Temple of Sethraliss the Brewmaster Way

The entrance to the Temple of Sethraliss

Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s Temple of Sethraliss guide for Brewmasters! The Temple of Sethraliss is home to the Loa of the same name, who currently resides deep within the structure’s heart. You can expect plenty of fanatic Sethrak and lightning as you delve inside to investigate why Sethraliss has yet to reawaken. As with most other Zandalari dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, Alliance players must be level 120 before being able to enter, while Horde players have immediate access at level 110. And remember, if looking for a particular section in this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


The location of Temple of Sethraliss on the world map

A bridge players must cross to reach the Temple of Sethraliss

If you haven’t crossed this bridge, you won’t get there.

The entrance to the Temple of Sethraliss can be found in the far north of Vol’dun. Both factions have flight points that will place them near the entrance, though the Horde’s is closer. Remember that you must cross the brightly colored bridge shown above to reach this dungeon!

Why are We Here (Leveling Spoilers)

Long ago, when the land of Vol’dun was still a lush jungle, the Loa Sethraliss sacrificed herself to defeat Mythraxx the Unraveler and seal him away beneath the earth. Her followers built a temple to house her body as they waited for Sethraliss to one day return. Years later, after the land of Vol’dun had turned to sand without Sethraliss’ power, one of her followers began working with a Zandalari troll and the Prophet Zul to revive Mythrax. Sethraliss is needed once again, but she has not awakened. Both the Horde and Alliance are entering her temple to see what is preventing her homecoming.

Navigating the Temple of Sethraliss

A map of the Temple of Sethraliss

The Temple of Sethraliss is an incredibly linear dungeon, with only one split in the path right at the start. However, despite its linearity, this dungeon manages to still be creative by incorporating a number of electrified obstacles and even a section calling back to a part of the Classic dungeon Blackrock Depths. As for checkpoints, there is one after every boss.

Vestibule of the Faithless

At the start of this dungeon, you’re confronted with your first and only diverging path. However, since the path forward after Adderis and Aspix requires going to the left, choosing the left path from the start is more ideal for clearing trash. On Mythic, be aware of the Shrouded Fangs lurking in the shadows along the stairs.

Trash Breakdown

  • Krolusk Pup; these small beetle-like creatures are threatening to healers and casters by interrupting casts with Head Slam.
  • Sandswept Marksman; a Sethrak archer, capable of letting loose Power Shots to those brave enough to stand in their way. Sidestep or dodge these projectiles. On Heroic and Mythic, their arrows can also apply a Neurotoxin (dispellable with Detox) that will stun players that move while afflicted.
  • Charged Dust Devil; these Zandalari shaman are working with the Faithless. They will only cast Lightning Bolt (interruptible) and Healing Surge (interruptible).
  • Sandfury Stonefist; the old troll berserker model makes a return. Apart from meleeing hard, their Ground Pound also knocks back everyone, though it is only used on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.
  • Shrouded Fang; Sethrak rogues that only appear in Mythic and hide along the stairs into the Vestibule of the Faithless. They’ll attempt to Cheap Shot when possible and utilize Blade Flurry to deal party-wide damage. They can always be found by the small Krolusk Hatchlings in the area.

Boss 1: Adderis and Aspix

Adderis and Aspix's boss models in the Temple of Sethraliss

These two high-ranking members of the Faithless have been charged with preventing intruders from breaching the Temple of Sethraliss. By taking turns wielding a Lightning Shield, Adderis and Aspix alternate between powerful electric and wind abilities. As the shield lingers, the two each channel progressively more dangerous mechanics powered by its energy, such as Conduction and A Peal of Thunder. This energy gathering culminates in a Static Shock or Arc Dash before starting swapping bosses and starting over.

Aspix's Conduction Mechanic in the Temple of Sethraliss

Don’t Conduction the group!

Adderis and Aspix Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Keep the bosses apart if your healer cannot keep up with the damage caused by Lightning Shield.
  2. Every tick of damage from Rushing Jade Wind will trigger Lightning Shield. Be wary.
  3. Focus on interrupting the Jolt Aspix casts while a player has Conduction so that they don’t take an extra burst of damage.
  4. Transcendence can enable a quick escape from Conduction or Cyclone Strikes.
  5. Adderis will often stand still or teleport to players while he holds the Lightning Shield.
  6. In Heroic and Mythic, players should stay grouped to reduce the damage from Adderis‘ additional Arcing Blade mechanic while Aspix holds the Lightning Shield.

