MOTHERLODE!! the Brewmaster Way

The Horde's entrance to the MOTHERLODE

Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s MOTHERLODE!! dungeon guide for Brewmasters! The MOTHERLODE!! is what remains of the Goblin starting zone Kezan after Deathwing came along. Now, years later, heavy deposits of Azerite have been found and the goblins are eager as always to capitalize and profit from it. You can expect plenty of short green guys/gals and their various explosive devices here as you stop Mogul Razdunk and the rest of the Venture Company’s attempts to sell their work off to the highest bidder. As with most other Zandalari dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, Alliance players must be level 120 before being able to enter, while Horde players have access at level 115 instead of the usual 110. And remember, if looking for a particular section of this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


The MOTHERLODE!! is a rare dungeon that actually has two separate entrances, with one being easier to access for each faction! For Horde, the more convenient entrance can be found at the Port of Zandalar while the Alliance-friendly entrance is right next to where they teleport to Zuldazar from. Each of the entrances can be used by any player, but it is strongly recommended that you use the one that’s more convenient for your faction.

MOTHERLODE's two entrances on the world map

The Alliance's entrance to the MOTHERLODE

Alliance players reach the MOTHERLODE by mole machine

Why are We Here

Both the Horde and the Alliance have caught wind of vast shipments of rogue Azerite weaponry and equipment coming from the island of Kezan. In the Horde’s case, this is alarming news to Trade Prince Gallywix who entered an agreement with the Venture Company to refine Azerite for the Horde war effort. For the Alliance, this represents an opportunity to cut off what they think is a massive supply of Azerite to their enemies.

Navigating the MOTHERLODE!! A route through the MOTHERLODE dungeon

The MOTHERLODE!! continues a Battle for Azeroth dungeon theme of having a path that is linear while also allowing players to choose how they wish to reach their goal in terms of trash pulls. Players will start at Crapopolis to the south before looping around in a clockwise direction to finally reach Mogul Razdunk in Rocketzan. In many sections, particularly Crapopolis and R&D, the group may choose to take whatever route they desire through the numerous trash pulls, though the colored paths above are considered convenient options. As for checkpoints, one can be expected after every boss in addition to players being able to mount up at any time!


Begin the dungeon by staying to the right. Once beyond the dance floor and in Crapopolis proper, stick to the left wall to avoid unnecessary trash pulls. Creating line of sight with Transcendence can help gather up the large number of enemies with ranged attacks in this section if the rest of the party is willing to wait! If in Mythic Plus, consider pulling as much trash as possible in this section to enable the ability to skip later pulls in R&D and the V.M.Z. with combat resurrections. Otherwise, you’ll eventually make your way to the freshly-activated Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 1: Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler

the Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler's boss model in the MOTHERLODE

With Kezan the MOTHERLODE!! being the home of Goblins, it should come as no surprise that even their guard robots require payment to be activated. This particular model comes equipped with both a Static Pulse and a Shocking Claw, but is also custom-fit with a Footbomb Launcher to shoot deadly projectiles with a Timed Detonation. True to their namesake, these Azerite Footbombs can be Punted by players into the boss to give it stacks of Blazing Azerite. But be warned, if their Timed Detonation expires, every member of the party nearby will receive Blazing Azerite instead! Finally, on Heroic and Mythic the crowd will join in with Throw Coins to activate the machine’s Coin Magnet, generating stacks of the dangerous Pay to Win buff.

The Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler's Shocking Claw mechanic in the MOTHERLODE

Shocking Claw has a far-reaching impact.

Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler Monk Tips/Strategy

One of the Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler's Footbombs in the MOTHERLODE

Arrows show where a Punted footbomb will end up.

  1. Keep the boss stationary or slowly move it into the general area of footbombs so that your group may have an easier time triggering Blazing Azerite with their Punts.
  2. Static Pulse will always hit the entire party, no matter their distance from it.
  3. A footbomb’s Timed Detonation can be outranged in an emergency to avoid receiving stacks of Blazing Azerite.
  4. Remember that the boss must be kept at least 15 yards away from piles of Throw Coins to prevent stacks of Pay to Win from Coin Magnet.

Lucky Strikes Mine

After defeating the machine in your way, stay to the right around the lake of Toxic Sludge as you ascend up to Azerokk. The final pull containing Taskmaster Askari can be avoided by having one player attract his attention and moving to the left while the rest of the group stays to the right. This is another section where players may wish to kill extra trash in a Mythic Plus environment if they intend to bypass enemies in R&D and the V.M.Z.

Trash Breakdown

  • Mine Rat; apparently the Venture Co. also has a supply of kobolds. Fortunately, all they can do is Throw Rocks.
  • Venture Co. Earthshaper; despite their elemental abuse, some Goblins can still be shaman. Watch out for the damage over time left by Rock Lance (interruptible) and the damage reduction/healing given by Earth Shield (interruptible).
  • Wanton Sapper; true to goblins being known for their explosives, this enemy is equipped with Mining Charges and a Bag of Bombs to move away from. Near death, they will also attempt to use Final Blast to take the party down with them. Stop this cast with stuns/control/knockbacks or move a short distance away.
  • Azerite Extractor; this mob is unique in the MOTHERLODE!!. Power Through will damage all in front of it and the machine will spawn a Fanatical Driller on death that only melees.
  • Shalebiter; these small rock worms will only attempt to cast a damage over time with Shale Spit (interruptible).
  • Stonefury; a disturbed elemental. Their Furious Quake (interruptible) snares and deals damage in a wide area, while their Tectonic Barrier (Interruptible, Heroic/Mythic) provides interrupt immunity and a large absorb.
  • Taskmaster Askari; another hired orc. He’ll attempt to provide Cover to nearby enemies and is immune to stuns and control. Be mindful of the cone from Broad Slash and his extra damage dealt below 25% health with Desperate Measures.

