Underrot the Windwalker way



The talents I recommend for the Underrot are:
Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45: Fist of the White Tiger
Level 60: Ring of Peace
Level 75: Diffuse Magic or  Dampen Harm on higher keys for Tantrum
Level 90:Hit Combo or Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-Sanguine Feast will cause the boss / effigy to teleport to a player and cast a large burst of damage in an area around the player.
-Elder Leaxa’s Blood Mirror casts will spawn a Blood Effigy, these will replicate Blood Bolt and Sanguine Feast casts. They should be focused down as getting too many Sanguine Feast casts can be very dangerous, the tank should also aim to stack the boss onto any Effigys allowing for cleave damage onto Leaxa.
-When the boss casts Creeping Rot she will face a player and launch a ball in that direction, you should just move out of the way of that player before the cast finishes.
Blood Bolt is spam cast at the tank and should be interrupted whenever possible.

Monk Specific Tips
FoF / WDP can be delayed for any adds spawns to cleave onto the boss, and on casts where multiple adds will spawn SEF can be used for very high damage.
-Setting up a transcendence or just using roll / fsk / tiger’s lust to move out of Sanguine Feast casts can help you to take as little damage as possible.

General Boss Tactics
-Whenever Cragmaw casts an ability Blood Tick Larvae will be scattered around the ground, you have to walk over these to crush them and prevent them from turning into Blood Ticks.
-The boss casts Indigestion, a frontal cleave attack so try to position behind him at all times.
-He will charge at a random player after a short cast time, you should move out of the line of the charge and be ready to move back in and stomp the Larvae.
-After reaching max energy he will cast trample moving rapidly around the encounter area, he will spawn a lot of Larvae that are quite spread out so you shouldn’t be able to stomp them all. Be ready to kill any that spawn but be mindful of group health as they deal AoE damage when they die.

Monk Specific Tips
-Use your mobility to its maximum to clear as many larvae as possible, placing transcendence far away from where the boss will be tanked to cover the far spawns during tantrum. As well as Tiger’s LustFSK and Roll.
-Delaying FoF / WDP for slightly after Tantrum to cleave down any Blood Ticks that spawn will increase your damage. You have to decide this for yourself though, if you’re confident in crushing almost every Larvae then you should continue to use them on cooldown.
-You can also stun any ticks that spawn with leg sweep to minimize serrated fang stacks on your tank.

General Boss Tactics
-The main mechanic of the fight is the spore pods that are scattered throughout the boss area, they will be removed whenever they’re hit by another of the boss’s abilities or when they are soaked by a player, if a player soaks them a stack of Decaying Spores will be added.
-When the boss reaches 100 energy he will cast Festering Harvest which detonates every spore pod adding a stack of Decaying Spores to everyone per spore pod unsoaked so it’s important that the majority of them are destroyed by his other abilities. If there are some left over they should be soaked by a player to avoid having the dot be on everybody in your group.
-Zancha will target players with upheaval causing damage in an area after a short time, you should aim to place these near any spore pods if possible.
-Periodically larger Volatile Pods will spawn that detonate, releasing spores outwards that deal a burst of damage and add a stack of Decaying Spores to anybody that is hit by them. These should just be dodged and it is fairly similar to the Shatter Spears mechanic from Odyn in Halls of Valor.
-This boss also has a frontal cleave attack so it is recommended to stand behind the boss as much as possible

Monk Specific Tips
-You can place your transcendence near a large clump of pods so that you can quickly jump to it if you’re targeted, also giving your group members Tiger’s Lust to help them position quickly can be helpful.

General Boss Tactics
-This boss doesn’t take damage from actually being hit, instead you have to kill the Blood Visages that he spawns every time he reaches 100% energy. 6 of them have to be killed for the boss to die as each one killed will deal 17% of the boss’ max HP.
Vile Expulsion will target a random player and spew pools of corruption towards them in a cone, you should position towards the outer wall or other pools to maximize the space you’re given.
-Eventually these pools will form into adds that fixate on a player and move towards them, when they collide with a player they deal very heavy damage and fall back into being a pool. They also go back into being a pool when they’re killed and ranged players should focus them down, most melee specs can help however as they have very little health so cleave abilities / weak ranged abilities should be able to kill them.
-Finally, the boss applies a dot to every player periodically (Putrid Blood) which can be dispelled by the healer. However the titan keeper ally you have will place a Cleansing Light zone on the ground that dispels everybody inside and you should look to get into this whenever you can to help your healer out.

Monk Specific Tips
-You can use Diffuse Magic to reflect the Putrid Blood dot back onto the boss.
-You can use CJL / CB / FoF / WDP to hit the adds that form from pools from range to help your ranged players out.

Trash Tips

Important casts to kick:
-Devout Blood Priest – Gift of G’huun (makes one mob deal double damage and be unable to be killed, however this can be purged so is less important than Dark Reconstitution)
-Devout Blood Priest – Dark Reconstitution (heals a low health mob and should be highest priority here)
-Befouled Spirits – Harrowing Despair (large AoE damage, can combo you easily)
-Elder Leaxa – Blood Bolt
-Living Rot – Wave of Decay
-Diseased Lasher – Decaying Mind (should be kicked over absolutely everything else)
-Reanimated Guardian – Bone Shield
-Fallen Deathspeaker – Raise Dead (spawns extra trash for you to deal with and should be kicked as priority)
-Fallen Deathspeaker – Wicked Frenzy (makes the mob deal double damage but can be dispelled)
-Grotesque Horror – Death Bolt (chain casts until kicked dealing high damage)
-Deathsworn Defiler – Withering Curse (channel that reduces damage dealt and increases damage taken)
-Deathsworn Defiler – Shadow Bolt Volley (deals high damage to all party members)

Notable situations to stun:
-There are a lot of deadly casts that have to be kicked in this dungeon, using your stun to pick up any casts you would otherwise miss is very important.
-The underrot ticks at the start of the run should be stunned before the tank gets too many stacks of Blood Maw.
-The fetid bloodswarmers shortly after Elder Leaxa fixate random players with Thirst for Blood, to be able to dps them freely I recommend you group up so they all run to you and then stun them and AoE them down.
Mobs/Casts to paralyze:
-Similarly to your stun you can use Paralysis to pick up any of the interrupts that would otherwise go through, and there are a lot of very dangerous ones in The Underrot.