Tol Dagor the Brewmaster Way

The Entrance to Tol Dagor

Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s Tol Dagor dungeon guide for Brewmasters! Tol Dagor is a Kul Tiran prison run by the Ashvane Trading Company to condemn those who stand in their way. Expect sprawling hallways and tight corridors as you ascend this fortified structure. As with most other Kul Tiran dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, Horde players must be level 120 before being able to enter, while Alliance players have access at level 115 instead of the usual 110. And remember, if looking for a particular section of this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


The entrance to Tol Dagor can be found on the eastern end of Tiragarde Sound. Both factions have flight points that will drop them off near the entrance, but be prepared for a long trek across the sea to unlock them for the first time.

Tol Dagor's Location on the world map

Why are We Here

Both the Horde and the Alliance are after keys held by Overseer Korgus, the man who runs Tol Dagor in the name of the Kul Tiran Ashvane Trading Company. Each faction seeks to free hostages currently locked away within the prison, but the Alliance’s reasons are more personal due to their interactions with Lady Ashvane while leveling and having already broken out of the prison once themselves.

Navigating Tol Dagor

Tol Dagor will be broken down by its floors as labelled on the dungeon map. Players start from the bottom, enter the complex through the Drain, and will fight their way to the Overseer’s Summit. Along the way, there are a number of locked gates that can be opened with lockpicks (Pick Lock, Scroll of Unlocking, Monelite Skeleton Key) to provide alternate routes through the dungeon. There are also prison cells containing hostages that provide permanent buffs to the party if freed! As for checkpoints, there is one after every boss.

Tol Dagor Exterior

From the entrance, mount up and hug the shoreline to the left. Cut in and aim for the shipwreck. If you would like more room for the upcoming boss fight, pull the Silt Crabs near the wreckage.  Alternatively, if in need of extra trash percentage in mythic plus, use Summon Black Ox Statue in the middle of the room to pull everything while aggressively kiting. Whatever you choose, The Sand Queen awaits.

A path to skip the first trash in Tol Dagor

No water strider required, the water’s shallow!

Trash Breakdown

Boss 1: The Sand Queen

The Sand Queen boss model in Tol Dagor

The Sand Queen acts as Tol Dagor’s natural guard against would-be escapees. Her Sand Traps litter the beach to limit movement as her Sandstorm reduces vision. She is also more than willing–in Heroic and Mythic–to summon her Buzzing Drones to inflict Itchy Bites on players and will Enrage upon seeing any of them die or hitting 30% health. Amidst all the confusion, she’ll sneak underground to finish off her prey with Upheaval. It should come as no surprise that Tol Dagor has a reputation of being escape-proof.

The Sand Queen Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Watch your surroundings carefully and stay near the sewer grate when possible. Some trash wanders close to this boss.
  2. Enrage‘s short duration makes it not as dangerous as it sounds most of the time.
  3. Summon Black Ox Statue easily gathers Buzzing Drones for you, but be careful where you place it.
  4. Transcendence, Roll, and Tiger’s Lust/Chi Torpedo make it easy to get away from others for Upheaval.

The Drain, Brig, and Detention Block

After slaying The Sand Queen, make your way into The Drain and begin ascending the prison. If a rogue or other locksmith is in your party, you may open a gate near the sewer’s entrance to skip three pulls. Otherwise, stay to the left while in The Drain to avoid pulling extra Sewer Vicejaws. Once in the Brig, you’ll encounter more alternate routes behind locked gates and may start coming across your first Discarded Cell Keys. These keys may be hidden all over the Brig and are used as a means to open the various locked cells. If opening a cell with a hostage, the entire party will receive a buff for the remainder of the dungeon! More info on these buffs can be found on the Discarded Cell Key page. Be aware that most trash mobs here will attempt to flee at low health, potentially running into additional enemies. Ring of Peace can help prevent this in Tol Dagor’s tight spaces. While in the Detention Block, be careful not to accidentally pull Jes Howlis through the other side of the gate with Chi Burst or Rushing Jade Wind.


A Discarded Cell Key in Tol Dagor

Keys could be anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled.



a Tauren hostage in Tol Dagor

(Horde) free the Tauren hostage for Infusion: Wisdom.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 2: Jes Howlis

Jes Howlis is the leader of the prison riot running amok in Tol Dagor’s lower levels, and is a fearsome criminal. His Howling Fear (interruptible) causes players to run away uncontrollably while Crippling Shiv makes it harder to hide from Flashing Daggers. At 70% health, he will run to the other side of the Detention Block, opening cells and freeing more prisoners along the way, including his brother Bobby Howlis on Heroic and Mythic difficulties. In all the commotion, Jes Howlis will let loose a Motivating Cry (interruptible) to make himself Motivated with deadly results.

Jes Howlis' boss model in Tol Dagor

Using line of sight on Jes Howlis in Tol Dagor

Line of sight avoids both Howling Fear and Flashing Daggers

Jes Howlis Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Flashing Daggers is also dodgeable. Watch your dodge percent to sneak in some extra damage while others have to hide!
  2. Crippling Shiv is a poison and dispellable with Detox!
  3. Motivating Cry only buffs Jes, but it does make him take 90% reduced damage until interrupted. The Motivated buff also only lasts for 12 seconds. Do not feel pressured to interrupt the boss if the prisoners are applying too much damage.
  4. Bobby Howlis does not need to be killed, but be wary of Vicious Mauling (interruptible, but only after removing Blade Turning).
  5. An extra interrupter will be needed for the first Howling Fear after Motivating Cry. Bobby may also attempt to use his own Howling Fear.

