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Hello and welcome to PeakOfSerenity’s in-depth Mistweaver Monk talents breakdown for Battle for Azeroth! In this guide supplement, you’ll find reasoning’s behind the choices used in the Mistweaver Monk Battle for Azeroth Guide.

This guide has been updated for 8.3 and is updated regularly when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing gives new information.


Level 15 Talents

  • Mist Wrap – Increases the duration of Enveloping Mist by 1 second and increases its healing bonus by 10%.
  • Chi Wave – A spell that alternates healing an ally and damaging an enemy in range, up to 8 events total.
  • Chi Burst – A spell that sends a projectile 40 yards in front of you, healing any ally and damaging any enemy in its area.

Analysis: Whenever you’re casting Enveloping Mist with any sort of frequency, Mist Wrap is your go to talent of choice. The additional second to its duration increases its overall output by 16.67%, while the boost to its healing increase can vary so much. If you’re not casting Enveloping Mist all that often, Chi Burst is more useful. Chi Burst applies Mystic Touch to any enemy it makes contact with, as well as providing some fairly substantial group healing. Chi Wave is both too weak of a heal and too random in its distribution of damage and healing to be reliable in either case.

Level 30 Talents

  • Celerity – Improves the base functionality of Roll by giving it a third charge and decreasing its cooldown by 5 seconds.
  • Chi Torpedo – Replaces Roll, this spell sends you farther and also grants a stacking movement speed buff.
  • Tiger’s Lust – An ability you can cast on a friendly target, breaking them of any roots or snares while also increasing their movement speed for a few seconds.

Analysis: While this talent tier is largely subjective, Tiger’s Lust giving a free snare/root break, while also allowing you to cast it on slower group members puts it above the rest in terms of utility added. If that isn’t necessary for a given boss fight in raids or in the dungeon, Celerity offers more frequent bursts of movement through Roll, whereas Chi Torpedo greatly increases your sustained movement capabilities by staggering out your casts in order to maximize your time spent with its movement speed buff.

Level 45 Talents

Analysis: In a raid, Mana Tea will be your default talent choice. It offers the ability to efficient get out healing through the use of spamming Vivify for the duration of the buff, and ending the Mana Tea buff with an Essence Font cast right before it ends. (The full mana cost for Essence Font is deducted at the start of the cast)

Much like Mist Wrap, Lifecycles should only be considered if you’re casting Enveloping Mist with any sort of frequency. This will be your default dungeon choice, with Mana Tea being used only on long M+ boss fights during Tyrannical weeks.

If the damage patterns of a fight are such that there is downtime between burst windows, Spirit of the Crane can be used to regain mana during those downtime periods. As of Ny’alotha however there haven’t been any fights that particularly favor this talent.

Level 60 Talents

  • Tiger Tail Sweep – Increases the radius Leg Sweep stuns by 2 yards and reduces its cooldown by 10 seconds.
  • Song of Chi-Ji – A cloud of mist travels out from you, disorienting any enemy it contacts for 20 seconds.
  • Ring of Peace – Place a ring at the targeted area, preventing enemies from entering it. Any enemy within it when its placed are immediately pushed away.

Analysis: With Leg Sweep becoming a baseline ability in Battle for Azeroth, its talent replacement, Tiger Tail Sweep, is pretty commendable at making it just a better cooldown. However, the combination of Ring of Peace and Leg Sweep is incredibly powerful for PvE. Having a ranged group interrupt, an area of denial, or simply a repositioning tool is incredibly useful without losing out on a group stun. Song of Chi-Ji will likely see no use in PvE, except in extremely niche cases. Its disorient is very limiting in its application. Sure it could buy some time in a dungeon, but that requires a full stop on damage in order to keep the mobs CC’d, and that takes away time in a Mythic+.

Level 75 Talents

  • Healing Elixir – Heal for 15% of your health immediately. 2 Charges.
  • Diffuse Magic – Reduces all magic you take by 60% for 6 seconds. It has the possibility to transfer harmful magical effects back to their caster, but that is largely an effect for PvP.
  • Dampen Harm – Reduces incoming damage anywhere from 20% to 50%, based on the strength of the incoming damage, for 10 seconds.

Analysis: Preventing as much damage as possible is much more worthwhile than reacting to it, as there’s a possibility you could die before you press Healing Elixir, whether from hitting the button too late in between pulses of damage, or just not being able to survive through an initial hit. This makes Diffuse Magic and Dampen Harm the go to talents of this tier if you can predict damage, which you will be able to after seeing damage patterns. If you’re in a situation where either you don’t know what damage to expect, or there’s just not a whole lot of Magic damage, Dampen Harm would be your talent of choice. If a majority of unavoidable damage is Magic-based in a given scenario, then Diffuse Magic is leaps better. A higher percent of damage reduction, as well as lower cooldown is quite powerful.

Level 90 Talents

  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue – You summon a Jade Serpent Statue at the target location, where it will remain for 15 minutes. When you cast Soothing Mist, it will cast its own Soothing Mist on the same target for 30 seconds (before Haste). This cast persists even if you stop casting your Soothing Mist. It will only end when either it heals 30 times, the target moves out of its range, or you cast Soothing Mist on another target.
  • Refreshing Jade Wind – You heal up to 6 injured targets within 10 yards over 9 seconds. Cooldown and duration reduced by Haste to increase rate of its healing, but not its total throughput per cast of the spell.
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane – Summon a pet that persists for 25 seconds. While he remains active, he will heal 3 targets every 1.5 seconds, reduced by Haste.

Analysis: Summon Jade Serpent Statue is great whenever you’re expecting a single target to be taking persistent damage, whether they’re a tank or a target taking a dangerous DoT effect. This will generally be your default choice for most raid and dungeon fights. Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane is a great cooldown for when you’re experiencing prolonged moments of group damage, as a way to help stabilize the group while you triage, particularly in dungeons. Refreshing Jade Wind is in a bit of a weird spot. First of all, you won’t be getting full effectiveness out of it in a dungeon group because there just simply is never enough targets within range to make it worthwhile to cast over other, more effective spells. The most well defined niche this has is constant group damage while your raid group can be stacked.

Level 100 Talents

Analysis: Focused Thunder is amazing in dungeons. Using Thunder Focus Tea to empower your next two Renewing Mists, which can be pooled specifically for this cooldown, allows you to maintain a high amount of coverage for powerful, effective Vivify healing on the group.

Upwelling allows Essence Font to become stronger when not case on cooldown. It allows you to gain efficiency on the spell while waiting for raid damage to occur. The extended duration on its HoT effect allows for bursting single targets up over a longer period of time. This could see some use under very specific Mythic+ conditions, but the consistent healing that Focused Thunder is able to provide in the same situation is usually too good to pass up.

Finally, Rising Mist has been buffed in8.3 and is now a viable choice in both raids and dungeons. In a raid, it brings efficient healing on a majority of the raid if used to ramp up the number of Renewing Mist’s on the raid, and then spamming extremely efficient Vivify’s. Using Thunder Focus Tea on Rising Sun Kick becomes a healing increase with Rising Mist, as opposed to using it purely as a damage increase. The talent itself is interesting, and provides a second build for those of us that enjoy a more melee and damage focused healing playstyle.


  • 08 July 2018 – Created.
  • 11 December 2018 – Updated patch number as all info is still up to date.
  • 21 February 2019 – Updated with new talent information based on the current thinking.
  • 16 January 2020 – Updated for patch 8.3

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