Freehold the Brewmaster Way

The entrance to FreeholdWelcome to Peak of Serenity’s Freehold dungeon guide for Brewmasters! Freehold was the second dungeon available to players in Battle for Azeroth’s development and acts as a haven for the pirate and lowlife populations of Kul Tiras. You can expect a lot of enemies willing to fight a little dirty as you seek to depose the pirate captain Harlan Sweete. As with most other Kul Tiran dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, Horde players must be level 120 before being able to enter, while Alliance players have immediate access at level 110. And remember, if looking for a particular section of this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


Freehold's location on the world mapThe entrance to Freehold can be found on the southeast corner of Tiragarde Sound. Both factions have access to the same flight point that will place them very close to the entrance. Remember that your flight point destination is Castaway Point, not Freehold!

Why are We Here (Leveling Spoilers)

Players of the Alliance have discovered that Lady Ashvane, matriarch of Kul Tiras’ House Ashvane has been supplying funding to the pirate faction known as the Irontide Raiders. In exchange, these scoundrels, led by Harlane Sweete, have begun forcibly uniting the various pirate factions under one banner to attack the city of Boralus in a desperate bid for House Ashvane to gain political power. Now, a small band of players enters Freehold to put a stop to this plot.

Navigating Freehold

A map of the Freehold dungeonFreehold may at first seem to be a dungeon offering a great variety of choice in how to weave through its trash packs. While that is true, for now players have opted for what is perhaps the simplest approach due to the reduced volume of enemies along this route. That is to say, players will begin in Smuggler’s Run before entering The Rum Quarter and ultimately ending up at Sweete’s Landing. Over time, however, new routes may still be found that make greater use of this dungeon’s flexibility. As for checkpoints, there is one after every boss along with the ability to mount in the entire area.

Smuggler’s Run

From the entrance, take the left stairs while also sticking to the left when possible. Be wary of Sharkbait continuously raining down Vile Coating as well as the two patrolling groups of enemies along the way. Once a pull containing two Irontide Enforcers is slain, Skycap’n Kragg will return to the ground, ready to fight.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 1: Skycap’n Kragg

Skycap'n Kragg's boss model in Freehold

Skycap'n Kragg in Freehold originated as a card in Hearthstone

The resemblance is uncanny

Skycap’n Kragg acts as the main guardian of Freehold and actually originated from Blizzard’s digital card game, Hearthstone. His model and flavor both pay homage to the card he came from, including Charrrrrge! Beyond that, however, this fight diverges as the cap’n leaps off of his mount Sharkbait once at 75% health to resume the fight on foot as the bird continues to rain down Vile Bombardment. Remember to stop Revitalizing Brew (interruptible) as you are assaulted with Azerite Powder Shots–and Dive Bombs on Heroic/Mythic.

Skycap’n Kragg Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Revitalizing Brew will land on the ground nearby once interrupted. Players can drink it themselves if in need of extra healing!
  2. Don’t be stacked up. Azerite Powder Shot casts too quickly and has too far a range to be avoided.
  3. Stay out of the middle of the room to more easily sidestep Dive Bomb.

    Skycap'n Kragg's Charrrrrge in Freehold

    Don’t get charrrrrged!

The Rum Quarter, Court of Crossbones

After removing the cap’n, you are ready to enter Freehold’s main island through the long bridge into The Rum Quarter. At this point, depending on the week, you will come across one of three different events needed to ally yourself with a pirate faction for the upcoming battle with the Council o’ Captains. If you see the dog Murphy, you’ll need to follow him around and snatch the keys from his mouth to free Otis and join Captain Jolly of the Cutwater Corsairs. Should there be a number of highlighted vulpera instead, the entire party must share a drink of Bilge Rat Brew to become allied with Captain Eudora and the Bilge Rats. Finally, if there are two Blacktooth Knuckledusters attacking a nearby target dummy, you must begin a brawl with them–that will also attract four additional enemies–to become a member of the Blacktooth Brawlers led by Captain Raoul. Once properly allied and outfitted with your new pirate hats–turning certain trash mobs friendly in the process–follow the path down to the Court of Crossbones where the Council o’ Captains reside.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 2: Council o’ Captains

The Council o' Captains boss models in Freehold

Rummy Mancomb in Freehold

Rummy Mancomb the bartender

The Council o’ Captains consists of the leaders of three pirate factions currently united under Harlan Sweete: Captain Raoul of the Blacktooth Brawlers, Captain Eudora of the Bilge Rats, and Captain Jolly of the Cutwater Corsairs. Each bring their own unique flavor to this fight, though you will only ever have to fight two on a given week. Also on Heroic and Mythic is the addition of the bartender Rummy Mancomb to bolster or hinder anyone that is willing to drink his Confidence-Boosting Freehold Brew, Invigorating Freehold Brew, or Caustic Freehold Brew. Captain Raoul will do his best to disrupt the party with a Blackout Barrel as he Barrel Smashes the ground around himself. Eudora will often prefer to fight from range with her Powder Shots and massive Grapeshot blasts. Captain Jolly will harness the power of trade winds to create a Whirlpool of Blades when not dashing to players with a Cutting Surge. However, if players are allied to a captain, they can expect to receive aid from Tapped Keg, Chain Shot, or Trade Wind’s Vigor instead.

