Mistweaver Battle For Azeroth Guide


Welcome to PeakOfSerenity’s MIstweaver Monk Guide for Battle for Azeroth! This guide is meant to give a basic understanding of MIstweavers, with just enough information to get you started. For more in-depth information, follow the links listed in the “Further Reading” sections. Navigate between each section using the Table of Contents bar to the right of the main guide.

This guide is updated for patch 8.2 and is updated regularly when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing gives new information.



While initially thought to be a potential talent build, this has proven in current content to not be viable.



Healing has no defined rotation or priority system. It requires you to understand your spells and how best to use them to keep your group alive. Below are the three distinct healing styles available to Mistweaver and how to use your spells.

General healing priority and spell usage. In general, any downtime should be used to DPS. Use your 3 DPS abilities as much as possible during an encounter.

  • Keep at least 1 charge of Renewing Mist on cooldown. As raid damage is incoming, you can use the second charge to ramp up the Renewing Mists on the raid.
  • Fully channel Essence Font during raid-wide damage.
  • Vivify any group damage when Essence Font is on cooldown or fewer than 6 people are injured and in range. Ensure Renewing Mists are out to leverage the additional healing from Vivify cleave.
  • For sustained singe target damage, such as a heavy tank damage period or a hard hitting debuff, Soothing Mist the target, with Enveloping Mist over top.
    • Note: In a raid, there is very rarely a situation where you would hard cast Enveloping Mist.

Additional Spell Usage:

  • Thunder Focus Tea should be used for either Renewing Mist or Vivify. Generally Vivify will be used, unless mana is not a concern for the encounter.
    • Note: In rare cases, with Secret Infusion, this usage could change, but these are outlier situations.
  • If you are talented into Jade Serpent Statue, ensure the statue is always casting on a target, generally a tank. You can quickly cast Soothing Mist and immediately cancel. This requires only a short 1 second GCD to keep up
  • Mystic Touch should be applied to any target taking damage.
  • Renewing Mist will be use as close to on cooldown as possible.
  • Vivify will be your main heal.
  • To heal a single target taking sustained damage, Soothing Mist and Enveloping Mist are your best tools.
  • Essence Font should only be used to get the HoT effect out in order to quickly burst single targets through the double Gust of Mist hits. Cancelling a cast of it when your party has the HoT effect rolling on all of them will allow you to use Mastery-proccing spells faster for burst healing on any target that needs it. However, continuing the channel can be the right call in specific situations, normally when you need group healing while you yourself are moving. It depends on the situation at hand.
  • If you’re the only Monk, make sure Mystic Touch is applied to whatever is being damaged.
  • If talented:

As a reminder this style is not currently considered viable in progression content. This build focuses on group healing via Rising Mist, letting smaller group healing fall by the wayside, while also increasing your time spent doing direct damage.



Heart of Azeroth Essences

Below is a short description of the current tier ranking list for essences. As we get close to Season 3, a more in-depth look at how and where to use these will be updated. Please use this as you initial guide to understand what essences you will be using in 8.2 and beyond.

Top Tier Essences

Major Essences

These essences will be your go to essences for the major slot:

Minor Essences

These essences will be your go to essences for the minor slots:

Mid Tier Essences

Major Essences

These essences will be the middle tier essences for the major slot. They will see some potential use in specific situations:

Minor Essences

These essences will be the middle tier essences for the minor slot. They will see some potential use in specific situations:

Bottom Tier Essences

Major Essences

These essences will generally never be equipped unless you have no other options:

Minor Essences

These essences will generally never be equipped unless you have no other options:



Dungeon Priority

Intellect > Mastery > Haste = Versatility = Critical Strike

In general, taking higher item level pieces will be the standard course of action. All of the secondaries are very close in terms of output, so the optimizations will be based on your specific group composition, level of ability, and dungeon.

Raid Priority

Intellect > Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery > Haste

These stat priorities help to get a rough idea of what gear to go for, but the most important thing to get as soon as possible is your stat weights. Stat weights help you zero in on which stat is the most effective at increasing your healing. However, healers have no grand simulator, as there are a lot more variables that can affect your overall performance than there are for DPS specs. In light of that, healers use fight analysis tools like WoWAnalyzer and the Teachings of the Red Crane spreadsheet that takes logs from WarcraftLogs and gives you accurate weights that would improve your output.

One thing to note here, is the greatest impact you can make in your output is improving your play over improving your gear. While higher item level gear will have an impact, proper play will always outpace “perfect” gear optimization.


Gems, Enchants, and Other Consumables



The QE Live tool, by Voulk, is currently the best resource for determining your best Azerite traits for both Mistweaver and Druid. As a rule of thumb, the best traits will be ones that either increase the healing of your most-used spells, or traits that give you your best stats. You can read below for additional information about the individual traits.


Further Reading:

Mistweaver Azerite Traits



Character Races

Each character race is within a small margin of power for throughput. However, it should be noted that the Blood Elf active racial ability, Arcane Torrent, is very useful as both an offensive dispel, as well as a mana recovery tool, especially with its quick cooldown. Its mana adds up over the duration of a fight.



The only necessary WeakAuras for Mistweavers are those that track how effective our untargeted AoE healing would be, moment to moment.

For full WA Packs for MW, please check out Wago.io. Some highlighted ones are listed below:



Talent specific macros, ex. T75 talents

/cast [talent:6/1] Summon Jade Serpent Statue;[talent:6/2] Refreshing Jade Wind; [talent:6/3] Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane

This will cast either of the T75 talents, depending on what is currently selected by the player. This can be extended to other talents as well.

Stopcasting Macro for Rising Mist


/stopmacro [channeling: Essence Font]

/cast Rising Sun Kick

This macro allows you to cast Rising Sun Kick when you want, GCDs permitting, except when you’re channeling Essence Font.



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