Waycrest Manor the Brewmaster Way

The entrance to Waycrest Manor

Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s Waycrest Manor dungeon guide for Brewmasters! Waycrest Manor acts as the hub for the Heartsbane Coven of witches in Drustvar. Within its haunted halls, all manner of dark sacrifices are being performed under the supervision of Lord and Lady Waycrest. While visiting, you can expect plenty of dark magic, disease, and banter from the Lady herself as you seek to put a stop to the Coven’s evil work and take out its leader. As with most other Kul Tiran dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, Horde players must be level 120 before being able to enter, while Alliance players have immediate access at level 110. And remember, if looking for a particular section of this dungeon or want to know more about talents, feel free to use the sidebar or consult our Brewmaster guide!


The entrance to Waycrest ManorThe entrance to Waycrest Manor can be found in the northwest corner of Drustvar. There are three flight points near the entrance, though Whitegrove Chapel is the only one available to both factions. You’ll have to go through the town of Corlain along the way, so be careful. That being said, the area around the summoning stone should be clear of enemies.

Why are We Here (Leveling Spoilers)

The people of Drustvar have been under assault by a group of dark witches known as the Heartsbane Coven. Lucille Waycrest, head of the Waycrest family that Alliance players are trying to convince to return to Boralus’ political affairs discovers that her mother is actually the leader and has been transformed into a hideous figure. Now, players must enter Waycrest Manor to put a stop to Lady Waycrest and the Heartsbane’s attempts at bringing Gorak Tul, an ancient evil, back into Drustvar.

Navigating Waycrest Manor

A marked map of Waycrest Manor

Purple stars represent potential witch spawns.

Waycrest Manor is Battle for Azeroth’s most unique dungeon, due to how its one of a kind design changes the way players approach it on a given basis. This is because the only true constant in how players progress through it is that the final two bosses will always be Lord/Lady Waycrest and Gorak Tul. The order of the first three bosses will vary as players have to find their way through the upper floors of the manor based on which doorways are unlocked when they start. Because of this, navigation for the dungeon will initially be broken down by room rather than by a set path. As for the map above, the two green doors are entrances to the basement for the final section of the dungeon while the purple stars represent potential spawnpoints of three types of witch enemy. These spawn points will also vary per run, but whether or not they are active can be determined by the presence of a dark glowing effect coming from the nearby walls.

The telltale sign of an invisible witch spawn in Waycrest Manor

This glow means a witch is near!

The Grand Foyer

All you have to do in the entrance to Waycrest Manor is listen to Lady Waycrest‘s prattling and check to see which one of the six possible doorways are open before continuing onward.

Trash Breakdown

  • Soul Essence; Although all of these enemies can be avoided if you’re careful, they are easy to kill. Spams Scar Soul (interruptible) to deal damage.

The Hunting Lodge

an orb signifying a witch spawn in Waycrest Manor

a witch is coming!

Stay near the walls if on the ground floor as you make your way to the Banquet Hall. Note that there are TWO possible witch spawns in this room: one upstairs, and one downstairs.

Trash Breakdown

  • Maddened Survivalist; as one might expect, there are hunters in The Hunting Lodge; Severing Serpent (interruptible, dispellable with Detox) will apply a disease to everyone, while Shrapnel Trap and Freezing Trap (Heroic/Mythic) will attempt to deny players from standing in certain areas. Note that Freezing Trap‘s effect is a physical stun for 8 seconds.
  • Crazed Marksman; the ranged-based hunter of the lodge. Try to avoid splashing other players with Tracking Explosive if targeted.
  • Diseased Mastiff; a hunter pet that isn’t at all dangerous for a change. Cleave it down.
  • Faceless Maiden; an optional foe in a room tied to an achievement. Don’t stand in the cone of their Horrific Visage or you’ll be feared.
  • Heartsbane Runeweaver; this enemy acts as one of three potential witch spawns throughout Waycrest Manor. As such, the trio will be included in every room with spawn points. Avoid facing her toward the party during Marking Cleave and be sure to stop channels of Etch (interruptible). Note that all three greater witches are also immune to stuns and control.
  • Heartsbane Vinetwister; another of the three potential witch spawns throughout Waycrest Manor. Try to prevent casts of Grasping Thorns (interruptible) from occurring.
  • Heartsbane Soulcharmer; the final of three potential witch spawn types throughout Waycrest Manor. Make sure no enemy is standing in the Warding Candles she summons between casts of Soul Bolt (interruptible) and Soul Volley (interruptible).

Banquet Hall, Kitchen

While outside of the Banquet Hall, be mindful of the patrolling Pallid Gorgers and Gorestained Piglets. Once inside the hall itself, be careful not to accidentally engage the nearby boss, Raal the Gluttonous, without first slaying all the trash in the room! If you plan to enter the Cellar through the Kitchen, be wary of the possible witch spawn!

