Temple of Sethraliss the Windwalker Way



Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-Avoid attacking the boss that currently has the Lightning Shield Buff
-Move away from Party members with Conduction
-Watch out for Cyclone Strike and move behind Adderis
-Move away from A Peal of Thunder

Monk Specific Tips
-Have a defensive ready (Touch of Karma or Diffuse Magic/Dampen Harm) for Static Shock

General Boss Tactics
-Move away from where Merektha is currently facing when she is casting Noxious Breath
-Keep moving until after the second volley of Noxious Breath as she will cast Knot of Snakes right afterwards
-Turn away from Merektha when she casts Blinding Sand
-Kill Knot of Snakes on party members

Monk Specific Tips
Detox your tank when they receive high stacks of Cytotoxin from Snake Adds
-You can paralysis and Leg sweep the Knot of Snakes off players

General Boss Tactics
-Stand in the line that Energy Cores are beaming towards Galvazzt to prevent him from gaining Energy
-Move out of the line if you gain too many stacks of Galvanize

Monk Specific Tips
-Use Touch of Karma to soak high amounts of stacks of Galvanize

General Boss Tactics
-Prioritize killing Heart Guardians and Plague Doctors
-Avoid Cardiac Shock circles on the ground as they deal high damage
-Interrupt Plague Doctors’ Chain Lightning and Snake Charm

Monk Specific Tips
-You can Detox the Plague debuff that the Toads apply, prioritize Detoxing your healer as the debuff reduces healing done
-Help your healer during the heal phases by spamming Vivify on the boss.
Toads can be Crowd controlled (Leg Sweep, Paralyze, Flying Serpent Kick slow, Disable)

Trash Tips

Notable Abilities to Avoid in Temple of Sethraliss

Sandswept Marksmans’ Power Shot
-Stand away from your tank when Shrouded Fang has Blade Flurry active
Scaled Krolusk Riders’ Noxious Breath
Mature Krolusks Scouring Sand
Crazed Incubators Lightning in a bottle
-Move away from Crazed Incubator if they are about to cast Phyrric Blast
Loose Sparks during the bridges after the 2nd and 3rd boss