Trek to the Clutch of the Greatmother

From this point onward, there is really only one possible way to go: deeper into the Temple of Sethraliss. Mind the arrow volleys being fired along the bridge immediately past the Vestibule of the Faithless and stay to the right when wandering around the krolusk pens. There is a Scaled Krolusk Tamer that likes to wander into the path. Beyond that, be careful not to pull too many Crazed Incubators in the Clutch of the Greatmother at the same time, or their supply of Greater Healing Potions will outheal your group’s damage.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 2: Merektha

Merektha's boss model in the Temple of Sethraliss

Although massive in size, Merektha is surprisingly non-threatening as a boss. So long as players don’t stand in Toxic Pools created by Noxious Breath and turn away during her casts of Blinding Sand, the only dangerous thing this boss will do is waste time by Burrowing through the battlefield. Instead, focus on killing the many Venomous Ophidians and Sand-Crusted Stalkers that are Hatching from the eggs along the sides of the arena. Don’t forget to also deal with A Knot of Snakes in Heroic/Mythic. Provided these spawns are managed, Merektha shouldn’t be much of a problem

Merektha's Blinding Sand mechanic in the Temple of Sethraliss

Don’t stare at bright lights.

Merektha Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Keep Merektha near the edges of the room to minimize the space being taken up by Toxic Pools.
  2. The chatbox message for eggs hatching tells which type of snake is coming. Poison-covered = Venomous, Dust-covered = Sand-Crusted, and several = two of each.
  3. Summon Black Ox Statue is king here for quickly gathering up hatching snakes.
  4. Remember that Cytotoxin is a poison that can be dispelled by Detox!
  5. Ring of Peace can assist against stubborn Sand-Crusted Stalkers staying in Dust Clouds.
  6. A Knot of Snakes can also be “incapacitated” (Leg Sweep, Paralysis) to remove them.

The Galvanized Grotto

An electric field in the Temple of Sethraliss

Watch your step.

After slaying Merektha, you will now be in the Temple of Sethraliss proper, complete with electrified traps to keep out intruders. Navigate them carefully or die and be resurrected on the other side. Stay to the left to avoid pulling an extra Imbued Stormcaller and Agitated Nimbus to eventually find yourself in the Galvanized Grotto, lair of Galvazzt.

Trash Breakdown

  • Agitated Nimbus; a storm elemental feeding on the electrical energy in the Temple of Sethraliss. Stop its attempts to Accumulate Charge (interruptible) to make Release Charge less deadly to the group, but be aware that these are immune to stuns (Leg Sweep) and control (Paralysis).
  • Imbued Stormcaller; the Sethrak are known for harnessing the power of the skies to Shock (interruptible) targets and invoking lightning to strike the ground where players are standing.
  • Static-Charged Dervish; these small nuisances act as conduits to form Galvazzt through the sparks they are made up of. However, all they can do is fire static bolts and teleport to the location of the highest threat target to cause harm.

Boss 3: Galvazzt

A being of pure energy formed by the remains of Static-charged Dervishes, Galvazzt will attempt to Galvanize himself on the energy in the air by summoning stone Energy Cores. If players don’t block the beams with their bodies and become Galvanized instead, Galvazzt will Consume Charge at 100 energy to gain a stack of Capacitance. All the while–on Heroic and Mythic–he will be pulsing party-wide damage via Induction.

Galvazzt Monk Tips/Strategy

Body Blocking Galvazzt in the Temple of Sethraliss

This time, you DO stand in the beam.

  1. Galvazzt will cast Consume Charge after receiving only four ticks of Galvanize from an Energy Core.
  2. This fight is a damage race. The longer it goes on, the faster Energy Cores will appear and attempt to Galvanize the boss.
  3. Rotate which player is being Galvanized to prevent excessive healer stress.
  4. Though you are a tank, Galvanize being nature damage means that you can’t take many more stacks than a dps. It also means Guard won’t be very effective, but Dampen Harm can be!
  5. If in mythic plus, a single cast of Consume Charge will likely wipe your entire group!

