Underrot the Brewmaster Way

The entrance to The Underrot

Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s Underrot guide for Brewmasters! The Underrot acts as the source of corruption and rot in Nazmir. However, its close proximity to Uldir makes one wonder if there could be something much worse to blame instead….It is recommended to bring plenty of purges and disease dispels to this dungeon beneath the ground. As with most other Zandalari dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, Alliance players must be level 120 before being able to enter, while Horde players have immediate access at level 110. And remember, if looking for a particular section in this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


The Underrot's entrance on the world map

The entrance to the Underrot can be found in the center of Nazmir, conveniently known as the Heart of Darkness. Remember that the entrance is underground, so don’t try to zone into the Uldir raid by mistake! In addition, there is a small pond by the summoning stone, allowing one to safely fall to the entrance.

Why are We Here (Leveling Spoilers)

Under the influence of G’huun, the blood trolls led by Grand Ma’da Ateena attempted to activate the corrupted Titan construct Taloc. However, the Horde, with the help of the Titan Keeper Hezrel, managed to stop this from happening…for now. Upon killing Ateena, Hezrel wandered deep underground to destroy what he thinks is the source of corruption: the Underrot. Both the Horde and Alliance are seeking him out to help stop the spread of disease.

Navigating The Underrot

An optimal route through the Underrot dungeon

A route that avoids the most dangerous trash.

The Underrot may be the shortest Battle for Azeroth dungeon, but that does not mean it is without some decision making in its pathing. At multiple points, players will need to determine the best route through numerous trash packs to reach their next boss. In addition, while there are no checkpoints, players may mount up at any time within this dungeon! Finally, the red marked path above is a one way shortcut that becomes available after slaying Sporecaller Zancha.

Blue Path to Elder Leaxa

Stay to the right to avoid pulling any Underrot Ticks. If on Mythic, check to see which fork in the road leads to a platform with fewer Chosen Blood Matrons. The most dangerous trash in the instance occurs along this route to the first boss, Elder Leaxa. Your space is also limited, so be careful. A common strategy used to involve bypassing this entire section with a rogue’s Shroud of Concealment, but this is no longer viable as of patch 8.1.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 1: Elder Leaxa

Elder Leaxa's boss model in the Underrot

Elder Leaxa is a powerful blood troll sorceress seeking to spread the Taint of G’huun beyond the Underrot. Her connection to the old god is so powerful that she can create a Blood Effigy that replicates her Blood Bolts, Sanguine Feasts, and Creeping Rot. However, despite her casting strength she remains fragile and should be easily brought down through interrupts and sidestepping.

Elder Leaxa's Blood Effigy in the Underrot

Blood Effigy are low in health, high in danger

Elder Leaxa Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. With properly timed interrupts, the only unavoidable damage this boss will do is melee.
  2. Summon Black Ox Statue can help ensure no one receives a stray Blood Bolt from a Blood Effigy.
  3. There are no walls to prevent players from resetting this fight, though Elder Leaxa needs to be dragged nearly all the way up to the next platform to despawn.

Green Path to Cragmaw the Infested

Hug the right wall again and be careful not to pull all five Diseased Lashers at the same time. If on Heroic or Mythic difficulties, all of the trash around Cragmaw the Infested should be cleared. Remember that the map’s red path is a shortcut that cannot be taken just yet.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 2: Cragmaw the Infested

Cragmaw the Infested's boss model in the UnderrotCragmaw the Infested is a crawg that, perhaps a little predictably, is Infested with parasites. These Blood Tick Larva are shaken off by his Charges, Indigestion, and–in Heroic and Mythic–Tantrums. Once on the ground, they will quickly undergo a Metamorphosis into fully formed Blood Ticks that will explode in a Blood Burst on death if not stepped on by players in time. Overall, Cragmaw the Infested is a simple boss, which suits his already simple nature.

