Shrine of the Storm the Brewmaster Way

An interior view of the Shrine of the Storm

Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s Shrine of the Storm dungeon guide for Brewmasters! The Shrine of the Storm acts as both a haven for House Stormsong and a place where ships of the Kul Tiran fleet go to be blessed by tidesages so that they may ensure safe passage along the water. But as of late, something seems to be subverting control of this process….Be prepared for casters of all sorts and various aquatic-themed buffs as you confront Lord Stormsong to find out what’s gone wrong. As with most other Kul Tiran dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, Horde players must be level 120 before being able to enter, while Alliance players have immediate access at level 110. And remember, if looking for a particular section in this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


The entrance to the Shrine of the Storm can be found in northeast Stormsong Valley. Although both factions have access to flight points that are right outside the dungeon, unlocking them will require players to first ascend from one of two nearby beaches–Alliance players will have a bridge at Tempest’s Edge from questing–and pass through a gauntlet of enemies and environmental hazards.

Shrine of the Storm's location on the World Map

Tempest's Edge is a way to get to Shrine of the Storm

Tempest’s Edge is one of two paths to the entrance.

Why are We Here

The Kul Tiran fleet has vanished under mysterious circumstances. It is normally the responsibility of the tidesages of House Stormsong to ensure that newly-constructed ships are enchanted for protection from the sea, so Lord Stormsong would be one to know anything about this problem. Unfortunately, Alliance players discovered that it would seem he aims to deliver the entire Kul Tiran fleet of ships into the hands of Queen Azshara. Amidst the confusion, Horde players enter the shrine with Rexxar to secure a Tide Pearl, an item used by tidesages to bless ships, so that the Zandalari fleet may become equally unmatched on the seas.

Navigating the Shrine of the Storm

A map of the Shrine of the Storm, with shortcuts, travel points, and unnamed locations added

The Shrine of the Storm is a somewhat varied dungeon in its traversal. Players will explore sections that are outdoors, indoors, and even underwater as they seek out Lord Stormsong and the missing fleet. When it comes to checkpoints, players will not receive one until after Lord Stormsong has been slain, though the path marked in red is a shortcut that becomes available after defeating Brother IronhullGalecaller Faye, and a Deepsea Ritualist guarding the way. Sections will otherwise be broken down into their relative locations on the map, beginning with the Tidewater Sanctum.

Tidewater Sanctum

Using Ring of Peace to skip trash in Shrine of the Storm

Ring of Peace will not aggro enemies that are interacting with the scenery around them.

While making your way through this initial section, feel free to skip the first two Temple Attendants by climbing the rock to the right. In addition, Ring of Peace allows you to skip the next two at the bottom of the stairs, but only try to pass while they’re in the knockback animation; attempt this trick at your own risk. Even the final three enemies before Aqu’sirr can be avoided if the party stays to the left. Be ready to kill trash if other players aggro them, however. Always be aware of where Shrine Templars are located as you make your way down to interrupt Lord Stormsong‘s summoning.

Trash Breakdown

  • Tidesage Initiate; the fodder enemy of the dungeon. Flees at low health.
  • Shrine Templar; a bulky Kul Tiran warrior. Their Protective Aura (interruptible, purgeable) reduces the damage taken of any nearby allies While Tidal Surge (interruptible) increases their haste and damage. If on Heroic or Mythic, watch out for Heaving Blow. Be careful if pulling any other trash with this enemy.
  • Temple Attendant; this enemy is a tank’s bane since they primarily attack with Water Blast (interruptible). In addition, Wash Away (interruptible) will attempt to knock players away from the targeted spot on the ground.
  • Animated Droplet; neutral dungeon fodder. Expect plenty of accidental aggression from Rushing Jade Wind and Chi Burst.
  • Tidesage Spiritualist; another variant of caster. Anchor of Binding (interruptible) will damage and root anyone standing on its target location while Mending Rapids (interruptible) is an INCREDIBLY strong heal over time. On Heroic and Mythic, the passive Spirit’s Swiftness grants Swiftness whenever they’re interrupted.
  • Living Current; only two of these elementals exist in the dungeon, and only one is in the direct path of progression. Their Rising Tides will stun and send the entire party into the air before slamming them into the ground with Crushing Waters. These enemies are also immune to all forms of control.

