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[/cs_text][x_tab_nav type=”four-up” float=”top”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Basics” active=”true”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Surviving” active=”false”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Mythic” active=”false”][x_tab_nav_item title=”Advanced” active=”false”][/x_tab_nav][x_tabs][x_tab active=”true”]This is your typical survival/mechanics fight. DPS is not as important as timely burst/damage on important targets, awareness of % based transitions and surviving.

Talent recommendations: serenity, tiger’s lust, dampen harm, hit combo, chi wave.

This fight is quite melee unfriendly and requires a lot of movement. Luckily windwalker is not lackluster in that regard. Make smart use of transcendance, rolls, flying serpent kick and you might even have tiger’s lust left to help out slower teammates.

Serenity’s short windows of burst will prove very valuable when you need to push some priority targets away phase 2.

Make the most out of your cleaving spells: fists of fury does 100% to Hyrja or Heimdall plus any add next to them, strike of the windlord does 50% extra damage on a second target. Use spinning crane kick to expand ressources quickly on two targets.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]Talents: Dampen Harm. There is merit to healing elixirs since most cases where you can actually die are very specific windows where you’ll take a big hit from unherring blast into another one from horn of valor. However, dampen harm will forgive significantly larger mistakes by allowing you to use it once hit by balls of light from light spears.

Focus on surviving more than on damage. This is the type of boss where pushing at the right time is more important than pushing faster. If you ever get called out on your damage, it’s easy to point out you did better on specific targets or in phases where it matters.

Careful about phase 2 shields of lights, as you’re likely to have this overlap with risky spears of light spawns.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]The fight is mostly the same on mythic, besides two mechanical difference: once you kill the adds for unherring blast, you need to move to a specific rune to get protected. Second one, phase 3 you’ll need to move to specific markers to stack with people branded with the same color (or at least be away from other colors.)

What does this mean as a windwalker? Not that much since it’s quite unpredictable phase 1 – 2 and even more so phase 3 with three different platforms available. However there is no reason not to have transcendance set up somewhere and know on which symbol it can take you at any time.[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]There are tons of damage sources on this fight. It is worth knowing how deadly each one of them is.

Horn of valor deals significant damage to everyone, and stacking on top of 2 other players (1 on mythic) will prove deadly usually. If you are two windwalkers, you can stand on top of each other and use karma.
Standing inside the large Hymdall circle, however, will prove deadly through a Cenedril enhanced touch of karma. It would require another significant cooldown to save you from the damage there, so don’t risk it.

Dancing blades, surprisingly, are way less dangerous than they seem. Trivial to dodge, these blades will take a few seconds to kill you. This allows you to easily finish off a touch of Karma shield in them if you want to.

Shield of light in itself doesn’t do that much damage if enough people are soaking. However, specifically during phase 2 on mythic, it will line up dangerously with spear of light spawns. When soaking shield, be ready to roll out quickly. It is also a fine occasion to wreck a 5 millions shield if you so wish… This will happen roughly every 1:30 during phase 2 if you know what I mean.

If your guild is progressing quickly through this boss, I would refrain from doing anything that could be called “silly”.
Touch of karma is our main defensive cooldown, on a fight where overall dps isn’t as relevant you can refrain from using it offensively more than ever. Don’t worry, Guarm will let you do it.[/x_tab][/x_tabs][x_line style=”border-top-width: 1px;”][x_recent_posts type=”post” count=”2″ offset=”” category=”Ruhye” orientation=”horizontal” no_sticky=”true” no_image=”true” fade=”true”][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]