Trash Breakdown

Boss 1/2/3: Raal the Gluttonous

Raal the Gluttonous' boss model in Waycrest ManorRaal the Gluttonous was the chef of Waycrest Manor before the Coven enacted their dark will over the estate. Now he finds himself eternally hungry and desperate to sate himself. To stop his attempts to Consume All, you must always stay within melee range of this boss while he releases Rotten Expulsions–and Bile Oozelings on Heroic/Mythic. After that, Raal will attempt to Tenderize his victims before using Call Servant in an attempt to devour his four Wasting Servants as well with Consume Servant. For their sake especially, he must be put down.

Raal the Gluttonous' Tenderizer in Waycrest Manor

Don’t Tenderize the group

One of Raal the Gluttonous' Wasting Servants in Waycrest ManorRaal the Gluttonous Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Tenderize is dodgeable, if you aren’t in the mood to sidestep the casts.
  2. Summon Black Ox Statue will help gather Bile Oozelings for you since you can’t leave melee range.
  3. Call Servant will always happen after three Tenderizes.
  4. Wasting Servants can be stunned (Leg Sweep), snared (Keg Smash/Special Delivery), or knocked back (Ring of Peace) to buy extra time before Raal gets a chance to cast Consume Servant.

The Atrium

Acting as the backyard of Waycrest Manor, the Atrium is densely populated with members of the Heartsbane Coven obsessed with thorns-based magic. Be careful not to draw the attention of too many enemies while pulling the patrolling Jagged Hounds. You should also attempt to pull Matron Bryndle by herself, in case of a potential damage buff from Soul Fetish. Upon pulling her, the Soulbound Goliath will be active and waiting.

Trash Breakdown

Boss 1/2/3: Soulbound Goliath

The Soulbound Goliath's boss model in Waycrest ManorThe Soulbound Goliath contains the souls of many victims of the Heartsbane Coven, forced to empower it with Soul Harvest as the construct Crushes you and binds others in Soul Thorns. However, Wildfires from the lightning strikes around the Atrium can help destroy the monstrosity by causing it to suffer from Burning Brush and lose its stacks of Soul Harvest. But be warned, for Burning Souls will be released on Heroic and Mythic, briefly hunting down players to pelt them with Burning Fists. Destroy this amalgamation and free the tormented souls within.

The Soulbound Goliath affected by Burning Brush in Waycrest Manor

“Fire will be its undoing!”


Soulbound Goliath Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Try to cause Burning Brush before the boss reaches 10-15 stacks of Soul Harvest. Stay below 12 for an achievement on Mythic!
  2. The boss can be taken all over the Atrium, not just the small area it originated from.
  3. Make use of Provoke‘s movement speed bonus to lure the construct into patches of Wildfire more quickly.
  4. Summon Black Ox Statue can attract Burning Souls to itself.

The Gallery, Balcony

Do not underestimate the strength of the enemies within the Gallery, especially when there is a witch that could spawn in the middle of it all. If your route through Waycrest Manor requires you to venture upstairs to the Balcony, be mindful of the patrol on the stairs as well as an additional witch spawn in the room itself.

Trash Breakdown


The Ballroom largely acts as the location of the Heartsbane Triad bosses, but make sure you slay the two Thistle Acolytes and their Blight Toads before drawing their attention. In addition, take note of the possible witch spawn right outside the lower entrance.

Trash Breakdown

  • Thistle Acolyte; one of the Coven’s weaker members, though still threatening in their own right. Both Bone Splinter (interruptible) and Drain Essence (interruptible) will deal moderate amounts of damage over time.
  • Blight Toad; these toads act as more fodder, though they will explode with Toad Blight upon death to potentially disorient players.
  • Marked Sister; though these lesser witches have the Darkened Blade passive and Runic Mark (interruptible), what’s more concerning is that they also have access to Soul Fetish (interruptible, Heroic/Mythic). Soul Fetish will cause the caster to provide a nearby enemy with five stacks of the Soul Fetish buff on death. Killing that enemy will cause it to jump again and lose one stack.
  • Heartsbane Runeweaver; this enemy acts as one of three potential witch spawns throughout Waycrest Manor. As such, the trio will be included in every room with spawn points. Avoid facing her toward the party during Marking Cleave and be sure to stop channels of Etch (interruptible). Note that all three greater witches are also immune to stuns and control.
  • Heartsbane Vinetwister; another of the three potential witch spawns throughout Waycrest Manor. Try to prevent casts of Grasping Thorns (interruptible) from occurring.
  • Heartsbane Soulcharmer; the final of three potential witch spawn types throughout Waycrest Manor. Make sure no enemy is standing in the Warding Candles she summons between casts of Soul Bolt (interruptible) and Soul Volley (interruptible).


Boss 1/2/3: Heartsbane Triad

The boss models of the Heartsbane Triad in Waycrest Manor

The Heartsbane Triad's focusing Iris in Waycrest Manor

Attack the witch holding the Focusing Iris.