Boss 1: Aqu’sirr

Aqu'sirr's boss model in the Shrine of the StormAqu’Sirr embodies the forces within the water Kul Tirans fear and rely on tidesages to avoid. It will not hesitate to shoot Sea Blasts if unable to melee anyone, afflict players with a Choking Brine (and a Grasp from the Depths on Heroic/Mythic), or even attempt to knock targets off the platform itself through Undertow and Surging Rush. Once at 50% hp, Aqu’sirr will split into three Aqualings with Erupting Waters. Though Diminished, these smaller versions are equipped with every one of the main construct’s abilities and are more deadly thanks to their numbers.

Aqu'sirr's Aqualings in Shrine of the Storm

More deadly than their “father”

Aqu'sirr's Undertow mechanic in Shrine of the Storm

Don’t let Undertow push you off!

Aqu’sirr Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. this boss will not move outside of Surging Rush casts.
  2. Both Choking Brine and Grasp from the Depths snare or root their target, which means they can be removed with Tiger’s Lust!
  3. Grasp from the Depths can also be removed instantly with Paralysis or Leg Sweep!
  4. Keep an emergency Transcendence handy if you are about to fall off (please don’t Roll off the edge)
  5. Have the dps target the same Aqualing to quickly reduce the danger while you and the healer stand next to the other two to prevent Sea Blast casts.
  6. Summon Black Ox Statue placed right next to an Aqualing can help ensure no one gets hit by a Sea Blast, but be careful not to pull any trash.

Fonts of Cleansing

Along this path, you’ll be introduced to a mechanic featured on the next boss in the form of wards. These spots on the ground buff both players and enemies that stand within them and will be key to surviving the pulls ahead. Once at the Fonts of Cleansing themselves, be mindful of the two patrolling sets of enemies and remember to not allow Tidesage Initiates to draw the attention of other enemies when they run away at low health. However you choose to ascend, get ready to face the Tidesage Council.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 2: Tidesage Council

The Tidesage Council's boss model in Shrine of the Storm

The Tidesage Council consists of two members: Galecaller Faye and Brother Ironhull. Faye, in particular, demonstrates the powerful forces tidesages can wield by causing increasing damage to the entire party through Slicing Blast (interruptible). Brother Ironhull, meanwhile, will harm anyone in front of him with Hindering Cleave. If on Heroic or Mythic, Faye can also dissuade players from stopping her casts with Blowbacks created by Blessing of the Tempest while Brother Ironhull gains the potent Blessing of Ironsides. Once at full mana, these two unleash their full potential by summoning either a Swiftness Ward or Reinforcing Ward to bolster eachother. However, the wards do not just work for these tidesages, as players can also make use of their potent effects to turn the tides!

Tidesage Council Monk Tips/Strategy

Galecaller Faye's Swiftness Ward in Shrine of the Storm

Swiftness Wards provide haste and extra movespeed

  1. Prioritize killing Galecaller Faye first!
  2. Swiftness Ward and Reinforcing Ward will always spawn underneath the boss that didn’t cast it.
  3. Don’t face Brother Ironhull toward the party during a Hindering Cleave cast. You can outrange it with Roll or Transcendence!
  4. Brother Ironhull can be easily kited during Blessing of Ironsides if the damage is too much to handle. Remember that he’ll move at a sprint if in a Swiftness Ward though!
  5. Reinforcing Ward removes more than just stacks of Slicing Blast! Use it to also remove the Necrotic Rot affix during a mythic plus run!
  6. Blowbacks will spawn next to Galecaller Faye. Watch your feet.

