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Mistweaver Ability Spotlight – Rising Mist

Mistweaver Ability Spotlight - Rising Mist Another entry in the Mistweaver Ability Spotlight, the series where we go in-depth and talk about using specific abilities that are unique to Mistweavers. Today we will be looking at Rising Mist and the best way to use this...

Mistweaver Changes: Battle for Azeroth 8.3 Build 32805

Our favorite time of the build cycle has come around again, class changes. This time it is something to be excited about as we have changes to Mistweaver and oh boy do we have a lot of changes. So lets get into what has all happened this time around. Changes...

Mistweaver Feedback Thread: Week 3

One final updated update before BlizzCon kicks off later this week. We have a few new posts I'd like to point out and some more discussion on existing items. If you want to jump in, you can head over to the Mistweaver specific site here, to add your own ideas and...