Antorus/Argus interview with Justwait

Justwait plays tank in Method, and just got world first Mythic Argus kill, one day after the first mythic reset.

Their Kill Video on Twitch includes Justwaits POV, with him being the only raidmember alive at one point during the fight.


First of all, congratulations on world first Mythic Argus! Now that the race is over and you can relax and look back, what do you think of Antorus as a raid, compared to Tomb of Sargeras?

Thanks! Antorus has some great encounters in there, although it feels like the fight lengths are a bit on the long side. This will be reduced a lot over time since we’ll be farming this for quite some time and there is still a lot of room for gear to increase the overall raid dps for everyone. Compared to Tomb of Sargeras I think it’s a raid which is more fun, and a lot easier mechanically with only Aggramar as a mechanical fight which I already despise having to do without any Death Knights.

As most tank players in top guilds, you play and maintain several tank characters. Which spec, if any, do you consider your “main”?

I’ve maintained all classes and mained Monk and Druid throughout the expansion. My monk will always be my “real” main, as that is what I’ve been playing ever since they were released with MoP. I did consider playing Demon Hunter as main during the beta of Legion, but they were lacking certain things for high-end raiding that I couldn’t afford to play one.

World first mythic race is something that is a world away from most wow players. Do you do any special preparations prior to the WF race? How does a day typically look like for you during the first WF week?

As I’ve been doing this ever since Ulduar in WotLK, I’m quite used to the lifestyle of WF raiding and nothing feels as if it’s ‘special’ preparations prior to a WF race. It’s mostly about making sure there are no events coming up that you would have to miss the raids for, letting my friends know I will be busy for a week or 2 and working on anything that has to be finished during that time ahead of schedule so you don’t have to take a break to finish anything.
In terms of character preparation, it’s just a matter of keeping up with all of them (6 in my case) by doing your world quests and weekly raids. Getting 75 traits wasn’t hard this time around, so I had it on 2 of my characters. If I remember correctly, I had done the same before ToS and Nighthold where I had 2 tanks ready at the max AP for those tiers.

What do you think about guilds streaming mythic progress, do you think Method would ever consider streaming their progress raids?

While I enjoy watching it myself from time to time, I don’t see it working out well while there is a competitive look on the world first race. Method might consider it, but as long as there is competition that could beat us there won’t be streams. Both in terms of secrecy but also to keep it fair to anyone spending time progressing. If streamers were to benefit from progress and there will be certain individuals not receiving the same, it would just create an unfair environment that likely brings bad feelings with it. It would take more than just “we will stream” to make something like this happen and have it be fair for everyone involved.

When Antorus was still in PTR, there was some worry that it would be a magic heavy raid, and that Brewmasters would not perform that well. You brought your monk for 8 out of 11 bosses on Mythic, among them Argus himself. How would you sum up Brewmasters in Antorus? Strengths and weaknesses?

As you mentioned, magical heavy raids aren’t the favorite for brewmasters but can still be dealt with quite well by using Mystic Vitality. The only problem with brewmasters is when there are healing reduction debuffs involved, and that fight was Varimathras. That’s why I didn’t play the monk on that fight and instead logged onto my Death Knight. I just stayed on the Death Knight for a mass grip on Coven to make the Army handling easier and of course to handle the elementals easier on Aggramar. Tanking these bosses can still be done by a Monk, the one requiring the most attention being Varimathras while the other two should be doable without any issue.

Exorsus just got world second, and actually used two Monk tanks on the kill, both very defensively geared. showed you with shoulders and chest equipped on your kill, mainly offensive legendaries. Could you tell us a bit about the reasoning behind this? Do you think your role was different because you were tanking with a Druid cotank?

I didn’t have shoulders and chest equipped for the kill, that is just what I use outside raiding and so got picked up by the armory scans. I used Gai Plin and Soul of the Grandmaster for Argus, Soul of the Grandmaster helped with having both Dampen Harm and Mystic Vitality available to me, although it can be played without Dampen Harm, I feel like Mystic Vitality was a requirement on that fight due to the Bomb soaking damage and Orbs in the last stage dealing a considerable amount of damage. Gai Plin provided a lot of healing right after scythes by purifying the damage, and any direct damage taken would’ve been healed up straight away after doing so.

