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[/cs_text][x_line style=”border-top-width: 1px;”][x_tab_nav type=”four-up” float=”top”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Basics” active=”true”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Surviving” active=”false”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Mythic” active=”false”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Advanced” active=”false”][/x_tab_nav][x_tabs][x_tab active=”true”]Talent Recommendations: Chi Wave, Dampen Harm, Hit Combo, Serenity.

This is the most scripted single target fight we’ve had in a while. No random targeting, you will not be running out of range to place puddles, charges or anything. This is a simple, scripted dps race.

You are advised to use Transcendence at the exit of the fight when progressing Guarm. Make sure the boss is close to your port and headlong charge is not coming up soon when you wish to Provoke/Transcendence away to reset. A breath+charge could quickly lock the boss and ruin your day.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talent Recommendations: Dampen Harm or Healing Elixir, Tiger’s Lust

How to survive: you shouldn’t be taking exceedingly more damage than other melees. You can use Healing Elixir to top yourself up before the boss charges you, or Dampen Harm to prevent bad things happening (boss positioning can be hazardous, you don’t wanna tank Flashing Fangs or Multi-Headed.)

Mechanics to avoid: Stay behind the boss at all time and remain far from the side where the tanks stand. The frontal cone (starting on boss center) and cleaving auto attacks are deadly. You should have plenty of mobility to soak your breath color easily.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]On Mythic you have to deal with three new things as a melee:

The first one is foams: Flaming Volatile Foam, Briney Volatile Foam and Shadowy Volatile Foam. These dispellable dots will make the fight slightly more complicated. However, with Roll it should be easy once you get used to it to fly from groups to groups to get dispells and soak breath.

The second one is that melees will now consistently soak the short charge by being the biggest clutch of players. This means not being topped can be deadly here. Use Dampen Harm if you’re at risk of dying.

The third one is the enrage timer, extremely tight as the boss was released. This will decrease over the weeks with people gearing up even more and potentially reaching 35th trait in their artifact more and more. However, let’s look at what this means for us Windwalkers:

4 minutes fight means we get 3 guaranteed casts of Touch of Karma and Serenity, no more. We also only get two Touch of Death (third one most likely won’t go off since Guarm kills players through most immunities on enrage.)

This means you can and will line up your second Touch of Death with one of your other Serenity. It also means you have about 45 seconds of breathing room to line up your Serenity with the best timing.

One could argue it is better to wait with Serenity at 1:30, use second Old War at 1:50 and Touch of Death+Serenity at 2:00. This will ensure a 25 seconds window for Old War with no Headlong Charge and cooldowns up.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]When going into Guarm as a melee, you’re at the mercy of your healers. If you’re not topped for charges, you might die. If you don’t get dispells when you need to, you will die on Mythic difficulty. The only thing left to do is maximizing your dps. For Mythic, check the tips there for spell timings.

For Heroic and Normal, you can check Mythic to see how one would plan the fight with a 4 minutes kill in mind. Check your group’s timers to see how to line things up properly. This will make a very significant difference in dps.

As for Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred: This is by far our best legendary on this fight. It can however be a dangerous game to play.

On all difficulties, Headlong Charge‘s direct hit is only 4 millions damage. It is extremely easy to sit in it an let the ticking damage do the rest of the soak. However, this requires you to wait until at least 50 seconds in to use Touch of Karma.

For instance, you can use Touch of Karma and stand in the charge at 0:50, then again at 3:30. You lose a potential Touch of Karma cast doing so but will 100% soak it at 0 risk.

If you want to use Touch of Karma more offensively, you have two more mechanics: Flashing Fangs (a 25 yards cone in front of the boss, dealing very heavy damage) and multi headed (autoattacks hit the second target closest to active tank). It is advise in this case to have an accurate tracking of the remaining value on Touch of Karma and to pair it up with Dampen Harm to avoid bad surprises.

When doing so, you can use Potions of Prolonged Power which are then quite powerful due to the extra health and will grant you pretty much the same damage as potions of the old war with extra survivability.[/x_tab][/x_tabs][x_recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ offset=”” category=”Ruhye” orientation=”horizontal” no_sticky=”true” no_image=”true” fade=”true”][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]