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Talent Recommendations: Serenity Hit Combo

This is a very mechanical fight where damage requirements are low and mechanical failures are heavily punished.

Throughout the fight, the boss will cast Infusion and mark every player with either a light or fel infusion debuff. Colliding with a player of the other debuff or a mechanic of the other source will instantly cause you to gain the Unstable Soul damage over time effect.

Unstable Soul will trigger a bomb upon you which will explode after a few seconds, blowing everyone in the vicinity back and dealing heavy raid damage. You are meant to deal with this by jumping in the central well when you have 1.5 seconds or less on your debuff. Be careful to have your back towards where you want to go, as the blowback is directed that way. Dying with Unstable Soul  will trigger the bomb instantly and most likely wipe you.
Transcendance is, once again, your absolute best friend here. Put it down before you jump and use it mid knockback to cancel the flight time. Be careful not to teleport on top of something dangerous. You still need to remotely aim your knockback in the right direction. Also, don’t pop it too early or you’ll be bombing your raid!

You raid will allocate sides for each debuff. When they are applied, you have a few seconds to move before the infusion is active and you cannot cross other players.

Mass Instability will trigger Unstable Soul no matter what on 3 players periodically.

The maiden will often cast Hammer of Creation and Hammer of Obliteration. These deal heavy tank damage and are shared in a cone, so make sure to stack with your infusion for these. On heroic and above, each hammer spawns orbs of it’s color on top of players of opposing infusions: careful with these.

After 40 seconds and every 1:45-2 minutes afterwards, the maiden will stun everyone shortly and teleport to the other side of the room and shield herself for a significant amount. She’ll then spawn orbs of both colors in three lanes: soaking orbs of your infusion gives you a stacking 10% damage increase, while walking over a single wrong orb will give you AND nearby allies Unstable Soul. 

You’ll need to damage the shield in order to interrupt the maiden’s high AoE damage.



Talent RecommendationsDiffuse magic

The particularity of this fight is that it’s very unforgiving; you rarely “drop low” and have time to react to damage intake. This is why I’m very liberal with my use of Touch of Karma on this fight, and usually try to mitigate the tank smashes the most, specially when a couple players from my group are hit with an Unstable Soul and move out of the smash.

Smart use of Transcendance will give you better uptime, instant healing when you need it: it is definitely a very strong tool, make the most out of it.

Focusing on mechanics at all cost is paramount here, and will reward you with way more damage output than being narrow minded and focused on the wrong stuff.



On mythic, Maiden of vigilance isn’t particularly different, besides the fact she’s even less forgiving. A single explosion going off is a guaranteed wipe, and a single orb not being soaked in transition is likely a wipe as well. Refer to your group to know how you’ll assign soaks for transition, as this will likely be the major path to success.

Timing wise, Mythic is a bit more organized than heroic/normal. Therefore, you will be able to plan your cooldowns better.

First blowback happens roughly 45 seconds into the fight, then soaking ends around 1 minute into the fight. After that, phases repeat every 2 minutes roughly.
This means you want your serenity to be as close to 1 minute cooldown as possible. This might imply running convergence of fates if you have access to it. Otherwise, be aware of the timers.
If you interrupt a bulwark early, keep in mind timings will be off.