Windwalker PvP Talents 7.2.5 (Honor Talents)

by | Mar 14, 2017 |

Honor Talents Panel



Gladiator’s Medallion is the preferred choice here giving you control over which crowd control you have to deal with. If your an Orc Windwalker Relentless can be very strong against teams with many stuns due to it stacking with the passive racial trait, Hardiness .


Passive Damage Reduction

Talents in this tier will change based on what your playing against

  • Reinforced Armor is the bread and butter pick for general survivability due to its strength defensively as a health buffer and how it interacts with abilities that scale off health.
  • Sparring is extremely strong against double melee teams that can potentially train and kill you.
  • Against caster cleaves that primarily deal damage through DoTs Hardiness can reduce the strain on your healers mana bar.


Passive Movement Speed

In 7.2.5 Eminence is the general pick in this tier for the reduced cooldown on our Transcendence to both avoid damage and heal more frequently,  Fast Feet is still a powerful talent however for its snare reduction and passive movement speed.  Yu’lons Gift is strong in some situations but its not as versatile as it use to be.


Active Damage Reduction

Fortifying Brew is a strong defensive alternative to Touch of karma on a similar cooldown. Whenever your healer is struggling to keep you up, stuck in crowd control, or doesn’t have a cooldown to answer to the enemy teams burst damage it can help keep you alive without any of the limitations or restrictions the other talents in the tier have. Zen Moment can be a very strong defensive in rated battlegrounds on some maps but it is unlikely as a Windwalker you will be a designated kill target by the enemy team over more favorable classes to the point where Zen Moment will be more valuable than Touch of Karma or Fortifying Elixir.


Active Mobility

Disabling Reach allows you to snare or root targets from a distance and Tiger Style will make it easier for you to chase around pillars or ramps as well as land an extremely powerful 70% slow on your target. Both talents have a niche and should be swapped between based on what your playing against and your strategy against the enemy team. Ride the Wind can be used in both Arenas and Rated – Normal Battlegrounds to assist some of your slower teammates with movement against a crowd control heavy team.



Tigereye Brew , the newest addition to the tier, brings a significant damage gain through ignoring enemy armor
at the cost of 20% of your base damage. Against plate classes and specializations that have bonus armor such as Holy Paladins, Hunters and Druids, Tigereye Brew is going to bring some significant damage to the table. Heavy Handed Strikes is still a strong option in the tier and very competitive with Tigereye Brew but with the recent increase to Fist of Fury’s base range, the talent has been reduced to only include the stun in Fist of Fury. Against a low armor team such as a caster cleave or rogue/mage, this will be the likely pick as an default talent choice.

In Rated – Normal Battlegrounds Tigereye Brew is the default pick for killing enemy flag carriers.