The Bazaar of Watchful Eyes and Atrium of Sethraliss

Beyond Galvazzt lies another set of electric fields. While crossing the Polarized Field to the Spark Channeler maintaining them, you are snared (though you may Roll)! Once within the Bazaar of Watchful Eyes, you will need to gather both Eyes of Sethraliss and place them back into the skull. However, there is a catch: while carrying an Eye of Sethraliss, movement speed is greatly reduced, Orb Guardians are attracted to your presence, and being too close to an attacking enemy will result in dropping the orb and receiving Numb Hands. Fortunately, both Roll and Transcendence again counteract this snaring effect. Summon Black Ox Statue and Ring of Peace can also both work as a means to distract foes. Upon entering the Atrium of Sethraliss and clearing it out of enemies, you are ready to begin restoring the Avatar of Sethraliss.

An Eye of Sethraliss in the Temple of Sethraliss

Handle with care.

Trash Breakdown

  • Spark Channeler; this Sethrak is responsible for the electrified walls along the Polarized Field and is a stronger variant of Imbued Stormcaller. Expect more lightning to be summoned amidst Shocks (interruptible).
  • Faithless Conscript; endlessly respawning fodder that exists to make transporting the Eyes of Sethraliss more difficult.
  • Orb Guardian; initially asleep, these guardians will actively hunt down an orb carrier and attempt to carry an Eye of Sethraliss back to its pedestal if awoken. Tread with caution.
  • Hoodoo Hexer; a troll shaman trying to prevent Sethraliss’ return, but will only cast Lava Burst (interruptible) when their attention is on a player.
  • Heart Guardian; though initially meant to protect the Avatar of Sethraliss from harm, these spectral Sethrak have been manipulated by Hoodoo Hexers to attack players instead. Be wary of their stacking Heart Attack, though applications can be dodged with Mastery: Elusive Brawler. If players do not damage the totem near the guardian or the enemy itself, a fight with this mob can be avoided entirely!
  • Plague Doctor; another enemy interfering with the rebirth of Sethraliss, these trolls will cast Chain Lightning (interruptible) and attempt to turn players into snakes through Snake Charm (dispellable and interruptible as of patch 8.1).

Final Boss: Avatar of Sethraliss

The Avatar of Sethraliss boss model in the Temple of Sethraliss

One of the more unique fights in Battle for Azeroth, players must attempt to restore the Avatar of Sethraliss to full health in order to earn her aid and banish the trolls attempting to do her harm. However, Hoodoo Hexers will be reducing her incoming healing by channeling Taint at all times. In addition, more Heart Guardians–and Plague Doctors in Heroic/Mythic–will appear to add to the already mounting party-wide damage from the Heart of Sethraliss’ Pulses. Finally, a Rain of Toads will periodically descend and seek out the nearest healer to give them the Plague unless intercepted or slain.

Avatar of Sethraliss Monk Tips/Strategy

An Energy Fragment in the Temple of Sethraliss

Do not activate while Tainted!

  1. Heart Guardians will spawn an Energy Fragment on death. Do not activate these fragments until Taint has been mostly removed or risk wasting the bonus healing.
  2. Summon Black Ox Statue can make it easier to attract Heart Guardians and Plague Doctors.
  3. If your group contains a discipline priest or paladin with Word of Glory, consider using crowd control like Paralysis on Plague Doctors and utilizing them as Atonement/holy power batteries after the Avatar is no longer Tainted.
  4. Ring of Peace can help keep Plague Toads away from your healer.
  5. Plague is a disease and can be dispelled with Detox! DISPEL THE HEALER FIRST.
  6. Don’t forget that you can contribute with Vivify during any downtime.
  7. When at 100% hp, the party will gain Empowerment from the Avatar of Sethraliss to finish the encounter.
  8. As of patch 8.1, the Avatar of Sethraliss can be healed to 70% health before becoming Tainted again, removing an entire phase!


  • August 5th, 2018 – Guide Created
  • September 15th, 2018 – Updated certain trash descriptions/extra boss tips (Adderis/Aspix, Galvazzt, Avatar)
  • December 12th, 2018 – Updated Avatar of Sethraliss to discuss undocumented changes in patch 8.1. Galvazzt’s pillars are also more random in their spawns and have a different lightning graphic. The first wall of lightning traps is now easier to cross.

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