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Talent Recommendations: healing elixirs, hit combo, whirling dragon punch.

This is a simple single target fight. And then there are cakes and scrubbers on top of it.

Be very careful of Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits jumping on top of scrubbers, that’s easily lost damage.

As a melee you’re mostly going to stick to the boss and tunnel him down, however this fight is not really about dps and a lot more about mechanics. You’ll help your raid more by allways taking cake slices when you can (use Flying Serpent Kick / transcendance to the best), specially awkward ones.


Talent Recommendations: Healing elixirs, tiger’s lust.

Allthough one could argue other defensive spells would be better fits to blow up scrubbers, healing elixirs will have an easy time helping you soak the cakes and withstand the ongoing damage.
Use tiger’s lust after you take cake slices.

Be very wary of exploding scrubbers, Karma will ensure you can soak one explosion very easily.


Not much to add, keep stacks of SEF ready to nuke the mythic add if it proves to be a liability but you probably shouldn’t be delaying touch of death much for it.


Do NOT provoke the boss during annihilation.

It would get a terrific laugh though.