Brewmasters in 7.2.5 – Changes and Tomb of Sargeras

by | Jun 16, 2017

Brewmasters are going into Tomb of Sargeras with a lot of new, shiny stuff (and some.. not so shiny stuff). To sum it up in few words, BrM is taking a dip in general tankiness with the patch for anything but single target white hits, but this is made up by a very strong T20, and Brewmaster is looking like it will be a top tier raid tank for Tomb.

The biggest change you will notice right away is the cap to Ironskin Brew duration: It doesnt feel great, but with some Weak Auras and changing of habits, it is something most veteran Brewmasters will get used to fairly quickly.


Changes to Brewmaster in 7.2.5:




What to expect from these changes going into 7.2.5:


  • The fraction of stagger you can purify away will decrease by 3.5%.
  • If you have legendary chest, your total damage taken will increase by 4.3%, due to the Hot Blooded nerf (about 8% if you had 3 HB relics)
  • Your armor will increase by 8.6%, giving about a 1.2% decrease to physical damage taken.
  • You will generate significantly more mastery stacks, which will be most noticeable on single target, giving about a 15% (!!!) reduction to swing damage taken.
  • Your ability to choose when to purify will be restricted. This will only be noticeable on fights like Botanist, and you will take more damage from this kind of encounter, though exactly how much is difficult to say.
  • Rushing Jade Wind will now be the default DPS talent in the lvl 90 row.



The cumulative effect of this will be:


  • Physical damage taken from swings from a single target will decrease by 10%. Physical damage not from swings will be almost exactly the same as before.
  • Magic damage taken will increase by about 5%.
  • Purifying will be pretty much on rails, every 15-25 seconds, depending on your haste (more often when you have have short spurts of downtime, of course).

Thank you Rivers for doing the Math™.

New legendaries and changes to old:


Stormstouts Last Gasp: Our first pure DPS legendary. 25% increased Keg Smash damage is a nice bonus in itself; the charge system enables you to cut some Keg Smash cycles short by using the second charge before the first charge has fully recharged.

Soul of the Grandmaster: Allowing you to take Mystic Vitality and Dampen Harm at the same time can be situationally good, but you probably wont be wearing this as your default defensive legendary if you have several to choose from.

Sal’Salabims Lost Tunic: Since the duration of the Breath of Fire DoT has been doubled in the patch, Sal’Salabims is no longer needed for the uptime, and is no longer our go-to best legendary for everything. With Breath of Fire now giving Elusive Brawler stacks, it has a decent impact on white hit damage intake instead. But its just not the same.

Gai Plin’s Soothing Sash: A couple things affect the value of this trusty defensive legendary in 7.25. We will have less stagger to purify because of ISB nerfs and Quick Sip+T20 constantly trickling down our Stagger, as well as less casts of Purifying Brew. Gai Plin’s still does its job, but its impact is a bit less noticeable compared to previous patches.


Best Legendaries in 7.2.5


Jewel of the Lost Abbey will be our best general purpose defensive legendary. Already a very good defensive legendary, it has nice synergy with t20, allowing the set to purify more stagger by keeping stagger in the pool longer.

Other defensive legendaries are all situationally good, except boots, which are the weakest in the pack by far.

Sal’Salabims Lost Tunic will still be the best offensive legendary. Between shoulders and Archimondes Hatred Reborn it comes down to which pieces you are replacing in their respective gear slots, and the content you are doing; AHR is mostly good for single target, while shoulders are excellent for cleave/aoe too.

Tier set


Brewmaster T20 2P Bonus – Consuming a Brew has a 40% change to summon a Gift of the Ox Healing Sphere (nerfed in first 7.2.5 hotfix, from 100%)
Brewmaster T20 4P Bonus – When a Gift of the Ox Healing Sphere is consumed, your current Stagger amount is lowered by 5%.



This set is very good. Get 4p as early as you can, even if it includes using a Raid Finder piece or two to complete the set. If convincing your guild to prioritise a tank for Protector’s tokens proves problematic, go for normal tier tokens to get the set as soon as possible. The effect is more important than the item level, and Normal Tomb gear is ilvl 900 anyway. Let the Hunters and Warriors squabble for the Heroic tokens.


If you are not using legendary chest or shoulders, consider keeping 2p T19 to use with 4p T20. T19 2p bonus is a good DTPS and EHP bonus on its own, and it also has great synergy with t20, increasing the amount of damage that goes into your stagger pool to be purified by the Gotox orbs.






Feverish Carapace from Goroth: Taking damage has a chance to increase your Armor and cause you to reflect minor Fire damage when you are attacked. Lasts 10 sec. A poor man’s, unreliable version of Darkmoon Deck: Immortality. It gives a lot of amor when it procs, but suffers from having its defensive value tied into a fairly low uptime, random proc, when there are trinkets like dmd:i out there that always do something. When this trinket procs the second before your cotank taunts the boss for a tank swap, its not great value. Can be used in combination with dmd:i for fights where the vast majority of tank damage is heavy physical damage: It gives a fair amount of physical mitigation on average. Darkmoon deck will always be a stronger option on its own, even at much lower item level. NOTE: This is currently bugged for Brewmasters and has an extremely low uptime (in the 5% range) and is defensively next to useless until it is fixed.

