King’s Rest the Brewmaster Way

The entrance to King's Rest

Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s King’s Rest guide for Brewmasters! King’s Rest is where the rulers and priests of Zandalar are entombed after death. Your group may be the first outsiders to ever venture into its sacred halls, so be prepared for traps, guards, and all sorts of spirits. Unlike most dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, King’s Rest is a dungeon that is only available in heroic/mythic/mythic plus. In addition, there used to be an attunement requirement for each faction! If you are Horde, you used to require the achievement Zandalar Forever!, while Alliance players originally needed to complete the quest King’s Rest. However, as of patch 8.1 these attunements are no longer required. As always, if looking for a particular section in this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


The location of King's Rest on the world map

The entrance to King’s Rest can be found in the overworld version of Atal’Dazar, which can be reached via flight nearby flight points for each faction. From the Atal’Dazar summoning stone, follow the path upward into what would be part of the dungeon. Once inside, make use of a goblin glider to bypass most of the enemies or run through to find the entrance to King’s Rest at the point where Yazma is normally fought.

Why are We Here (Leveling Spoilers)

As part of his coup with the Zanchuli council to remove King Rastakhan from the throne and usher in an era of G’huun, Zul the Prophet has ventured into King’s Rest–leaving Yazma to guard to the entrance within Atal’Dazar–so that he may raise the spirits and bind them to the will of the Blood God. This includes Dazar, the very first king of Zandalar. It is up to the Horde to journey into the forbidden crypts to stop Zul’s plot before it is too late. On the Alliance side of things, intel gathered from the war campaign has driven them to the tomb to figure out what’s going on in a reconnaissance mission.

Navigating King’s Rest

A labelled map of the dungeon King's Rest

The red line is a one way shortcut enabled after killing the Purification Construct in the middle of the Hall of Honored Dead.

King’s Rest is an entirely linear dungeon, albeit not one without an unlockable shortcut and even a slight backtrack near the end. Players will make their way through a throng of spirits, a gauntlet of former kings, an embalming chamber for victims of a deadly plague, and the Halls of Ash as they attempt to foil Zul’s plans. As for checkpoints, there exists only one after the Council of Tribes has been defeated. Be prepared for a long run if your group wipes, especially if you forget to use the shortcut.

The Hall of Honored Dead and the Lustrous Apse

After being greeted by the Shadow of Zul, you’ll have only one direction to go: the southern path into the Lustrous Apse. Once inside, click the circular dial on the monolith to activate the spirits guarding this room. Be wary of the many Minion of Zul slowly winding around the center as you slowly clear the area. When every spirit is slain, the Golden Serpent will rise to challenge your passage.

Trash Breakdown

  • Animated Guardian; the first line of defense against intruders. Avoid standing in their Suppression Slams–they often are aimed at dps rather than the tank–and watch out for the faster auto attacks once they gain the Released Inhibitors buff at 55% health.
  • Minion of Zul; a potent, if fragile, being summoned by Zul. Bound by Shadow (purgeable) will instantly kill them once removed, but be wary of their Fixate and a long fear from Pit of Despair if they reach their target. Arcane Torrent and Mass Dispel will work wonders.
  • Shadow-Borne Champion; one of many spirits guarding King’s Rest, these shield-bearers will gain a stack of Ancestral Fury (enrage) every 30 seconds they are in combat. Beyond that, they will try to protect themselves with Vigilant Defense. Simply attack them from behind during this channel, but be mindful of the damage they can deal once buffed.
  • Shadow-Borne Witch Doctor; more of a mage than a shaman or witch doctor, this spirit will continuously cast Deathly Chill (interruptible) and sometimes change things up with a Shadow Bolt Volley (interruptible). Interrupt as many casts as you can, prioritizing Shadow Bolt Volleys.
  • Shadow-Borne Warrior; focusing on area-denial, these ghosts will create tornadoes that circle around their current location with Gust Slash. While the tornadoes themselves aren’t dangerous to a tank, it’s best to move these enemies away from them to reduce the damage taken by the party.

Boss 1: The Golden Serpent

The Golden Serpent's boss model in King's Rest

A puddle of Molten Gold created by the Golden Serpent

Molten Gold will transform with Lucre’s Call.