Boss 2: Azerokk

Azerokk's boss model in the MOTHERLODE

An Earthrager with Azerite Infusion in the MOTHERLODEAzerokk is a living embodiment of Azerite that has been awakened by the Venture Co’s mining efforts in the MOTHERLODE!!. With its cohort of Earthragers, Azerokk seeks revenge on all those nearby and will not hesitate to Call Earthragers, or buff them with an Azerite Infusion as they relentlessly pursue their target with a Raging Gaze and apply Jagged Cuts. If needed, Azerokk will also trigger a Resonant Quake from all nearby Earthragers with Resonant Pulse and, on Heroic and Mythic, make use of his own Tectonic Smash.

Azerokk Monk Tips/Strategy

An Earthrager controlled by a Fracking Totem in the MOTHERLODE

Fracking Totems can help control Earthragers if needed

  1. Earthragers are far more threatening than Azerokk itself.
  2. Paralysis as well as the two nearby Fracking Totems can be used to temporarily remove Earthragers from the fight. Ring of Peace and Leg Sweep act as additional tools to keep them from their targets.
  3. An Earthrager with Azerite Infusion will take far more damage. Prioritize them!
  4. Be ready to move out of Resonant Quakes when you see a cast of Resonant Pulse.
  5. Call Earthrager will occur when Azerokk has full energy.
  6. Don’t accidentally aim a Tectonic Smash toward the group.


a dangerous track in the MOTHERLODE

Tread carefully if you don’t want to take the mine cart.

Once you’ve returned Azerokk to the earth, jump into the mine cart–or run along the tracks while mounted; it’s faster but more dangerous–to end up in R&D. This area is notoriously dangerous due to how close all of its trash is to each other, as well as the patrolling Venture Co. Masterminds. Consider closely following the red route on the map above or abusing battle resurrections and stealth as you make your way to Rixxa Fluxflame.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 3: Rixxa Fluxflame

Rixxa Fluxflame's boss model in the MOTHERLODE

Rixxa Fluxflame acts as a chemist for the Venture Company in the MOTHERLODE!!, and is more than willing to share her findings on Azerite Catalyst with unwilling test subjects in between sprays of Searing Reagent and Chemical Burns. Make use of her careless Propellant Blasts to push the pools of Azerite Catalyst into the surrounding Toxic Sludge. Don’t forget to dodge the pipes of Gushing Catalyst in Heroic and Mythic!

Rixxa Fluxflame's Propellant Blast in the MOTHERLODE

Push away Azerite Catalyst puddles with Propellant Blast.

Rixxa Fluxflame Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. All of the damage in this fight is magic rather than physical. Your Stagger won’t be as useful here.
  2. Stand around the edge of the room to limit the space taken up by pools of Azerite Catalyst.
  3. There will be two sprays of Azerite Catalyst before two back to back Propellant Blasts at full energy.
  4. Transcendence can be helpful if in a poor position to sidestep Propellant Blasts.
  5. Puddles of Azerite Catalyst can move in unexpected directions when pushed with a Propellant Blast.
  6. The pipe spraying Gushing Catalyst will start spurting before its eruption. Move early.

The V.M.Z.

Beyond Rixxa Fluxflame lies the V.M.Z., another dangerously explosive area. Stay to the left before crossing between the two patrolling Venture Co. War Machines to the right side. It’s highly likely that one of the two will need to be pulled due to their pathing. Be sure to only have one player get hit at a time by Crawler Mines; they’re often not worth killing. This final section is another area in Mythic Plus where players often take advantage of combat resurrections to avoid killing any trash. However you get to him, all that’s left is to silence Mogul Razdunk.

Trash Breakdown

Final Boss: Mogul Razdunk

Mogul Razdunk's Mecha Mogul Mk. 1 in the MOTHERLODEMogul Razdunk without his mech in the MOTHERLODE

Mogul Razdunk is the head of the Venture Company that is determined to upstage Trade Prince Gallywix with his recent Azerite development. Armed with his Mecha Mogul and its Alpha Cannon, Gatling Gun, and Homing Missile–along with Micro Missiles courtesy of B.O.O.M.B.A.s in Heroic and Mythic–, this greedy goblin is a force to be reckoned with. Once below 50% health, he’ll take to the sky with Configuration: Drill before launching three Big Red Rockets and summoning Venture Co. Skyscorchers. You’ll need to trick him into using his Drill Smash on these Big Red Rockets to return to earth. Without his mech, Mogul Razdunk will be powerless to stop you.

Mogul Razdunk's Homing Missile in the MOTHERLODE

Homing Missile has a massive radius

Mogul Razdunk Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Gatling Gun is dodgeable, but it is still recommended to sidestep around the boss.
  2. Transcendence can help avoid Homing Missile or Micro Missiles in a pinch
  3. Summon Black Ox Statue will quickly round up the summoned Venture Co. Skyscorchers.
  4. Venture Co. Skyscorchers are identical to their trash variant. This means Azerite Heartseeker is still dodgeable!
  5. Watch what sides of the arena B.O.O.M.B.A.s have flown to. Move the boss appropriately to avoid their Micro Missiles!


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