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Talent Recommendations: Whirling Dragon Punch, serenity

This is a very confusing boss, however once you get a general idea of the fight you’ll find it very simple.

Your raid group is divided in two groups, each taking one half of the room. On heroic and above you don’t want to ever be close to someone from the other group.

The most important thing on this boss is to ALLWAYS have an eye on your debuffs. You need to react quickly to whatever happens to you:

Soulbind is the most important debuff you can have : you’ll see someone from the other realm glow and you’ll be splashing damage around you quickly untill you find your soul mate. This debuff can happen in either realm. Go back to your position with transcendance.

Spirit Chains is a minor inconvenience but it’s worth noting it can be removed with a simple tiger’s lust cast. You might want to be a hero and remove it form others.

-In corporeal group, you might be targeted by the boss’s long channel, Tormented Cries. After a few seconds you will produce a narrow “pizza slice” shaped silence zone. If you’re inside one when dropping it, you’ll take extremely high damage: avoid that. On the other hand, you can drop it behind the boss, leaving plenty of room to deal with other mechanics.

-again in corporeal, you might be targeted by Spear of Anguish. This will put a heavy healing absorb on you, knock you back and send you to the spirit realm. Be sure you don’t end up on top of your the corporeal group when it hits or you’ll likely cause a wipe. Once the debuff is healed through, you may come back to your realm.

-in the spirit realm, you might be affected by Wither which is meant to force you to switch realms during Wailing Souls, however plenty of guilds have started to ignore this mechanic and heal through it.

-again in the spirit realm, you can be targeted by Shattering Scream, an interruptible cast through kicks or stuns on the Priestesses. However, if you let the full cast go through, it will stack up a debuff to 5 then explode around you, breaking any Bonecage Armor.

The first part of the fight consists in focusing a main target (the engine of soul in corporeal realm, soul queen in spirit) while killing any adds around. Most of them can be stunned, priestesses in spirit realm can be interrupted. Once the adds in corporeal reach 50%, they become immune untill you explode a Shattering Scream onto them. Therefore, once they reach 50%, you should move away from them to allow people from the spirit realm to reach them.
Once the shield is down, fists of fury them to death all you want. They should die pretty quickly.

Once the boss reaches 30%, the lastp hase add, the actual Desolate host, will spawn. You will want to finish the other targets off quickly before focusing on him. He alternates two casts, the Sundering Doom or Doomed Sundering abilities. You will want to stand in whichever one has a circle lining around him on the floor, and move out of the “swirly” one. Your raid might “immunity soak” some of these, so beware of what they do and don’t stand alone in a circle you’re meant to ignore.



Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

If you get hit by Spear of Anguish during Wailing Souls, be sure to pop defensives to avoid dying from the damage while you have a healing absorb.

Keep Transcendence up as always; positioning is everything on this fight so being capable of quickly moving in and out of your position might save a lot of damage. The last thing you want is to be too slow with Soulbind and splashing damage on either group. Don’t forget to refresh it.



On mythic, depending on your group, things can barely change. I would put a windwalker in the spirit realm as they don’t have means of immunity versus spear of anguish, are quick to move with shattering screams, can remove chains with tiger’s lust, can stun all the residue… I don’t see the point of keepin a windwalker in corproreal.
Either side is fine anyways and you should have plenty to do. I personnally mainly use fists of fury as my only AoE, occasionally some more AoE during my serenity on add spawns but mostly focusing on single target damage while cleaving down the rest.



You can make slight abuse of Vial of ceaseless toxins if you’re running it.
Careful with Diffuse Magic as it removes Shattering Scream. This might be undesired.

Use any tiger palm on non main targets if you can. If you’re focusing down the Soul Queen, any tiger palm should be used to apply mark of the crane unless you’re running eye of the tiger. With a couple stacks you gain some very slight damage during serenity from it.