Windwalker Acronyms


Many acronyms exist that people use to talk about Windwalker Monk. For the player new to this specialization, all of the jargon and acronyms might be a little hard to understand, so we’ve provided a table to help you catch up to the technical terms used today.


Acronym Meaning Description
SEF Storm, Earth, and Fire Ability
BoK Blackout Kick Ability
FSK Flying Serpent Kick Ability
TP Tiger Palm Ability
RSK Rising Sun Kick Ability
SCK Spinning Crane Kick Ability
CJL Crackling Jade Lightning Ability
MotC Mark of the Crane Spinning Crane Kick Stacks
TtP Transfer the Power Artifact Trait
GB Gale Burst Artifact Trait
PS Power Strikes Talent
EE Energizing Elixir Talent
WDP Whirling Dragon Punch Talent
CW Chi Wave Talent
CB Chi Burst Talent
ToD Touch of Death Ability
FoF Fists of Fury Ability
RJW Rushing Jade Wind Talent
CoF Convergence of Fates Trinket
SP Split Personality Artifact Trait