Shifting Cosmic Sliver from Kil’jaeden: Taking damage has a chance to grant you Cunning of the Deceiver, stacking up to 10 times. Use: Expend your Cunning to reduce the cooldown of Fortifying Brew by 10 sec per stack. If Fortifying Brew is currently active, this instead extends its duration by 1 sec per stack. (20 Sec Cooldown). This effect can be very powerful if there is some mechanic on an interval that enables you to proactively plan ahead and use one extra Fort Brew for for the encounter. If there isn’t, or you generally use Fort Brew reactively as an “oh shit!”-button, it generally will not be very useful compared to general purpose trinkets. Very niche and needs to be considered on a fight to fight basis.

Recompiled Guardian Module from Maiden of Vigilance: Taking damage has a chance to heal you slightly over 6 sec. When this effect expires, you and up to 4 allies within 15 yds gain a small shield for 15 sec. If you want defensive or self healing trinkets for yourself there are much better options (consider that 1m dtps will not be uncommon in Tomb, making the effect on this trinket a drop in the ocean), and if you want to help out the party there are also better options – Perfectly Preserved Cake in particular. This falls between two chairs and does not look very useful. Too bad.

Reliquary of the Damned from Engine of Souls: A big shield on-use that gets even bigger with Celestial Fortune. Actually a pretty good on-use trinket if there are magic tankbuster mechanics you want to ensure you can survive. The stamina also bumps your EHP up for the same kind of mechanics.

Leviathan’s Hunger from Mistress Sassz’ine: Haste and and on-use that does strong damage over 8 seconds and heals you for 300% of the damage dealt on a 1 min 30 second cooldown. The healing done scales with crits on the DoT effect, and damage amplifying effects (of which Brewmaster has none). Haste not being the best stat, and the heal being over time and thus less useful as a defensive cooldown, it is probably not a top choice as a general defensive trinket for raid content, but can have some niche uses for encounters where you are left alone without healer and need something bring you above OD treshold. If you like to world PvP as Brewmaster, 70% slow for 8 seconds that also heals you for half your health pool sounds nasty.


Stat Priority in 7.2.5/Tomb


The patch changes have affected how we value secondary stats in various ways:

  • Crit gaining value through increased selfhealing via t20
  • Mastery gaining value through BoS+BoF giving stacks
  • Haste losing value through no longer affecting BoS cd, ISB duration cap, and Purifying Brews being less impactful
  • Versatility staying its same boring self.

Stat Priority will always be varying depending on encounter – our Mastery will for example always be worthless for Star Augur. But for a generic bossfight where majority of damage is coming from white swings, my initial priority would look like this:




Note on haste: You will generally get enough haste for your rotation and AM naturally through Fu’Zan, T20 and legendaries. If you feel really starved on brew, you can up your haste, but outside burst control its defensive value is lower than the other secondaries in 7.2.5.






Standard BoC+BoB


Blackout Combo remains the default lvl 100 talent for DPS. If you are using the regular 2 TP rotation, at 14% haste you will be working with a ~10 Energy deficit per cycle. This means you will run out of energy for KS after about 7 cycles, which is the reason BoB will remain the default for BoC.



HT+GotM “turtle build”


The ISB cap makes using BoB to its full potential awkward, especially when it comes to purifying effectively. Additionaly, casts of Purifying Brew are weaker than before. This has opened the way for Gift of the Mists actually being a viable option now. High Tolerance synergises well with this, increasing the amount of stagger in your pool to be purified, and providing Energy through Haste when taking damage. With this build you will be relying on Healing Orbs and T20 to do most of your purifying, and spend your brews mostly on keeping ISB up.


What has changed?


The most important changes to BoC rotation is that Blackout Strike now is on a 3 second cooldown not scaling with haste, and Rushing Jade Wind being the new default DPS talent in the lvl 90 row. Luckily these two changes fit together nicely: BoS having 3 second cooldown leaves an open global in each Keg Smash cycle at <14.3% haste, and RJW needs one free global each cycle to reach 100% uptime.

Note that you ideally are gcd locked at this point, and any haste over 14.3% is completely wasted from a DPS perspective. The reason for this haste cap is that Keg Smash has a 7 second cooldown at 14.3% haste. You want at least 10% haste to not energy starve.


Standard 2TP RJW rotation:


“2TP” being 2x Tiger Palm combos between each Keg Smash.


Lust Rotation:


Lust rotation is a bit awkward at start with the new non-scaling BoS cooldown, and we lost a bit of dps during lust here, being unable to just alternate bos+TP and KS. We now use BoF every 3rd cycle to keep the DoT up, and RJW as filler in the other cycles. Positive is that you will have Hot Blooded DR up during Lust without it being a DPS loss.


3TP FP low haste rotation:


You need at least 1 FP relic for this to be a DPS gain over the standard 2TP. This rotation can work at as little as 8% haste. Any haste over this isnt necessarily wasted; depending on Stave off RNG for BoB cooldown energy can be tight. Haste quickly loses value beyond 8% and reaches minimum value at 11%.


We are still working out the specific breakpoints between the different rotations, so this part will probably be updated regularly through the patch release.


Our relic priorities have not changed with the patch. Hot Blooded being reworked means it is much worse for chest users, but about as good as it always was for everyone else; 100% BoF DoT uptime is no longer reserved for owners of Sal’Salabim’s Lost Tunic, and it is still the best relic for flat Damage Reduction.

If you are planning on gearing around using Gift of the Mists in Tomb, Potent Kick will help a lot with keeping 100% ISB uptime.


Face Palm for DPS, ignore ilvl as long as it is 870+
Potent Kick for more brews and slightly longer ISB duration cap – ignore ilvl.
Hot Blooded for general DR% – ignore ilvl.


Note that only Hot Blooded actually drop in Tomb – you will mainly have to farm M+ for relics, as always.