Atal’Dazar the Windwalker Way



The talents I recommend for Atal’Dazar are:
Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45:  Fist of the White Tiger
Level 60: Ring of Peace
Level 75: Dampen Harm
Level 90: Hit Combo
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
The corrupted gold balls have to be dodged as they lower your damage dealt.
-During the boss’ transfusion cast you need to soak a pool of blood which will cause her to take damage instead of healing.
-The boss should be tanked near the altar as the spirit of gold adds spawn there, this allows the dps to cleave them down and deal with them efficiently

Monk Specific Tips

You can use her Transfusion cast to soak your karma.
-Focus on spirit of gold cleaving off of that onto the boss, delaying FoF / WDP for it will be a dps increase if the tank positions the boss close to the adds.
-Can place transcendence near a blood pool or just roll to soak it quickly, and give Tiger’s Lust to low mobility group members.
Spirit of Gold can be CC’d with Paralysis allowing you bypass this mechanic.

General Boss Tactics
-The reanimation totems have to be killed at the same time otherwise they will cast reanimate and heal back to full health.
Noxious Stench must always be kicked so keep that in mind.
-Watch out for Toxic Leap and try and dodge it every time.

Monk Specific Tips
-You should save SEF / ToD / Xuen for after the totems are killed, as the boss needs to be burnt down quickly.
-Save a charge of roll for dodging Toxic Leap.
-You can use the Toxic Pools to full soak your karma shield and deal maximum damage.

General Boss Tactics
-Try to avoid the bone piles as they spawn raptors and slow you.
-Kite away from the boss during his pursuit cast as it deals a lot of damage and cc’s you if he catches you.
-Make sure to line of sight the terrifying visage cast as it fears you for 6 seconds.
-Try to position to the side of the boss as he tail swipes targets behind him.

Monk Specific Tips
You can help other group members with Tiger’s Lust during pursuit, either to dispel the slow if they accidentally run into a pool or to get away if they’re close to the boss when the cast is about to come in.
Use transcendence to also help you get behind pillars/walls quickly for his terrifying visage.
-You can taunt away a small raptor to take some melee hits and absorb your karma shield.

General Boss Tactics
-The boss will spawn small spider images (Echoes of Shadra) that have to be dodged as they explode for good damage
-Yazma’s wracking pain cast should be interrupted whenever you can.
-Her main ability, Soulrend, will damage players and cause Soulspawn adds to spawn. These have to be focused down as you will almost certainly wipe if multiple of these reach the boss.

Monk Specific Tips
-You can soak a small spider explosion to full absorb your karma shield to maximize damage.
-The adds are able to be slowed with FSK and stunned with Leg Sweep to give you more time to kill them.
-Saving FoF / WDP for the adds can also be a good idea to kill them quickly but be mindful of your group’s health as they reflect some damage back to the player they spawned from.
-Placing transcendence close to the boss to jump back after dealing with the adds will help you maximize your uptime on Yazma.

Trash Tips


Important casts to kick:

-Daz’ari Confesser – kick Mending Word
-Daz’ari Confesser – Bwonsamdi’s mantle (Mantle should be priority as it makes them uninterruptible.)
-Daz’ari Augur – kick Fiery Enchant
-Daz’ari Juggernaut -kick Fanatic Rage
-Feasting Skyscreamer – kick Terrifying Screech
-Dinomancer Kisho – kick Dino Might
-Zanchuli Witch Doctor – kick Unstable Hex

Notable situations to stun:

-Using leg sweep to stop Toxic Saurids from jumping around a lot with Leaping Thrash
-There are quite a few times when multiple mobs will cast at once and you can use Leg Sweep to interrupt them all.
-You should utilize your stun to CC adds on Priestess Alun’za, Yazma and Rezan.