Mistweaver – Melee Immunity


Mistweavers aren’t treated as a regular healer when it comes to encounter mechanics, ever since their inception in Mists of Pandaria, where being in melee range of the boss to generate Chi with Jab, maintain Tiger Power and Serpent’s Zeal, and heal through Eminence were core parts of the class. In Legion, Mistweavers have split from that style of healing, though echoes of it can still be found in Spirit of the Crane and Rising Thunder talents.

However, Legion Mistweaver’s output is still tied to its positioning in all the Player-Based AoE (PBAoE) spells in the class; Essence Font‘s limited range, Refreshing Jade Wind, Celestial Breath, The Mists of Sheilun, Sheilun’s Gift orb spawns for Whispers of Shaohao healing. Being in melee helps maximize all of this healing, and so Mistweavers are not targeted by some mechanics on some fights to prevent being punished for this.

Below is a list of all abilities per raid instance that will not affect Mistweavers.

Antorus, the Burning Throne

Imonar the Soulhunter



Tomb of Sargeras

Demonic Inquisition

Sisters of the Moon

The Desolate Host

Fallen Avatar

The Nighthold
Emerald Nightmare
Trial of Valor