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Most traits are straightforward numbers increases. Golden traits are the only ones that provide anything, and most don’t need any additional thought. I’ll cover how they change anything.

Crosswinds – It happens automatically, so doesn’t need to be thought about otherwise.

Transfer the Power – Not a golden trait, but worth mentioning. Don’t overthink it, doesn’t change anything. Do not delay Fists of Fury for a certain amount of stacks.

Tornado Kicks – Also happens automatically.

Gale Burst – Once you take this trait Touch of Death is no longer used on cooldown, but saved until other big damage abilities are available like Fists of Fury and Storm Earth and Fire unless you will lose out on a cast later in the fight.

Thunderfist – Designed to increase single target or priority damage during AOE and cleave. Each target hit with Strike of the Windlord will generate one stack. One stack will be discharged per auto-attack.

Artifact Power Path


0 to 35 Traits

Artifact - CCW

+35 Traits


There can be some trade-off between trait power and weapon ilvl gainRising Winds is tops for singlet target, Fists of the Wind is the top trait for situations with more than one target. Here’s what weapon ilvl gain the each trait is worth. To compare relics, just add these numbers to the +ilvl that the relics provide to the weapons. (Yes this is a little different from before)

You can also use Babylonius’s Spreadsheet to get answers more catered to your character, situation, and fight parameters.

Single Target

  1. Rising Winds with t19 2pc Bonus (+12 ilvl)
  2. Rising Winds without 2pc bonus (+8 ilvl)
  3. Fists of the Wind (+7 ilvl)
  4. Inner Peace (+4 ilvl)
  5. Tiger Claws (+3 ilvl)
  6. Strength of Xuen (+2 ilvl)
  7. Everything else (+0 ilvl)


  1. Fists of the Wind (+10 ilvl)
  2. Inner Peace (+3 ilvl)
  3. Rising Winds (+2 ilvl)
  4. Power of a Thousand Cranes: (+5 ilvl)
  5. Tiger Claws (+2 ilvl)
  6. Strength of Xuen (+1 ilvl)
  7. Everything else (+0 ilvl)

Power of a Thousand Cranes does gain more and more power as the number of targets increase, as does Fists of the Wind.

Split Personality is not on the list as it depends entirely on whether it gives you an extra cast of Storm, Earth, and Fire or Serenity based on the fight, mechanics, length, and your raid composition.. If it does, then its the best relic out there. If not, its effectively worthless. Because relics cannot be switched in and out like trinkets, I do not recommend pursuing this relic trait unless you’re swimming in relics. For all intents and purposes, its under the “Everything Else” category unless you know for sure that you will get an additional cast.

When comparing relics with two different traits, just take the difference between the ilvl bonus it provides to the weapon, NOT the ilvl of the relic itself. For example; an Inner Peace relic is worth 4 weapon ilvl, so it needs to provide at least +38  weapon ilvl to be better than a Rising Winds relic that gives +33 weapon ilvl in single target, since the Rising Winds relic is worth 8 ilvl.