Fatescribe Roh-Kalo | Brewmaster Guide

by Aug 28, 2021

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide for Fatescribe Roh-Kalo in the Sanctum of Domination Raid Encounter! This guide contains Brewmaster-specific tips and tricks and is primarily geared towards the Mythic encounter, so don’t forget to check out Tanknotes by Panthea, or the Sanctum of Domination Boss Strategy Guides and Raid Overview on Wowhead for a general overview of the mechanics of the fight on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide we’d love to hear from you! You can always contact us in the Brewmaster Monk section of the Peak of Serenity Discord server!


15 Row: *Chi Wave if running Charred Passions

25 Row: Personal Preference

35 Row: Both Ring of Peace and Summon Black Ox Statue have uses, but both are minor. Ring of Peace can be used to help group the little adds that spawn upon the Shade of Destiny dying, and Dave can be used to help grab the far Fatespawn Monstrosity in the intermission. The fight can be done without either, so pick which one is more valuable to you.

Phase One


The main damage that we take from the boss itself will be from Diviner’s Probe, and will happen each time we take the boss for a short window. Try and use a Celestial Brew or a smaller cooldown here. It’s not anything that will kill you, but it does chunk for a good amount. Outside of this, the boss really doesn’t hurt us very much, and is more about positioning and running from the tank add.

Start with the boss near the edge of the room. The first tank to get Invoke Destiny will run across the room opposite the raid, so that the Shade of Destiny will end up in the center of the room while Fated Conjunction is happening. Once the first set of beams go off, drag the boss to the center of the room and keep it on top of the Shade of Destiny, kiting in a circle around the center while the raid handles Grim Portent.

The second tank to get Invoke Destiny should bring it back to the entrance, again across the room from the raid, then quickly head back towards the raid before Fated Conjunction. This will give you plenty of room between yourself and the add while your movement is limited during the beams, just make sure your raid slows it when it gets in range. This Fated Conjunction may have two or three sets of beams depending on your push timing, so be ready for that. After the beams are done, try and get the Shade as close towards the entrance again as possible before it dies, to be ready for the intermission adds.




When intermission starts, you’ll want to get knocked back or be already on top of the close add, which will spawn at the entrance. Mark it with a Skull, and make sure your raid knows to focus this add down first. Once you’ve put a few globals into this add and are confident in threat, start heading towards the far add, which should be walking in. Taunt in when it’s in range, and then you should be right by the pillar which will serve at the LoS spot for the melee to avoid getting hit by Despair, which is uninterruptable on Mythic. Tank the adds in this corner so that the melee can easily line-of-sight the cast.


Most guilds opt to have one tank hold both adds, and as a Brewmaster, this should be us. These adds truck, and being unable to avoid the Despair casts doesn’t help. This is where all of your cooldowns/externals will go, as the rest of the fight is very non-threatening from a damage standpoint. Start with Dampen Harm, as it will be up for the next intermission, then chain cooldowns and externals as needed.

Phase 3


As Phase 2 is essentially a repeat of Phase 1 from a tanking standpoint, the only slight difference is at the end of the fight. Instead of moving the boss to the center on top of the Shade of Destiny when it spawns, we’ll stay at the edge of the room for the rest of the fight. Take Invoke Destiny out to anywhere there is room, just make sure you’re not killing people that are out with Call of Eternity. The room will start to be filled with Echoes of Eternity at the end of the fight, so space will be tight. Aside from that, nothing really changes, this phase is mostly going to be about your raid team leaning how to handle the Loom of Fates.