung hero. Nothing is worse than losing someone to random aggro from 20 bats spawning there.
Don’t try too hard to get the buff early, as the most important thing for you early on is to get marks of the cranes rolling. You’ll quickly get 10-15 and by then will start crushing these bats. Towards the end of the phase you can easily reach above 15-25 stacks of mark of the crane.
This is a dream AoE scenario for windwalker and is actually an asset. It is easy to only kill 23-25 bats with regular dps’s, meaning it is actually tight for everyone to get their void buff. With you in it won’t be.

Play it safe with positioning and your raid team is going to love you.


On normal you can tank every other echoes of the void with karma easily. If you do so, don’t pop it instantly but wait untill you drop to 30-40% HP. Good Karma and raid healing will keep you up from there.

Boss does echoes of the void every minute, and goes into phase 2 after second echoes of the void. You’re most likely gonna hold touch of death and use it right afterwards with the +30% buff.

This is a fight where you can actually keep 2 stacks of SEF for 30 seconds, waiting for phase 2, to have one used on bats and one with the buff as you come out of the nightmare