Mistweaver Shadowlands Pre-patch Guide

Welcome to the Peak of Serenity Mistweaver Shadowlands pre-patch guide! In this guide we will go over all the class changes awaiting us when the pre-patch goes live on October 13/14.


Changes in the Shadowlands pre-patch


Spells and Talents


Expel Harm
This is a new button we gain, but currently, it is the worst possible healing button; it does less healing than Vivify, has a 15 second cooldown, is on the GCD and can only be cast on yourself.

Fortifying Brew
This has been slightly nerfed from BFA’s version, reducing the HP increase by 5% and DR by 5%. Not the end of the world, as we are still very tanky.

Leg Sweep
We gained 1 extra yard; otherwise, no change.

Touch of Death
A very nice ability to see return for all specializations as a class inspired by martial arts. Its rank 2 allows us to use it on an enemy below 15% HP, meaning you should get at least 1 usage out of it on every boss. 

Vivify got a small mana nerf, as it now costs about 17% more mana, but overall it won’t be a deciding factor in choosing what button to press next. This is not a change we’d like to see as it was already an inefficient spell and now they just bumped that up another level.

Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent
Hooray! They have added a cooldown to our base kit, which is a totally new spell which takes Soothing Mist to another level. It now channels 3 Soothing Breaths, which each one heals for about half of Soothing Mist’s healing, and gains “the same bonuses that JSS does” which… well, we don’t know what those are — maybe Blizzard has plans for Soothing Mist bonuses in the near future, or perhaps they have no idea either.

Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
This talent has been completely reworked. Instead of the zipping around “crackbird” we’re used to from Legion and BfA, it performs similarly to Conflict and Strife’s Way of the Crane ability. Whenever you damage an enemy with Blackout Kick (including Teachings of the Monastery hits), Rising Sun Kick and your initial use of Spinning Crane Kick, it will produce a Gust of Mists healing event on 2 targets, which is currently exactly what your Mastery heals for. And, for each aforementioned trigger of Chi-Ji’s Gust, you also get a stack (up to 3) of Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane, which reduces the cost and cast time of Enveloping Mist by 33%. 

Enveloping Mist
EnM’s spell power has increased by 8.5%, while its mana cost has been increased by 15%. These changes aren’t too worrisome, as they won’t change when you should use this ability.

Renewing Mist
ReM’s mana cost has been reduced by 12%; this is a nice offset to the Vivify change, making our AoE healing not as expensive as it would appear.

Soothing Mist
SooM’s healing was nerfed by about 2%. This change does almost nothing for us, as it doesn’t change when we should Soothing Mist (we still don’t want to use it).

Summon Jade Serpent Statue
JSS’s Soothing Mist channel’s healing has been buffed by roughly 23% per tick. However, the channel time has been reduced from 30 seconds (affected by haste) to 8 seconds (affected by haste), making it undesirable to use as we now need to use roughly 4 times the amount of GCDs to maintain it.

Mana Tea
It’s off the GCD now! In addition to this, the duration was changed to 10 seconds instead of 12 to account for it being off the GCD.



Conflict and Strife
This has been changed to be the PvP talent Chrysalis. This reduces Life Cocoon’s cooldown by 25 seconds and that is all. Very, very underwhelming compared to getting Way of the Crane.


Spells and ranks above level 50

These spells are showing in the spellbook because they are implemented with the pre-patch, but seeing as we can’t level above 50 we have no way of obtaining them. Nevertheless, we think we should still mention them.

Touch of Death
Touch of Death gets a new rank at level 52, making us do 15% increased physical damage for 10 seconds.

Expel Harm
Expel Harm gets a new rank at level 54. It makes the spell usable while channeling Soothing Mist and heals both you and your Soothing Mist target. Given how unappealing it is to use Soothing Mist, this is something we likely won’t use.

Paralysis gets a new rank at level 56, reducing the cooldown by another 15 seconds to 30 seconds. This gives us a bit better utility in Mythic+ and PvP, allowing for another niche interrupt or incapacitation effect.

Enveloping Breath
Enveloping Breath is a new passive we learn at level 58. While Yu’lon or Chi-ji is out and about, whenever you cast Enveloping Mist, she will cast Enveloping Breath as well. Enveloping Breath heals for 30% SP per second, which is half of Enveloping Mist, and is cast within 10 yards of your Enveloping Mist target. This buff is a HoT on 6 people that has a “10% increased healing received” function, much like Enveloping Mist. The throughput of Yu’lon and Chi-ji can vary depending on how much mana you want to spend on Enveloping Mist as Enveloping Breath does a lot of throughput. This means it can range from a decent to an extremely strong throughput cooldown.


How does this affect us?

Out of all the above, only 5 changes really affect us. Apart from this, we will see no gameplay changes in the pre-patch.


  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
    • In the pre-patch, Chi-ji can see some nifty play due to the insane amount of on-demand Mastery we’re able to get with the Secret Infusion trait. However, due to Enveloping Breath not being a thing until level 58, it will miss some of its potency that it has later on. If you liked Way of the Crane in raids, you’ll probably like Chi-ji as it keeps the instant cast flow alive and emphasizes on doing damage to heal. However, higher damage does not equal higher healing, which might be a turn off for some players. If you liked WotC in dungeons, prepare to be disappointed because only the initial usage of Spinning Crane Kick triggers healing events rather than all damage instances.
  • Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent
    • In the pre-patch this is just a fire and forget button that does very little healing due to missing Enveloping Breath. It shouldn’t be used as a cooldown in pre-patch due to the vast majority of its power being locked behind leveling for Shadowlands, but you should still use it pretty much on cooldown. Just use it whenever there’s any damage.
  • Touch of Death
    • You will want to make sure you use this button as frequently as possible as it’s a lot of damage for very low effort. You will need to put this on your bars. Sadly it doesn’t contribute to our healing but the huge amount of damage still makes it worth to use.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue
    • This one is as annoying as having to open a 1GB text file with notepad due to the nature of having to reapply Soothing Mist to a target much more frequently to have similar uptime. In the long run during high raid damage you will just let it drop in favor of more effective AoE spells.
  • Mana Tea
    • Mana Tea taken off the GCD is a very minor change in the grand scheme of things performance-wise, but will allow you to be much more reactionary with your Mana Tea usage which makes it feel better to use.