Captain Eudora's Grapeshot Blast in Freehold

Grapeshot has a massive range

Council o’ Captains Monk Tips/Strategy

Captain Raoul's Blackout Barrel in Freehold

A player that is Blackout Barreled can barely see

  1. Under One Banner means that you must ally with a captain before engaging this boss.
  2. A general boss kill order is Jolly>Eudora>Raoul.
  3. Blackout Barrel can be immediately removed from the victim with Tiger’s Lust!
  4. Grapeshot is difficult to avoid. Make use of Transcendence or run through only one of the cones to minimize damage taken.
  5. Whirlpool of Blades will remain in the arena until it reconnects with Captain Jolly. This is incredibly inconvenient for melee.
  6. Players and bosses can be affected by Rummy Mancomb‘s brews. Set him as a focus target or make use of weakauras to see which brew is being thrown ahead of time!

Deeper Rum Quarter

Beyond the Court of Crossbones, there should only be a minimum of two to three groups of enemies standing between you and the Ring of Booty as you stick to the main road. There are a number of patrols to be wary of, however. Be sure to pull the foes by the bridge leading to Sweete’s Landing along the way, and feel free to begin the long period of roleplay as you are completing your final pull.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 3: Ring of Booty

Lightning's "boss" model in FreeholdTrothak's boss model in FreeholdLudwig Von Tortollan's boss model in Freehold

The Ring of Booty consists of a series of three encounters back to back, though the first two make use of the term lightly. You’ll start by trying to catch the Greasy pig Lightning before moving on to dodging the Shell Bounces of Ludwig Von Tortollan, finally ending with a fight against Trothak the shark puncher! True to his name, Trothak makes use of two dangerous sharks to deadly effect with his Ripper Punches and Shark Tornadoes. Watch out for when he throws one to a player with Shark Toss! The Flailing Shark will deal heavy damage to anyone in its path before Trothak moves to Rearm himself with it. Finally, on Heroic and Mythic the audience will join in the spectacle by using Throw Chum to slow players (and sharks) that wander into it.

Trothak's Shark Tornado mechanic in Freehold

Stay out of Sharknado Shark Tornado!

Ring of Booty Monk Tips/Strategy

a Flailing Shark in the Ring of Booty within Freehold

  1. As of 8.1, Lightning the pig will spawn in a random spot of the arena rather than the previously set spawn point of a skeleton.
  2. Ludwig Von Tortollan will use Shell Bounce at 90, 70, 50, and 30 percent health.
  3. Players caught attempting to leave the arena will have Rotten Food thrown at them and their hit chance reduced by 75%
  4. Flailing Sharks will always flounder toward the closest player. Ensure you and the melee aren’t nearby.
  5. Flailing Sharks move very quickly on Mythic, but their speed is slightly reduced as of 8.1. Make use of Throw Chum to slow them down.

Sweete’s Landing

Upon becoming champions of the Ring of Booty, backtrack and cross the bridge near the Court of Crossbones to enter into Sweete’s Landing. If feeling brave, pull plenty of trash and abuse the health drain of Painful Motivation to quickly slay it all with the help of kiting back along the bridge or Ring of Peace. Otherwise, be wary of the patrolling Irontide Officer while you kill the groups one at a time. The final pull containing two Irontide Enforcers can be skipped, if you’d like, by staying along the left lip of cannons. Whatever you choose to do, all that remains is to depose Harlan Sweete.

Trash Breakdown

Final Boss: Harlan Sweete

Harlan Sweete's boss model in Freehold

Harlan Sweete's Cannon Barrage mechanic in Freehold

Be careful where you drop your Cannon Barrages!

Harlan Sweete acts as the diminutive leader of the Irontide Raiders. With the power of his Swiftwind Sabers, magical loaded dice, and command over both Cannon Barrages and Irontide Grenadiers, it is no wonder that he has managed to unite the remaining pirate captains by force. Be prepared for this encounter to drag on while getting more intense from Loaded Dice: All Hands! at 60% health. In particular, be mindful of the space consumed by Fiery Debris after every Cannon Barrage. Once at 30% hp and Loaded Dice: Man-O-War is active, expect a quick and dangerous race to the end.

Harlan Sweete Monk Tips/Strategy

Where to tank Harlan Sweete in Freehold

Begin the fight by the pallets of gold bars

  1. Begin by tanking the boss off to the left side near the piles of gold bars and treasure chest. You must begin here if you chose to skip the final trash pull.
  2. Swiftwind Sabers apply knockback and are extremely difficult to avoid from melee range. Consider dropping a Transcendence just in case.
  3. Ring of Peace can help prevent an Irontide Grenadier summoned by Avast Ye! from reaching their target and exploding their Black Powder Bomb.
  4. When targeted by Cannon Barrage, wait for three circles to appear (or three audio cues) before moving to minimize the space taken up by the Fiery Debris that is left behind.


  • August 10th, 2018 – Guide Created
  • August 20th, 2018 – Slightly Updated to reflect nerfs to Irontide Enforcer‘s Shattering Toss
  • December 12th, 2018 – Ring of Booty section updated to reflect undocumented 8.1 changes. Rat Traps can now be removed with Tiger’s Lust.

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