Freehold the Windwalker Way



Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45: Energizing Elixir
Level 60: Good Karma or Ring of Peace (RoP can be useful in higher M+ keys where tanks need to kite)
Level 75: Dampen Harm
Level 90: Rushing Jade Wind
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-Watch out for Charrrrrge as it’ll do a bunch of damage and knock you back.
-Once Sharkbait is in the air watch out for Vile Bombardment pools on the ground, it’ll do damage and slow you.
-Be sure to interrupt Kragg when he casts Revitalizing Brew channel as it heals him for a percentage of his maximum health every 1 sec.
-You can use the Revitalizing Brews that were interrupted to heal yourself.
-On Heroic Difficulty and above, Keep your eye out for Sharkbait‘s Dive Bomb as Sharkbait will now come down periodically and face a direction then shortly after charge across the arena dealing damage and knocking back players in the way.
Monk Specific Tips
-You can soak Vile Bombardment pools to maximize Touch of Karma damage.
-You should consider keeping a Transcendence spirit down if you are worried about being knocked back by Charrrrrge or Dive Bomb.
-If you have quick reactions you could also use your Transcendence spirit to avoid Kragg‘s Azerite Powder Shot. By placing your spirit on one side of Kragg and standing on the other you could react with a teleport when the ability is cast and avoid the damage.

Council o’ Captains consists of 3 bosses with one of the bosses rotating each week. Depending on the week you have to complete a different task to get one of the captains to join you in the boss fight. If you don’t all three bosses will gain the Under One Banner buff which increases the bosses damage and health by 100%.

General Boss Tips
-Focus the Blackout Barrel that Captain Raoul will cast on a random player.
-Watch out for Raoul‘s Barrel Smash as it will knock you back and deal damage.
-If Raoul is allied with the party, make sure to stand near his Tapped Keg that he puts down to gain 15% damage.
Captain Eudora should be your primary focus if she is one of the two bosses that week. She will frequently cast Powder Shot which does a sizable amount of damage to a random player.
-Occasionally Eudora will leap far away from her current location and cast Grapeshot which is a series of shots across a cone in front of her. She will cast them in a set order (from her left to her right), make sure to move behind her or at the very least stand in one place as to not take extra hits from it.
-Make sure to move away from the circle that Captain Jolly‘s Cutting Surge spawns.
-Stay away from Whirlpool of Blades and watch out as it slowly makes it way back towards  Jolly.
-On Heroic difficulty and above, the bartender  Rummy Mancomb will throw beverages to the location of a random captain, these will buff the captain or player if they stand within the circle.
-Make sure to focus Rummy to know which brew he is casting, he throws 3 different brews.
Confidence-Boosting Freehold Brew will increase your critical strike chance by 50% for 8 seconds.
Invigoration Freehold Brew will increase haste by 30% for 8 seconds.
Caustic Freehold Brew deals ticking nature damage over 8 seconds.

Monk Specific Tips
-Placing Transcendence on the opposite of the room you are fighting the bosses can help you catch Eudora when she leaps for Grapeshot.
-Consider purposefully soaking Grapeshot to fully absorb your Touch of Karma shield.
-You can dispel Blackout Barrel with Tiger’s Lust

Ring of Booty consists of three phases with three different encounters.

General Boss Tactics
-Spam click in the middle (marked by bones) as Lightning, a greased up pig is about to come down as it will guarantee you to interact with him immediately once he lands.
-Avoid Ludwig‘s Shell Bounce shells and be careful not to next to walls as the shells will bounce immediately.
-Move away from Trothak when he casts Shark Tornado.
-If a shark is fixated on you, drag them through Throw Chum to slow them down.
-Don’t be between Trothak and a shark when he casts Rearm.

Monk Specific Tips
-Stand in Shark Tornado to fully absorb your Touch of Karma quickly.
-Placing Transcendence outside of melee allows you quickly get away from a shark in case one gets into melee.

General Boss Tactics
-Try to stack your Cannon Barrage as close to each other as possible.
-Watch out where Harlan is facing when he casts Swiftwind Saber as it will knock you back.
-Don’t stand in Fiery Debris as it will deal moderate damage.

Monk Specific Tips
-You can Paralysis the Irontide Grenadiers that spawn, make sure they start casting Black Powder Bomb first!
-Placing a transcendence next to the boss will give you a safety net in case you get knocked back by Swiftwind Saber.
-You can stand in Fiery Debris to fully absorb your Touch of Karma shield.
-Make sure that your Touch of Karma and Touch of Death are off cooldown in time when Harlan casts Loaded Dice: Man-O-War at 30% as Harlan takes 100% increased damage during that phase.

Trash Tips

Notable Abilities to Avoid in Freehold

Irontide Enforcers’ Brutal Backhand
Irontide Mastiffs’ Crippling Bite will hit a player in melee if the tank has to kite.
Irontide Crackshots’ Azerite Grenade
Cutwater Duelists’ Duelist Dash will stun everything in a line to where he is running indicated by the circle on the ground.
Irontide Oarsmans’ Sea Spout
Vermin Trappers’ Rat Traps will throw a trap at the current location of every party member. The radius of the traps is large and should be avoided if possible.
Irontide Crushers’ Boulder Throw and Ground Shatter
Irontide Buccaneers’ Blade Barrage

Notable Abilities to dispel with Detox

Irontide Corsair‘s Poisoning Strike
Irontide Bonesaw‘s Filthy Blade
Bilge Rat Padfoot‘s Plague Step