Officer Quarters and Overseer’s Redoubt

Although there are more unlockable gates in the Officer’s Quarters, the main path hardly has any enemies to fight in the first place. Be prepared to fight all the foes near the bar at the same time if the Ashvane Spotter notices anyone (and lights the barrel on fire). Consider running into the hallway immediately behind him to gather all the marines up. Once outside on Overseer’s Redoubt, you’ll come across either your savior or your murderer: the Heavy Cannons. Hop inside and deal heavy damage to whatever you aim at, but watch out for friendly fire on Heroic and Mythic difficulties. Don’t expect to maintain threat against whoever is playing cannoneer, though Summon Black Ox Statue or Ring of Peace can help. After mowing down whatever cannon fodder lies in your way, enter the armory to find Knight Captain Valyri.

A cannon in Tol Dagor

Meet the dungeon mvp

Trash Breakdown

  • Ashvane Jailer; true to their name, these enemies have Handcuffs (interruptible) and aren’t afraid to use them to both silence and snare their opponent.
  • Ashvane Officer; while also equipped with Handcuff (interruptible), these officers have been issued Riot Shields to provide 75% reduction against magic damage AND a built in spell reflection feature.
  • Ashvane Marine; the gunners of Tol Dagor. Their cone of Suppression Fire will follow the target. Be careful not to splash others and watch out for multiple applications at the same time!
  • Ashvane Flamecaster; largely limited to Heroic and Mythic, these casters act as a standard fire mage with Blaze(interruptible) and Fuselighter (interruptible) standing in for Fireball and Flamestrike, respectively.
  • Ashvane Spotter; there is only one instance of this enemy. He’ll attempt to attract nearby trash once aggro’d. Otherwise acts as an Ashvane Marine.

Boss 3: Knight Captain Valyri

Knight Captain Valyri in Tol Dagor

A true pyromaniac, Knight Captain Valyri is responsible for Tol Dagor’s Burning Arsenal and will not hesitate to try to use their power against the party through setting the floor on fire with Ignition, channeling a massive cone of fire through Cinderflame, and turning players into living fuses via Fuselighter. Move the barrels out of harm’s way or keep avoiding their explosion radius. The choice is yours.

A chain reaction of barrel explosions in Tol Dagor

Chain reactions can be deadly

Exploding Barrels in Tol Dagor

Any fire damage will set munitions barrels off!




Knight Captain Valyri Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Just because it’s easy for you to avoid exploding barrels doesn’t mean it’s easy for your other group members.
  2. Transcendence in a corner makes for an emergency escape option.
  3. Roll does not make you move faster or farther while carrying barrels.
  4. Cinderflame will always target a barrel, not a player.

Path to Overseer Korgus

Only five enemies stand between you and Overseer Korgus. There’s even another Heavy Cannon on this final stretch of Overseer’s Redoubt to speed things along! Consider bringing the final two Ashvane Wardens down into the line of fire as well, but whatever you decide to do, the overseer awaits on his balcony.

Trash Breakdown

  • Ashvane Priest; it’s fortunate that there are only two of these enemies in the entirety of Tol Dagor, as they are easily one of the most dangerous opponents. Inner Flames (interruptible) is a channeled heal to all allies in range that also applies a stacking damage buff while Righteous Flames disorients anyone in its range.
  • Ashvane Warden; one of these goons appeared just before Jes Howlis, but was busy fighting the escaped prisoners. This time, their attention is wholly on you. their passive, Heavily Armed, makes them deal more damage while being easily kiteable if need be. Watch out for Lockdown, as they won’t stop attempting to cast it until they succeed, even if stunned (Leg Sweep) or controlled (Paralysis).

Final Boss: Overseer Korgus

Overseer Korgus' boss model in Tol Dagor

Overseer Korgus has a sadistic streak, and has been looking for something to test his special azerite-infused munitions on. Azerite Rounds: Incendiary will make his abilities apply Incendiary Rounds while Azerite Rounds: Blast will add a knockback effect to his other mechanics. He’ll combine these munitions with his natural marksmanship through Explosive Burst, Cross Ignition, and the deadly Deadeye. No player can normally be hit by Deadeye more than once without an immunity, so take turns. As the overseer of Tol Dagor, Korgus can even make the very cannons aim at players and fire a Massive Blast. To make matters worse, on Heroic and Mythic difficulties he’ll even apply a deadly Heartstopper Venom to the party to limit their movement or risk being stunned for eight seconds!

Overseer Korgus' Hearstopper Venom meter in Tol Dagor

Do NOT fill (Heartstopper Venom)

Overseer Korgus Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Tank Korgus in the corner by the lighthouse to easily dodge mechanics and not be knocked back as much.
  2. Heartstopper Venom builds up from rolling and jumping. Using Transcendence:Transfer won’t add to your meter.
  3. Deadeye is dodgeable. Be mindful of your dodge percentage to eliminate this mechanic entirely!
    Overseer Korgus' Deadeye mechanic in Tol Dagor

    Intercept Deadeye for your party, but watch your dodge chance!


  • August 5th, 2018 – Guide Created
  • December 12th, 2018 – Updated Jes Howlis to reflect an undocumented buff to Motivating Cry in patch 8.1

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