A guardian created to safeguard the crypts of King’s Rest from graverobbers, The Golden Serpent is more than willing to turn its victims’ greed against them as it covers them with Molten Gold through Spit Gold. In addition to heavy damage taken from Tail Thrash and the avoidable Serpentine Gust, The Golden Serpent will then animate the puddles of Molten Gold with Lucre’s Call to create blobs of Animated Gold that will seek out the serpent and provide it with a stacking Luster. Overcome this first line of defense or risk joining the spirits of King’s Rest forevermore.

The Golden Serpent Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Tail Thrash only hits you, the tank. It DOES NOT hit anyone behind the boss. It can also be dodged.
  2. Place puddles of Molten Gold as close to each other as possible. Applying Tiger’s Lust to other victims can be useful to get the first puddle far away.
  3. Animated Gold can be stunned, snared, and controlled with Leg Sweep/Ring of Peace/Paralysis.
  4. Provoke‘s movement speed increase can help with keeping The Golden Serpent away from Animated Gold, but it will not move during casts of Serpentine Gust.
  5. If any Animated Golds reach the boss and apply Luster, its damage will be massively increased for as long as the absorb holds. Avoid Luster at all costs.

Sepulcher of Dahazi and Chamber of Eternal Preservation

With the serpent slain, you can proceed into the next chamber known as the Sepulcher of Dahazi. Within this room you’ll face a deadly gauntlet of four of Zandalar’s former rulers and their court in a random order. Take the time to eat up or remind your healer to regain mana in between waves, as some can be more deadly than others. Once all are taken care of, cross the Hall of Honored Dead again and proceed into the Chamber of Eternal Preservation. Upon clearing the room, Mchimba will be waiting to cleanse you of infection.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 2: Mchimba the Embalmer

Mchimba the Embalmer's boss model in King's Rest

As a construct created during a time when the Zandalari population was afflicted with a deadly plague, Mchimba the Embalmer believes all that come to him are infected and must be prepared for being Entombed in the coffins lining the walls of his chamber. He will accomplish this by trying to Burn Corruption and Drain Fluids, causing Dessication in a victim. If Entombed, players must attempt to Struggle with their new action button to reveal their location to the rest of the group before Mchimba is able to unleash a wave of Half-Finished Mummies with Open Coffin. As there is no other way to convince him you are clean, he must be put down.

The camera view of a player Entombed by Mchimba the Embalmer in King's Rest

shake your coffin with Struggle to help the party find you!

Mchimba the Embalmer Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Try to keep patches of Burning Ground in the middle of the room.
  2. Dessication is removed by healing the victim to 90% health or higher.
  3. Make use of number callouts or world markers to differentiate the coffins along the wall and spread out to them as Entomb is being cast to more quickly react.
  4. If Entombed, Struggle in your coffin so players know which one contains you.
  5. Opening an incorrect coffin will also summon a Half-Finished Mummy. Stop its Wretched Discharge (interruptible, dispellable with Detox) at all cost!

Halls of Ash

Beyond the Chamber of Eternal Preservation lies a long set of corridors known as the Halls of Ash that the Shadow of Zul will fill with more spirits. Don’t venture too far into the first room before they are summoned, and pay close attention to the patrolling Spectral Brute wandering along the path. After slogging your way through the numerous enemies, you’ll be ready to face three former Zandalari rulers known as the Council of Tribes.

Trash Breakdown

  • Spectral Berserker; Perhaps the most deadly enemy in King’s Rest, these berserkers can apply a stacking bleed on the highest threat target in melee range with Severing Blade. Note that you can force this ability to go on pets or even other players by not being in melee range when the cast is attempted. Beyond that, they will also jump to distant players with Blooded Leap. Running far away and using Zen Meditation is a viable option for dealing with multiple Severing Blade stacks.
  • Spectral Hex Priest; as the name implies, these priests are capable of casting Hex (interruptible) in between blasts of Spectral Bolt (interruptible).
  • Spectral Brute; the only mob of its kind in the instance, this hulking brute patrols the pathway. However, all it can do is try to send players flying with Ground Crush.
  • Spectral Beastmaster; One of the more annoying spirits on lookout, these hunters will fire a Poison Barrage in a wide cone directed at their target, applying a stacking dot to anyone hit (dispellable with Detox). They will also use Deadeye Shot to knock their victim back. Don’t fall off the edge or get pushed into more trash.
  • Honored Raptor; a companion of Spectral Beastmasters, these dinos will use the same Hunting Leap as Queen Patlaa‘s raptor from before.
  • Spectral Witch Doctor; this spirit of a troll shaman is equipped with Frost Shock to snare players and Healing Tide Totems to restore the health of its allies. Destroy the totems immediately.

