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Talent Recommendations: serenity

This is a three phase, mostly single target/cleave encounter.
The room will be split at all time between a light and a dark side; standing in one side will increase the damage you take from spells of that type, stacking up quickly. Switching sides will clear your debuff and make you far less vulnerable.

Most of the fight is very straightforward as a melee: stay packed in melee and dodge any thing that looks like a glaive coming your way, wether it’s Moon Glaive or Glaive Storm.

Phase two, the boss will periodically call an add through Call Moontalon. Allthough this add doesn’t do anything, you want to burst it below 25% because it then starts to pulsate heavy AoE damage (like dragons did below 50% on the Cenarius encounter.)

Boss transitions at 70% and 40%: keep it in mind as the previous boss becomes invulnerable when the new one appears. Don’t waste a touch of death on 71% for instance!



Talent Recommendations: Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

Keep Transcendence up as always; it allows you to quickly go back to the boss after moving out. In particular, you might feel like you won’t gain time by using this over just rolling back to the boss, however you’ll quickly notice that if it takes just as long, you will get healed for free which is very significant. Don’t forget to refresh it.

Whenever afflicted by Moon Burn, you’ll want to move to the other side of the room quickly to trigger an Astral Purge and remove the dangerous ticking dot. This will usually just be a roll out then a roll back in, or a Transcendence if you so wish.

The most dangerous thing you can help with but cannot avoid is Rapid Shot. This is very important. People don’t usually put emphasis on this because there isn’t much you can do about it and you’re in healer’s hands, however it is very important you identify this debuff because once targeted by it you can very quickly die. Pop a defensive after a couple seconds of the debuff and be ready to use a healing potion.



On mythic this fight is a steady survival. It is pretty long, even if you bloodlust throughout phase 2 (the phase shortened the most by it.)
The main difference here is that you cannot Astral Purge whenever you want as it will put a short but quickly stacking up dot on the raid. Your raid leaders will tell you when and how they will organize purging.

The biggest tip I could give to a windwalker progressing this fight is put your transcendance outside of the room. This boss is extremely easy to reset with a taunt -> teleporting out as there are no big channels/cast animations so the boss will very quickly come to you. Refresh it before every pull, get a weakaura for it if you need to. This can probably save a lot of runes, food, time…

Be wary of phase two timers. As I write this, we blood lust as soon as phase two stars, which is around 2 minutes in with a Moontalon spawn. However this will change a lot based on group’s dps. In the future with higher group ilvl the line up will not be so smooth. Be sure to line up stuff nicely if it costs you minor delays: that serenity + bloodlust on two targets is insanely strong.

If you are gonna be slightly away from the boss (moved for moonburns, tanks in another purging group or whatever), make sure you abuse Fists of Fury’s 8 yards range.



On mythic, replacing Katuso’s Eclipse with Prydaz is a very serious choice; the boots gain is minor, whereas the extra shiel might save you from when you’re targeted by a glaive on high stacks. Consider it for progress.

You can get quite a fair bit of damage from the Vial of ceaseless toxins onto moontalons.