The Blessed Path, Storm’s End

The Murky Water Shortcut in Shrine of the Storm

Murky Water acts as your shortcut when interacted with

Beyond Brother Ironhull and Galecaller Faye, the denizens of Shrine of the Storm seem to be acting even more strangely than usual, channeling more void and shadow magics instead of aquatic spells. While on your way to The Blessed Path, don’t forget to kill the leftmost Deepsea Ritualist to unlock a shortcut to and from Tidewater Sanctum. Once on The Blessed Path itself, be very careful not to draw the attention of both patrolling groups at the same time. Wait until they are at the far end of their patrol path or drag one back. This stretch of the dungeon is considered the most dangerous, so it’s no wonder that many players opt to either sneak by with stealth or make use of combat resurrections to avoid killing it.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 3: Lord Stormsong

Lord Stormsong's boss model in the Shrine of the Storm

Giving into Queen Azshara‘s whispering influence has caused Lord Stormsong‘s physical appearance to transform into one more fitting of a servant to the old gods. With this change, his powers as a tidesage have only become more frightening, from Void Bolts (interruptible) to Mind Rends (Heroic/Mythic). He has even gained the ability to Waken the Void itself to relentlessly pursue players and attempt to convert them into a Disciple of Vol’zith with the help of Ancient Mindbenders. If not removed in time–by running into Awoken Void spheres, for example–players will Surrender to the Void and be permanently enthralled.

Lord Stormsong Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Group up when Ancient Mindbender is about to be cast so that Awoken Void spheres get closer to eachother and the victim is within attackable range.
  2. Players afflicted with Ancient Mindbender cannot be stunned (not that you’d want to), but they can be snared.
  3. Surrender to the Void will be stopped once the player reaches approximately 50% health.
  4. Mind Rend will target a random player, not necessarily the closest one.
  5. As Mind Rend also snares the target, it can be dispelled with Tiger’s Lust!
Lord Stormsong's Waken the Void mechanic in Shrine of the Storm

Run into Awoken Void if you have the Ancient Mindbender. Kite them otherwise.

Shrine of Shadows

After Lord Stormsong is defeated, jump into the pool that Azshara was being projected from and swim through the tunnel beneath it to find the Shrine of Shadows at the heart of Shrine of the Storm. Don’t get Zapped by the jellyfish along the way. All of the Abyssal Eels and even the three enemies in front of Vol’zith the Whisperer can be avoided–though skipping the latter will severely reduce available space in the final fight.

Trash Breakdown

Final Boss: Vol’zith the Whisperer

Vol'zith the Whisperer's boss model in Shrine of the StormAn emissary of Queen Azshara, Vol’zith the Whisperer seems to be the being responsible for the subversion of the shrine’s tidesages with his whispering. Upon drawing his attention, this N’raqi will be more than willing to share his Whispers of Power with players as well before he drags them to a world below with Grasp of the Sunken City. If the guardians of the realm aren’t defeated in time, players will find themselves drowned in the darkness. All the while, Tentacle Slams will be targeting players and Yawning Gate will be limiting space in the shrine. In addition, on Heroic and Mythic Vol’zith the Whisperer will Call the Abyss to summon Manifestations of the Deep in an attempt to drag players back down to the sunken realm even faster.

Vol'zith the Whisperer's Grasp of the Sunken City in Shrine of the Storm

The Sunken City awaits

Vol’zith the Whisperer Monk Tips/Strategy

Vol'zith the Whisperer's Tentacle Slam in Shrine of the Storm

Keep dodging Tentacle Slams

  1. Tank Vol’zith around the edges of the room to minimize the space lost by Yawning Gate.
  2. Keep Yawning Gates near eachother.
  3. Whispers of Power will only target the healer.
  4. The enemies in Grasp of the Sunken City are identical to the trash just before the boss.
  5. Focus on one Forgotten Denizen at a time. Consume Essence casts occur too often for only one player to interrupt them all.
  6. Manifestations of the Deep spawn on the southwest and southeast sides of the platform.
  7. Remember that Manifestations of the Deep will explode in an Abyssal Eruption. Watch your health if you choose to kill them instead of keeping them contained with control.
  8. Provoke‘s movement speed increase can help keep Vol’zith away from Manifestations of the Deep, but he WILL NOT MOVE while using any abilities.
  9. As of patch 8.1, players can no longer force the first cast of Whispers of Power to target another player by having the healer at a far enough range.


  • August 8th, 2018 – Guide Created
  • September 15th, 2018 – Updated certain trash descriptions/boss strategies with extra info. (Aqu’sirr, Council, and Vol’zith)
  • December 12th, 2018 – Updated a section of Vol’zith to reference an undocumented change in patch 8.1
  • December 19th, 2018 — Updated Shrine Templar and Lord Stormsong to reference further 8.1 changes

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