how much wind would a windwalker walk if a windwalker could walk wind?


Hi, I’m Chavian, 24 from England. I’ve played Windwalker since I started the game in MoP, and religiously since.

I raid in <Group Therapy>, a weekend 2-day guild on Ravencrest (EU), and a couple other 1-day mythic raids on my alt Windwalkers. You can watch me play here on twitch, and ask me questions about my raid guides or anything Windwalker when I’m live. You can tune in outside of progress hours for alt raiding, M+ and boosting, but
<Group Therapy> Mythic progress hours are;

  • (CET) 15:00-19:00 Saturday, 14:00-18:00 Sunday
  • (EST) 09:00-13:00 Saturday, 08:00-12:00 Sunday
  • (PST) 06:00-10:00 Saturday, 05:00-09:00 Sunday

I also have a blog called Windwhining you can check out if you like a little further reading or ranting.