The Heartsbane Triad are among the oldest members of the Heartsbane Coven, consisting of Sister Briar, Sister Malady, and Sister Solena. Each member is surrounded by an Ironbark Shield as they take turns harnessing the power of their Focusing Iris in an attempt to fuel their Dire Ritual. But, while the Focusing Iris empowers them, it also leaves them vulnerable to damage while they gain access to a new ability–and an aura in Heroic and Mythic. Beware Sister Solena‘s Soul Manipulation and Aura of Apathy, Sister Malady‘s Unstable Runic Marks and Aura of Dread, and Sister Briar‘s Jagged Nettles and Aura of Thorns.

Heartsbane Triad Monk Tips/Strategy

The Heartsbane Triad's Soul Manipulation in Waycrest Manor

A soul manipulated

The Heartsbane Triad's Unstable Runic Mark in Waycrest Manor

Only you can see your Unstable Runic Mark.


  1. The fight will cycle in the order of Sister Solena>Sister Malady>Sister Briar, swapping when each hits 50% health or dies.
  2. You have 55 seconds per active triad member before Dire Ritual is complete.
  3. Focus on interrupting the casts of the witch that holds the Focusing Iris, as they cause more damage than the two that don’t.
  4. Make use of Leg Sweep and Paralysis to stop the Soul Manipulation victim from wasting cooldowns. The spell will break once the target reaches 50% health.
  5. Only the victims of Unstable Runic Mark can see their circle. Transcendence may help ensure you don’t hit others
  6. Aim to keep your Stagger low if you have Jagged Nettles to make it easier for your healer to remove the debuff.

The Cellar, CatacombsAn entrance to the cellar in Waycrest Manor

After killing the first three bosses, both doors to the Cellar of Waycrest Manor will be unlocked. Take whichever one is closer to you; your ultimate destination is through the broken wall in the middle of it anyway. Watch out for the patrolling Matron Alma. Avoid pulling other nearby enemies at the same time if possible if fighting her. Alternatively, you may opt to skip these enemies by running all the way through to the Catacombs to unlock a shortcut back to them via Lucille Waycrest in the Grand Foyer after your likely demise. However you choose to reach them, Lord and Lady Waycrest are expecting your arrival.

Trash Breakdown

Matron Alma's model in Waycrest Manor

Keep an eye out for Matron Alma at all times!

Boss 4: Lord and Lady Waycrest

Lord and Lady Waycrest's boss models in Waycrest Manor

In calling out to whatever powers could spare her husband from death, Lady Waycrest became the first member of the Heartsbane and continues to do whatever she can to ensure Lord Waycrest‘s survival. As he assaults the party with Wasting Strike and attempts to spread disease with Virulent Pathogen, the Lady will assist by playing a Wracking Chord or Discordant Cadenza on the organ. Should Lord Waycrest get near death, she will initiate a Vitality Transfer to fully heal him and grant a stack of Putrid Vitality. When her health becomes too low after three Vitality Transfers, Lady Waycrest will teleport to players and join the fight herself. Save these lovers from their ill-struck bargain with Gorak Tul.

Lord Waycrest's Virulent Pathogen in Waycrest Manor

Don’t spread Virulent Pathogen

Lord and Lady Waycrest Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. The arena is small. Consider tanking Lord Waycrest near a corner to maximize space for the rest of the group.
  2. Discordant Cadenza may be hard to avoid, but the landing zones individually do not do much damage.
  3. Even though Lady Waycrest joins the fight with only 10% health remaining, it is identical in value to Lord Waycrest‘s total hp. Finish him first!
  4. Virulent Pathogen can be dispelled with Detox!
  5. Don’t stand in the Contagious Remnants that spawn from Virulent Pathogen in Heroic and Mythic!
  6. Roll and Transcendence help ensure that you will not spread Virulent Pathogen to anyone if afflicted.

The Rupture

With Lady Waycrest slain, Gorak Tul is apparently able to enter the physical world again. Whoops. Follow the stream of dark energy down into the Rupture to fix your mistake!

Trash Breakdown

Final Boss: Gorak Tul

Gorak Tul's boss model in Waycrest ManorAs the Drust King, Gorak Tul has long been a present threat to the people of Drustvar, even if until recently he had been trapped in another realm. Now that he has obtained a vessel, he can directly affect the physical world with his Darkened Lightning and Dread Essence. In addition, command over the Drust allows Gorak Tul to Summon Deathtouched Slavers to fire Dread Bolts, use their Dark Leap, and, in Heroic and Mythic, channel a deadly Death Lens on a player! Make use of the Alchemical Fire supplied by Inquisitor Yorrik to destroy their corpses, lest the Drust King’s Dread Essence brings them all back to life!Alchemical Fire in the Gorak Tul fight of Waycrest Manor

Gorak Tul Monk Tips/Strategy

  1. Tank Gorak Tul more in the middle of the room, so that Alchemical Fire spawns are closer to players.
  2. Keep interrupting Darkened Lightning.
  3. Prioritize killing Deathtouched Slavers. Too many Death Lens channels will quickly wipe your party.
  4. Deathtouched Slavers can be stunned (Leg Sweep), controlled (Paralysis), or knocked back (Ring of Peace), but Dread Essence will free them from all effects!
  5. Summon Black Ox Statue can help ensure no one gets hit by a spawning Deathtouched Slaver.


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