Gear used for Argus

Was going double BrM for Argus ever a consideration for you?

We considered double BrM after 2~3 days of progression and seeing the berserk, but as we had already seen all of the fight we didn’t feel like it was needed to change and we kept the Guardian in to provide us with a Roar when needed. While BrM is definitely the stronger tank to stay alive easier and longer, the fight isn’t impossible without it

You wore T20 for most of your Mythic kills, why is that? What do you think about the current Brewmaster T21?

T20 just provides too much healing and stagger reduction to be dropped easily. Even without any high procced pieces (like in my case, 935-940 only) it’s still worth it because of the stability it provides. The current monk T21 is more of an end-game set where when you reach closer to high item levels of gear you can survive without the T20 set easier and you can change the gear to increase your damage done instead. T21 will also be great for mythic+ and it will see its use, just not for early progression right now, and could have been slightly better.

Bleeding edge progress raiding might have other considerations behind gearing than the regular Mythic player, who will have a much higher item level going into endgame Antorus Mythic. What is your gearing philosophy on your Monk? Any preferences for stats, do you go by the ilvl=king principle to maximise your HP?

It really depends on the situation, but most of the time ilevel is king, with exceptions of the tier set pieces and Jewelry. For Jewelry I try to avoid haste, as the item level gain by using an haste item would most of the time only benefit you with more stamina, but that’s not too important when you are staggering most of the damage anyways. Our EHP is bigger than most already because of that on big hits.

Did you play High Tolerance for all your kills in Mythic, or was there any fight that allowed you to go more offensive?

I actually only played HT on Imonar and Argus if I remember correctly. Imonar I was the one clearing the bridge and so was taking quite a beating, and on argus HT helps a lot with surviving the scythes combined with Gai Plin. I’m pretty sure both can be done without HT as well once gear starts to grow in the next weeks.

Your Fu’zan’s item level is a whopping 997. What are you looking for in relics for Mythic progress, are you looking mainly for item level, or traits? And does this change once progress is done? What does your “dream relic” look like?

At first I was looking for mainly relics with Face Palm as 3rd option, and the 970 relic I have actually has this. A few days into Argus progression however I changed 2 of my relics out to pickup 2x avoidance traits in tier 2. Avoidance works for the Scythes, and as I wasn’t running Blackout Combo the loss of Tiger Palm on those 2 relics felt like a worthy sacrifice to gain a whopping 1000 Avoidance rating and placing me at the 20% avoidance cap for every Scythe. Not only that, most of all other damage in the fight is AoE and thus all reduced by 20%.
Now that progress is done, I’ll most likely look to replace them again once I can pickup some good ilevel relics with damage increasing traits.

Playing and maintaining several classes at once every raiding tier, do you keep yourself updated on the theorycrafting on all the different specs, or do you mostly test and tweak your own builds?

I only lookup things for classes once every few weeks, to see if anything changed. Normally builds don’t really change between patch cycles so it’s easy to keep up. And we’ve been lucky enough to not see many tank changes over the course of the expansion, and it was just a matter of “what tier bonuses do x and y prefer and why”.

We are nearing the end of this expansion. Looking back, what was your favorite raid in Legion, and mythic first race?

Nighthold was my favorite raid of this expansion. Gul’dan had had the best Mythic only stage, and the fights were challenging enough to last a good amount of time, unlike ToS and Antorus (too long, too short).
Helya was my favorite fight of the expansion, it was a nice filler raid between 2 bigger raids.

What do you think about tank balance in Legion? Scos famous “tank ranking” has been a bit of a roller coaster, perhaps except for druid generally always being good.

While at the start of the expansion there were some clear winners (Warrior, Druid) over time this gap has been closed so much, that right now everything is viable for the average mythic raider. While yes, there will always be a ‘best’ tank depending on the fights and FotM endboss, I believe it’s all in a good spot and it will be hard to get back to the same tank balance next expansion.

Lastly, do you have any tips or advice for less experienced BrM players?

Don’t get demotivated if you’re dropping too much. As you get better you will start to feel how strong BrM really is, and surviving a lot of crazy things that other tanks cannot do without heavy cooldown usages will make you feel powerful!