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Mistweaver State in Beta

I’ve been pushing back writing this article for a while in hopes of Blizzard fixing some bugs, so we can have better insight into how things are supposed to work; and, seeing as Blizzard has yet to do so, this information just needs to be put out there. Since many...

Rising Mist Nerf

The day has finally come: RM’s numbers are too big to keep any longer, and Blizzard’s only solution is to hit it with the nerf bat. In order not to render the talent completely unusable, they gave it a healthy boost to the direct healing it does to targets with...

Shadowlands Alpha Preview: Mistweaver Impressions

Over the past few days, Blizzard has given us a handful of sneak peaks and changes to Mistweaver for Shadowlands. First, they gave us the new Covenant Abilities, followed up with a preview of class changes, and lastly, they opened up alpha testing, allowing Wowhead to...