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Talent Recommendations: Serenity , Diffuse magic.

Another one of the earlier fights in the Tomb of Sargeras. For most classes, it is a patchwerk fight in disguise with occasional cleave, presented as a two target fights.
You will have to switch targets between Atrigan and Bellac as they cast dangerous abilities.
As a baseline, you will be focusing Bellac and interrupting every cast of Pangs of Guilt. Whenever he reaches 100 energy, you want to move away from him for as long as he’s casting Fel Squall. Remaining close or attacking Bellac during this spell will heavily damage you and grant you a lot of Torment.

You’ll want to dump Torment whenever it becomes too high or when your raid leader calls for it by using your extra action button. This will take you to another mini encounter where you’ll have to damage a single mob, dodge swirly voidzones and pick up small light orbs untill your extra action button allows you to go back.

Don’t forget to ask for backup interrupts when doing so!

For the rest of the encounter, be wary of Atrigan’s position: Scythe Sweep can easily catch you out of position. You want to attack him whenever you move away from Bellac, but don’t stick to him too long and go back to Bellac as soon as he’s done, first for interrupts, second because Atrigan’s own AoE is very nasty.



Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

Keep Transcendence up as always; you have no control over where you spawn when coming out of the mini encounter, so if by any chance someone was  to drop a void zone or an AoEing boss on top of it, having a get out of jail for free card up is allways good. You can set it up next to Bellac before he reaches 100 energy so that you can come back to him instantly after he stops casting Fel Squall.



On mythic you’ll have to be wary of when you switch realms. Interrupts are very important as the damage will be serious this time.
Whenever you come out of the realm, a small add will spawn that needs to be dealt with. They seem to  buff each others quickly so you don’t want too many up at once: therefore wait for raid leader’s intents as to when to go in the mini-realm since you don’t want huge waves of adds.



With the changes to fists of fury, you’ll find it possible to cleave both bosses when they are nearby with a way better range than before. Take advantage of it: at times both bosses are safe and make the most out of it. Plan accordingly and you’ll get the most out of your kit.

If you are using the emperor’s capacitor, I encourage you check both boss’s energy before using your stacks. It is easy to start a channel just to find you need to move away. I usually use it on Bellac and if he’s about to cast an AoE, I roll out and target Atrigan since this means he’s safe.