Boss 3: The Council of Tribes

The encounter area of the Council of Tribes in the dungeon King's Rest

Born in a time with too much conflict among the various groups of trolls, the Council of Tribes collectively acted as rulers of the Zandalari Empire instead. Kula the Butcher was the most savage of the three, using her Severing Axe and Whirling Axes to eviscerate her foes. Zanazal the Wise was more in tune with the elements, able to summon a variety of totems with Call of the Elements when not using Lightning Bolt (interruptible) or a deadly Poison Nova (interruptible) against his foes. His four totems could Explode, cause a Thundering Crash, send forth Torrents of water, and provide his allies or him with an Earthwall (purgeable). Finally, there was Aka’ali the Conqueror, whose brutal strength was used to Barrel Through his foes and create Shattered Defenses on whoever stood against him with a Debilitating Backhand. Though you do not have to confront these three all at once, after being defeated each of these spirits will still occasionally reappear on the battlefield to cast their signature abilities. Finally, the order in which you face this fearsome triumvirate will vary with each week.

Kula the Butcher's Whirling Axe mechanic in King's Rest

Whirling Axes will swirl around the room

Council of Tribes Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Try to keep Kula the Butcher in the same location while she is active so that Whirling Axes move predictably around the room.
  2. During Zanazal the Wise‘s Call of the Elements, prioritize removing the the totems in the order of Explosive>Torrent>Thundering>Earthwall. They will not always spawn in the same locations.
  3. Successful Poison Novas can be dispelled with Detox.
  4. Aka'ali the Conqueror's Barrel Through mechanic in King's Rest

    Stand between Aka’ali the Conqueror and his target to reduce the force of Barrel Through!

    Make sure the entire party stands between Aka’ali the Conqueror and his Barrel Through target to reduce the damage dealt.

  5. Both Barrel Through and Debilitating Backhand can be dodged. Watch your dodge percentage!
  6. Be ready to kite if afflicted with Shattered Defenses by a successful Debilitating Backhand.

Crypt of the First King

With the Council of Tribes defeated, the waterfall blocking access to the Crypt of the First King will be removed in a cutscene and a path to it will rise from the depths below. But gaining entry isn’t so easy, as the Shadow of Zul himself stands in your way. Remove his presence from King’s Rest to enter Dazar’s crypt and free him.

The Shadow of Zul at the end of King's Rest

Tanks beware; there will be pain, so much pain.

Trash Breakdown

Final Boss: Dazar, The First King

Dazar, the First King's boss model in the dungeon King's Rest

Dazar, the First King's Impaling Spear mechanic in King's Rest

Impaling Spears may slowly circle around the room

Though he has been raised from the dead against his will and is capable of talking, Dazar still cannot stop himself from attempting to murder you. A deadly swordmaster and the first troll to tame a raptor, watch out for his potent Blade Combos and Quaking Leaps as he sends whirlwinds around the room through Gale Slash. At 80 and 60% health, he will also call upon his beloved companion Reban and Eternal Guardian T’zala to assist him with Hunting Leap and Deathly Roar. Finally, at 40% health, Dazar will activate the deadly Impaling Spear traps in his crypt to ensure his victory. Set his spirit free from Zul for your chance at a Mummified Raptor Skull of your own.

Dazar, The First King Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Move to the northwest end of the room on pull to minimize movement later in the fight from the Impaling Spears.
  2. Blade Combo can be dodged, but each hit acts as a separate attack for dodging purposes.
  3. The last swing of Blade Combo hits the hardest; save your Purifying Brew, if you intend to use it, until the entire channel is complete.
  4. Reban has his own health pool, but T’zala shares health with Dazar. Cleave away!
  5. Not everyone is as mobile as you. Plan your approach to the Impaling Spear patterns accordingly.


  • December 1st, 2018 — Guide Created
  • December 12th, 2018 — Updated Spectral Berserker to include an undocumented buff received in patch 8.1
  • December 19th, 2018 — Updated intro to reference Blizzard removing the attunement requirements of both King’s Rest and Siege of Boralus. Also reverted Spectral Berserker buff.

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