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Talent Recommendations: Serenity , Diffuse magic.


This is your opening fight in the Tomb of Sargeras. It is your single target fight with a few straight forward mechanics. As a melee you’ll still be willing to move around to help with mechanics.

This boss will put a focus on managing Pillars around the room that get destroyed by mechanics and are necessary to survive some mechanics.

For the most part, focus on your best single target build. The emperor’s capacitor might be an allstar here if your build allows it. I suggested Serenity as the prefered talent but really, this will come down to what you have available.

You’ll mostly want to be aware of Crashing Comet, a frequent mechanic that will need you to move away from other players AND current pillars. Keep transcendance next to the boss to move back quickly after it expires.


The secon important mechanic for melees is shattering star. It will fixate on a player then a huge Bowling Ball will roll from the boss towards you. You’d better make sure you strike as many pillars as you can with it, otherwise you’ll deal heavy raid damage.

When Goroth reaches max energy, he’ll cast Infernal Burning, which will basically kill anyone not hidden behind pillars. There is a cast before it but it’s better to keep an eye on boss energy and be safe! Also be aware of where pillars are.




Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

Keep Transcendence up as always; it is as allways your best friend in fights where boss requires you to move around. I cant stress enough how good this spell is and it is in every single one of my boss guides. Place it around to be able to quickly move out, place it on boss to gain uptime after a mechanic, etc. Don’t forget to refresh it.


There will most likely be large AoE cooldowns used by your raid for AoE damage phases, so make sure you play it smart and most likely keep some of your defensives for when you are targeted yourself by mechanics. Save mobility as well, this might not be the best fight to extensively use your mobility while in melee range of the boss!

Tiger’s Lust can save allies. Really worth keeping it in mind and using it on your death knight friend. You can use it on your tank if he lacks mobility.




On mythic you’ll need to soak some large circles from Rain of Brimstone. These absolutely need to be soaked, otherwise a highly dangerous infernal will be spawned and he’ll make your life a nightmare.
You might be allocated to soak a quartant of the room for this mechanic: communicate with your soaking group about immunities etc; soaking is paramount to killing this boss and a very easy mechanic. Potentially if you can soak far from the boss, have transcendance near the hardest to reach parts of the room.