Analysing your healing logs

by | Mar 19, 2017

Poring over your logs can be a time-consuming – but necessary – business. If you want to improve your play, it’s helpful to be able to see whether you are making the most out of your spell choice and finding areas of improvement. Looking at logs as a pure indicator of healing per second (hps) isn’t overly valuable – there are so many reasons why your hps might be lower than you would like, such as too many healers, badly assigned cooldowns, or being assigned a special role in a fight, just as the portals on Hasabel. What *is* important is what spells you are using when, and how effective they are.

But let’s start at the beginning.

What’s a log?

When we speak about logs, we’re generally talking about the data recorded by Warcraft Logs over the course of a raid night. A log records pretty much all the combat events that happen in game for every player (and for bosses) and contain a huge amount of information. Picking through the information to find the stuff that’s relevant to you is the real challenge!

Most guilds have at least one person who logs fights and uploads them to the Warcraft Logs website, but you can easily log for yourself too. There’s an excellent guide on their own website of how to get started.

The basics

When you click on the link to your log for a specific raid night, you’ll be taken to a screen like this:

From here, you can pick whatever fight you’re interested on. It also shows wipes, so you don’t have to have killed a boss to be able to get some use out of a log for the fight. In fact, looking at logs on bosses you’re progressing can actually help you improve!

Once you’ve selected a fight, click on the ‘Healing’ item in the top menu:

You can then click on your name (or, if you want to be nosy, any of the other healers) to see a breakdown of your spells.

There’s a lot of information to process here, so we’ll get to a more efficient way of getting down to the nitty gritty of your healing shortly. But there are a few useful things you can see at a glance here.

Firstly, you can see your overheal. In general, you want to avoid overhealing too much or picking spells with a high percentage of overheal. Of course, your overheal will also depend on how many other healers you have, so don’t worry if it looks high. Instead, look at specific spells and see if there are spells that are overhealing much more than others. In this log, my Refreshing Jade Wind has quite high overheal. That’s the nature of the spell to some degree, but it might suggest I’m using it when people aren’t injured enough or there aren’t enough people within range. That’s something I will be more careful of next time. Likewise, Chi Burst generally has a high overheal – but this is a reminder to make sure I am using it at the right times and angling it towards the right cluster of people.

It can also be useful to see how many casts of certain spells you have done. If you are in a 10-minute long fight and have only cast Revival once, then there’s some improvement to be done there. Likewise, if you are in a high AOE dmg fight and only have a couple of Essence Font casts, then you should perhaps reevaluate how you approach the fight.

Getting more in-depth

Luckily for us, there’s a much easier way to analyse your logs! Say hello to

This website is a fantastic resource which allows you to paste in the code of your log (see screenshot below) and get personalised feedback on your performance. The website  (thanks to the hard work of Anomoly, who maintains the Mistweaver section) analyses your log for each fight and gives you the information in an extremely easy to understand manner.

Let’s go ahead and paste in the logs code from the log we used above

Once you’ve selected the relevant fight and your character, the first thing you’ll see is a neat summary of how you did on that particular fight.

That shows you at a glance what things you got right, and what things might need a bit more work. By clicking on the arrows, you can view specific details.

For example, if I look at the top heading and investigate further, I can see that the culprit here is my Renewing Mists casts. I dropped the ball a bit on that one. I’m not sure if I was in a pod for some of this fight, which might partly explain it, but clearly I need to be more aware and make sure I’m casting it on cooldown.

If you click on the suggestions tab at the top, you get a handy list of things to look out for next time.


Spend some time after raids running your logs through the Analyzer and finding out what are your weak points. I know my major weak point is using stuff on cooldown, so after evaluting my performance through the Analyzer, I made myself some annoying weak auras to prompt me when stuff was off cooldown.

Good luck!