King’s Rest the Windwalker Way



Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45: Fist of the White Tiger
Level 60: Ring of Peace
Level 75: Dampen Harm
Level 90: Hit Combo or Invoke Xuen
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-Make sure to drop the Spit Gold debuff far away from the boss
-Kill/CC the Animated Gold adds that spawn from Molten Gold
-Make sure none of the Animated Gold adds reach the boss or he will gain the Luster buff
-Move away from the boss when he casts Serpentine Gust

Monk Specific Tips
Ring of Peace/Flying Serpent Kick‘s slow can be useful for keeping the Animated Gold adds away from the boss
Transcendence is useful for boss uptime if you have to move out to drop your Spit Gold debuff or moving back in on the boss after a Serpentine Gust

General Boss Tactics
-Watch for where he places his Burn Corruption and move away immediately
-Look for the wiggling crypt after he casts Entombs on a player
-If you are the player that gets Entombed be sure to spam the Struggle ability which will cause the crypt to wiggle

Monk Specific Tactics
-A good time to use Touch of Karma would be if he targets you with Drain Fluids, alternatively you could stand in Burn Corruption to fully absorb the shield
-Leave a transcendence on one side of the room for easy access to free the player who is Entombed

General Boss Tactics
-Stand between Aka’ali and her primary target for Barrel Through to reduce the damage it does
-Move out of Kula‘s Whirling Axes and then back in after she casts as the blades will continue to rotate in a circular motion outward.
-Make sure to keep Zanazal interrupted but make sure to have an interrupt available for Poison Nova
-When Zanazal casts Call of the Elements the kill order for the totems is as follows
Explosive Totem
Thundering Totem
Torrent Totem
Earthwall Totem

Monk Specific Tips
-Taunt off the boss and activate Touch of Karma when Akaali casts Debilitating Backhand so that the tank doesn’t have to kite the boss around (this is risky and requires coordination with your tank. I would recommend saving your defensives for if you get targeted by Severing Axe)
Transcendence can very useful for reaching the totems spawned from Call of the Elements quickly or for getting back to the boss safer and more quickly when Kula casts Whirling Axes

General Boss Tactics
-Move away from the group if Dazar casts Quaking Leap on you
-Avoid the tornadoes spawned by Gale Slash
-Cleave the raptors that are spawned by Dazar when he reaches 80% and 60% health such that both raptors aren’t alive at the same time
-Avoid Reban‘s Hunting Leap frontal cone
-Watch out for the Impaling Spear mechanic when Dazar reaches 40% health

Monk Specific Tips
-You can use Flying Serpent Kick to mitigate the damage down by Quaking Leap, if you start casting it right as the Quaking Leap cast finishes
-You can place a Transcendence down and wait for the Impaling Spears to pass your Transcendence Spirit and then teleport to avoid them
-You can place a Transcendence down when targeted by Quaking Leap and run out and teleport back as the boss leaps to you to avoid the damage

Trash Tips