Cragmaw the Infested Monk Tips/StrategyCragmaw's Blood Tick Larvae in the Underrot

  1. If Cragmaw the Infested is positioned near a wall and your other party members stand between the boss and it, Charge will barely move and spawn its Blood Tick Larvae in a tight cluster!
  2. Although the boss will always turn to face you during Indigestion, the attack itself can be outranged with the help of Roll.
  3. Take advantage of your mobility (Roll, Tiger’s Lust/Chi Torpedo) to clear out Blood Tick Larvae, but be careful not to face Indigestion toward the group!
  4. Summon Black Ox Statue does not suffer from Serrated Fangs if attacked by a Blood Tick.
  5. Transcendence further enhances your larvae squishing range during Tantrum on Heroic and Mythic

Gold Path to Sporecaller Zancha

Starting from this point in the dungeon, there are a number of Grotesque Horror spawns on the ground. Don’t wander too close to them. Triggering more than one to spawn can be a quick death sentence. That being said, in this section much of the scenery is traversable, including the low wall just before Sporecaller Zancha. Likewise, most of the trash can be skipped if properly timed! However, for the sake of space on the upcoming boss, it is still recommended to pull the final two Bloodsworn Defilers.

Pools Grotesque Horrors spawn from in the Underrot

Watch your step

Trash Breakdown

Boss 3: Sporecaller Zancha

Sporecaller Zancha's boss model in the Underrot

Sporecaller Zancha is another victim of the corruption seeping through the Underrot. An animated corpse that only seeks to further spread Decaying Spores beyond its boundaries with the help of his Boundless Rot and Volatile Pods on Heroic/Mythic. However, his reckless Shockwaves and Upheavals may help remove the very rot he’s trying to reap with Festering Harvest.

Sporecaller Zancha Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Decaying Spores is a disease that can be dispelled with Detox!
  2. The boss cannot move while aiming Shockwave, but he will rotate to face you at all times. Position accordingly to destroy the most Boundless Rot.
  3. Transcendence can allow you to dodge a Shockwave if you Transcendence: Transfer after it has started traveling. It can also be outranged if necessary.
  4. Run over any extra Boundless Rot mushrooms during Festering Harvest‘s cast time to prevent the entire party receiving stacks of Decaying Spores.
  5. This boss is much more dangerous without a Paladin, Priest, or Monk in the party.

Purple Path to Unbound Abomination

This final section of the Underrot is a bit of a maze in terms of where to safely travel without attracting the attention of multiple Grotesque Horrors, among other things. For the most part, safely traveling through this area relies on the same approach as the rest of the dungeon: stay near the walls. Do not engage the final two Faceless Corruptors without making sure the entire party has made it through intact. Travel down the chute that Titan Keeper Hezrel has kindly unblocked to find the Unbound Abomination at the Underrot’s Heart.

Trash Breakdown

Final Boss: Unbound Abomination

Unbound Abomination and Hezrel boss models in the UnderrotTitan Keeper Hezrel has managed to find the source of the Underrot’s corrupting influence: an Unbound Abomination created by G’huun from within Uldir. Thanks to G’huun‘s blood magic, the fiend maintains a Blood Barrier to absorb all damage taken and concentrate it into Blood Visages. So powerful is this entity’s sway over its surroundings that it can cause players’ own blood to putrefy with Putrid Blood as it releases Vile Expulsions to spread contamination–and even animate it into Rotting Spores on Heroic and Mythic.  However, with Hezrel’s help this strength can become the Unbound Abomination‘s undoing as he helps to purify players with Cleansing Light and Purge Corruption to sever the Fatal Link this boss has to the Blood Visages.

Unbound Abomination's Blood Visage in the Underrot

Help Hezrel slay Blood Visages

Hezrel's Cleansing Light in the Underrot

Dispel allies and remove Vile Expulsion with Cleansing Light

Unbound Abomination Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Exactly SIX Blood Visages are required to kill this boss through Fatal Link on any difficulty or keystone level.
  2. Cleansing Light removes both Putrid Blood and patches of Vile Expulsion on the ground.
  3. Titan Keeper Hezrel can kill every Blood Visage on his own if you let him, but he will not be able to use Cleansing Light while channeling Purge Corruption.
  4. Keep the boss near the edges of the room to easily clump up Rotting Spores on Heroic and Mythic, rotating around as more Vile Expulsions are cast
  5. Summon Black Ox Statue gathers up Blood Visages and can explode Rotting Spores.
  6. Azerite traits and talents that interact with killing enemies such as Vampiric Speed can be useful against the never-ending tide of Rotting Spores.



  • August 6th, 2018 – Guide Created
  • December 12th, 2018 – Updated most bosses to reflect newer strategies and an undocumented buff to Chosen Blood Matrons as part of patch 8.1

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