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Talent Recommendations: Serenity, Hit Combo

This is the last fight in the Tomb of Sargeras raid, and the longest/most complicated by far.
You will mostly want to look into what strategy your raid group intends to apply but for the most part on normal and heroic for a windwalker, it mostly lies in dealing with mechanics in a generic way. I will try to list mechanics you have to actively deal with here, and those you need to survive in the second part.

Armageddon Rain is the main ability you’ll need to ensure you deal with properly from 100% to 40% health. Whenever it happens, it leaves a few small red circles and a big one on the floor. A player has to stand in each one of them, then take a heavy dot for a minute, otherwise the whole raid takes heavy damage. This stacks up so keep that in mind: favor soaking when you DO NOT allready have the debuff. However, it is better to take two stacks than to not soak, considering your mobility you can save your raid last second.

Bursting Dreadflame is another soak mechanic: Kil’Jaeden fires a beam at a player, and every player along the line shares damage. You want to stand somewhere on that line, in between KJ and the player, or even behind him.
Careful, on mythic difficulty, taking damage form this splashes it around you on 5 yards, so you’ll really want to be spaced evenly in a line.

Shadow Reflection: Erupting will place a debuff on a few players. After 8 seconds, they’ll spawn adds who will start casting heavy AoE damage. On normal this only happens from 80% to 40% boss health, on heroic from 100% to 40%. You’ll want to stack the people with the debuff and nuke these reflections hard.

These are all the mechanics you have to actively deal with untill boss reaches 40% HP. This consists of three phases:

-From 100% to 80%, the boss is on the platform and uses his abilities a few times.

-On 80%, the boss flies away, becomes invincible and starts casting abilities only for a significant time

-From 80% to 40%, you’ll have all boss abilities, many different difficult overlaps.

After that, the boss vanishes in darkness: this is the infamous dark phase where you’ll have to find Illidan as soon as you can while shadow reflection adds are blasting you.
Once you find Illidan, you’ll start taking ticking damage but will be able to see the shadow reflections. These can be stunned/moved, so make use of your crowd control abilities. Preferably use them as they are finishing a cast.

Once you find Illidan, make sure you place Transcendence to be able to go back to him instantly if your buff runs out.

After that, the boss appears one last time and you’ll need to blast him down to 0%. You are unlikely to deal with any mechancis, but you have several more mechanics you need to survive. Check that below.
The remaining mechanic from these for the rest of the fight is Bursting Dreadflame.




Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic

Keep Transcendence up towards the center of the room. Having a way out for free is very important.

Felclaws  does not affect you much, it just means you should allmost never stand in front of the boss, otherwise you’re likely to just get shreded in a single hit. This is important in phase 3 in particular, where movement is harder. This ability is up for the whole fight.


Rupturing Singularity spawn randomly in the middle of the platform or on an edge. When it lands, it kills anyone below it then bumps you away from it. This is why you want to keep Transcendence up: even if you mess up your positioning, you can use it right after the bump to cancel it. Otherwise, keep yourself close to the orb with a diagonal of the platform behind you.

Keep in mind the mechanics listed in basics also require you to somewhat survive them. I will not list them again here though.

After the boss comes out of dark phase on 40%, you’ll mostly need to survive untill the boss is dead. You’ll have to check out new mechanics though:

Tear Rift is essential to this phase: it puts up a gravity field that sucks in every player. As long as you’re in the rift you’ll stack up heavy damage so don’t stand there unless boss is casting Darkness of a Thousand Souls.

Darkness of a Thousand Souls is the first ability the boss casts here. You cannot avoid the first cast so use a defensive cooldown there if you can afford. After that, whenever the boss starts casting, hide in the gravity field. Each cast where you can’t hide puts a heavy infinite duration dot that stacks up, so it is very important you hide.

Demonic Obelisk spawn across the room, more numerous as the fight goes on. They’ll spawn lazers perpendicular to the platform’s edge. When they spawn, find a spot that’s safe from them and stick to it for the explosion. Not dodging them leads to taking heavy damage and knockbacks.

-On heroic and mythic, Flaming Orbs will spawn in last phase. They spawn close to a player, then fixate after a few seconds on the closest player. You want a player with high mobility and strong defensives, like a hunter or mage, to take on the orb and kit it in the rift. Your job as a melee is to never be close from this, period.