Mistweaver Azerite Traits Guide


Welcome to PeakofSerenity’s Mistweaver Azerite Traits Guide! This guide is meant to introduce you to the basics of Azerite gear, while also providing rankings of Azerite traits for different healing scenarios.

This guide has been updated for Patch 8.1.0, build 28724 and is updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.

Basics of Azerite

Epic-Quality Azerite Item’s Rings

Azerite is a new system in Battle for Azeroth. At the beginning of the expansion, you receive the Heart of Azeroth, an artifact-quality necklace that powers up as you collect Azerite, which can be found while completing various activities. Each time you increase its rank, it increases in item level. At certain ranks, you can unlock traits in Azerite gear, which will be in your Head, Shoulder, and Chest slots. Different items have different combinations of Azerite traits, of which only one trait can be selected on each ring at a time.

On epic-quality Azerite gear, there are three rings, with a fourth trait in the center of the item that allows you to increase its item level by 5. The outermost ring will be the main deciding factor on whether you equip a piece of gear, with the inner two rings being role specific or having such a low overall impact on your throughput that they’re largely meaningless compared to the outermost ring.

The outer ring has 4 traits, one that is exclusive to the zone the item drops in, and one for each specialization your class has.


Mistweaver Azerite Traits

The strength of the Azerite Traits available to Mistweavers can vary wildly depending on if you’re healing in dungeons or healing in raids, as your spell breakdown will be wildly different between the two. For example, Font of Life isn’t good in dungeons because Essence Font is rarely cast. And even when it is, it’s not for its healing.

Each trait below will have a score associated with it for both Dungeon and Raid healing.

Burst of Life

When Life Cocoon expires, whether through the absorb running out or the duration expiring, there is an explosion of healing around the shielded target, splitting healing between that target and any other injured target within range.

  • Dungeon Rating: Burst of Life is a decent enough trait on its own, but there’s better options for Mistweavers.
  • Raid Rating: D – Same issue as dungeons, it’s just not good enough compared to other traits available.

Font of Life

This trait has two effects. The first is that it increases the healing of each Essence Font bolt. The second is that each bolt of Essence Font has a separate chance to reduce the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea by 1 second. The latter effect does not increase in power if you have more than one of this trait. Having more than one of this trait only increases the healing that is added to Essence Font, which is still really good.

  • Dungeon Rating: D – As mentioned above when explaining this rating system, this trait isn’t good in dungeons because Essence Font is rarely cast. Whenever it is cast, it’s more for the increase to Mastery healing it provides. The Thunder Focus Tea effect prevents this from being entirely useless in dungeons.
  • Raid Rating: A – One of the best raiding Azerite traits. In either healing build, Essence Font will be a majority of your healing, so increasing that even more is always a good thing. The Thunder Focus Tea effect of this trait is also strong, for either healing build. Having more free Vivifys in the tankysitting build helps smooth mana spending, while kickweaving loves more Rising Sun Kicks after an Essence Font is more healing and more damage.

Misty Peaks

Whenever Renewing Mist heals someone, there is a chance to gain a lot of Haste for 10 seconds. This is a fairly safe trait to have, as it can shine in either dungeons or raids.

  • Dungeon Rating: B – You’ll have plenty of Renewing Mists rolling out at a time, allowing for fairly consistent procs of this trait, while the Haste this grants will be a large improvement over whatever amount of Haste you have at the time, giving you better reaction casts of spells and allowing your HoT effects to tick more frequently thanks to their dynamic updating.
  • Raid Rating: – The increase to Haste this provides is nothing to look down on. Just an overall solid trait.

Overflowing Mists

When an ally with Enveloping Mist is attacked, they are healed instantly. Unfortunately, there is a 1 second internal cooldown (ICD) to this ability, so there’s nothing that can be used to make this overpowered.

  • Dungeon Rating: B – You’ll be casting Enveloping Mist with some regularity, as well as having its target hitting the ICD timer without fail because of the number of damage events they’ll be taking thanks to trash packs hitting at different times.
  • Raid Rating: or – The value of this trait in raids depends on how often you’re casting Enveloping Mist. In tankysitting, its fairly frequent in order to keep the tanks alive, but kickweaving actively shuns Enveloping Mist.

Secret Infusion

Replacing Invigorating Brew, this trait grants you a temporary boost to a secondary stat depending on which spell you buffed with Thunder Focus Tea. This spell has anti-synergy with Focused Thunder, as it currently does not give a buff for the second Thunder Focus Tea empowered spell. A small technical aspect of this spell is that it grants its stat rating before the triggering spell actually fires off, meaning that each of the following spells is fully affected by the increase to its respective secondary stat. Enveloping Mist grants Critical Strike, Renewing Mist grants Haste, Rising Sun Kick grants Versatility, and Vivify grants Mastery.

  • Dungeon Rating B – Whichever stat you choose, you can have it available on most pulls. However, there are a few other traits that have more usefulness.
  • Raid Rating C – A lot of the value of this trait is in both smart Thunder Focus Tea usage, while also using it for maximum benefit for the stat gain. Some of the more worthwhile stats are on spells that should rarely be cast with Thunder Focus Tea in a raid, so there are some judgment calls to be made, which sinks this trait.

Uplifted Spirits

This trait has two effects. The first is that Vivify‘s healing is increased on all targets. The second is that, for each Vivify heal that is a Critical Heal, Revival‘s cooldown is lowered by one second. The latter effect does not increase in power if you have more than one of this trait. The latter effect works on all heal events of Vivify, meaning the targeted heal and all the Renewing Mist cleave heals can contribute to the cooldown reduction.

  • Dungeon Rating: Vivify is your main heal in dungeons, and this trait is a steady throughput increase to it, while also allowing you to be a bit more liberal with casting Revival, whether the use it as a group-wide dispel or to provide a quick burst of healing.
  • Raid Rating: B or C – The value of this trait varies a bit on how often you’re able to cast Vivify. Tankysitting uses it as a more expensive filler, whereas kickweaving uses it more as a mana dump. However, there are a couple of traits that edge it out over a fight.

Interesting Zone Traits

Each zone has two traits associated with it, but some of these traits are purely damage oriented, making it so only one trait from the zone is worthwhile for healers.

There isn’t a whole lot of variance to the zone traits that they require separate scorings for raid healing and dungeons healing, as they’re largely secondary stat procs, but some unique traits will be highlighted below.

UIdir Traits

While you have one of either of these traits active while you’re zoned into Uldir, you will also gain the benefit of Reorigination Array. Wowhead has a great speculative write up about it here. This will likely be powerful enough to warrant one trait

Archive of the Titans

While in combat, you’ll receive a stacking buff of Intellect every 5 second that caps out at 20 stacks. The longer you’re in combat, the more powerful this trait is, as it allows a higher average increase in Intellect. While out of combat, the stacks you have decay, so this trait will be more relevant in raid fights than it would be in dungeons.


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