Anduin Wrynn | Brewmaster Guide

by Apr 23, 2022

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide for Anduin Wrynn in the Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Encounter! This guide contains Brewmaster-specific tips and tricks and is primarily geared towards the Mythic encounter, so don’t forget to check out Tanknotes by Panthea, or the Sepulcher of the First Ones Boss Strategy Guides and Raid Overview on Wowhead for a general overview of the mechanics of the fight on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide we’d love to hear from you! You can always contact us in the Brewmaster Monk section of the Peak of Serenity Discord server!

Recommended Talents

Tier 1 (Level 15) Eye of the Tiger (or Chi Wave)
Tier 2 (Level 25) Personal Preference
Tier 3 (Level 30) Light Brewing
Tier 4 (Level 35) Ring of Peace or Tiger Tail Sweep
Tier 5 (Level 40) Dampen Harm
Tier 6 (Level 45) Rushing Jade Wind
Tier 7 (Level 50) High Tolerance

Stage One


Tank A should pull the boss just off center at the start, and this should be the tank that’s going down into Kingsmourne 2. You’ll want to hold the boss until just before the first Blasphemy cast, then tank B will taunt while Tank A spreads back. Blasphemy on Mythic will explode if any marked player comes into contact with anyone other than someone of the opposite color, even someone who has already cleared.

Tanks will almost always be able to clear on each other, but occasionally they will be the same color. Tank A should go out to ranged to find a partner if that is the case. After Blasphemy is fully cleared, Tank B will turn the boss around so that it’s facing the center of the room for Kingsmourne, and go down.


On Mythic, you will need to clear all adds in both groups in order to get 100 energy. You will either need two death knights (DPS or Tank, it does not matter which) or your raid will need to get really creative. For this guide, we’ll assume you have at least two death knights (one in each Kingsmourne).

You’ll want to group everything up around X (with the big add spawning on Skull). Your death knight will be primarily responsible for grouping everything up, with a little assistance from any classes with a knockback ability. You can also use ring of peace to help get any stray adds into grip range, or prevent anything from hitting the middle if it gets too close.

Make sure to taunt the big add the moment it spawns, as it activates and begins meleeing very quickly upon entering the Kingsmourne.

Be prepared to use small cooldowns (Celestial Brew, an on-use defensive trinket, and/or Dampen Harm) in this phase as your healers will not be healing you at all while they focus on healing the adds. Be good about dodging swirlies.

Both Kingsmourne groups can use this exact positioning as long as there is one Necrolord DK in each. If you’re tanking with a Blood DK, they should go in Kingsmourne 2 so that the dps DK has Abomination Limb up for the burn in intermission.

Kingsmourne 1 Upstairs

After the first Kingsmourne group goes down, the boss will flip around so that he’s facing the entrance again, which is where we want him. He should still be just off center at this point. In Mythic, each player that goes down in Kingsmourne will leave behind an add that will cast Banish Soul. This cast can only be interrupted by crowd control effects such as stuns or fears. The adds cannot be moved, so Ring of Peace will not interrupt them. If the cast completes, it will instantly kill the player attached to that add, so you’ll need a rotation of CC for them.

Wicked Stars also cannot hit these adds, as it will heal them and make them immune to CC. As soon as the Kingsmourne group goes down and the adds spawn, move the boss a couple steps forward towards the entrance of the room, as Wicked Star will be cast soon after. There will be three sets of two stars each time stars go out. Stars should always be brought to the sides, with the adds directly behind Anduin and the tank directly in front. After the third set of stars fire, turn the boss around and bring him back a few steps, so that the Befouled Barrier cast immediately after stars goes directly on top of the adds. At this point, you can use your leg sweep if assigned. Pull the boss back so that he’s directly in the center of the adds, which will help both cleave on the adds, and put you right on the edge of the Barrier so that you can dip out if needed, as Stagger is not our friend with barriers. If you ever have Domination Word: Pain, step out immediately.

During the barrier is the main time you’re going to want to use smaller CDs and Celestial Brew, as the boss stacks will be getting relatively high, you’re missing healers, and you’ll be at least temporarily stuck in the barrier as it is cast and you move slowly to the edge without dragging Anduin too far.

Make sure not to kill the adds until your group downstairs is finished, as each player will be pulled out of the downstairs phase once their attached add dies. Your cotank should taunt upon return, and you should spread back (towards the far side of the platform) for Blasphemy.

Kingsmourne 2 Upstairs

Kingsmourne 2 should also be faced towards the center, so that the adds are stacked in the middle of the room again. Kingsmourne 2 upstairs is very similar to 1, but the Befouled Barrier will be cast before the stars. As soon as the group goes down, drag the boss forward (towards the entrance) just about one or two steps, then turn it around to place the barrier directly on top of the adds. As soon as the barrier is cast, turn back around and drag the boss to the edge of it (again towards the entrance) for stars. After the stars finish, put the boss back in the center of the adds for cleave, and get ready to spread for Blasphemy. Clear Blasphemy, and then after your cotank taunts to clear stacks, either tank can hold until intermission.



For the Intermission, begin on Star and then move between the three markers shown depending on walls. Look for upcoming walls, and then keep in mind that the next wall will always spawn across from it. If a wall spawns directly across from you, the next will spawn directly on you, so be prepared to move to the side and then go around behind it. Don’t ever be standing directly on the edge of the platform.

From a tank perspective, this phase isn’t too different from heroic, aside from having a second Monstrous Soul to pick up. The Soul will always spawn immediately after one tank has just taunted the Remnant, so make sure the other tank picks up the Soul. Brewmaster excels at the damage profile of this phase, but even so, it’s still a lot of damage and worth having cooldowns such as Fortifying Brew planned to get through this phase.

Both Intermission 1 and Intermission 2 are exactly the same, so the second time around is just rinse and repeat.

Stage Two


At the beginning of phase two, four adds will  spawn. They will always spawn in the four cardinal directions, and won’t ever spawn in the middle. Begin at the entrance, and CC the rest of the adds. These adds on mythic will gain a large stacking haste buff each time one of the others dies, so you’ll need very specific CC/silence/interrupt assignments, but this will be handled by the rest of the raid as the only stun you can provide will be more likely assigned to the Kingsmourne souls. 

Move the boss a few steps off of the first Grim Reflection when Wicked Star goes out, in the direction of the next add. You’ll need to start moving the boss over to the second add as stars are firing, so make sure you’re staying ahead of the boss so you don’t get hit. Stars should be brought in the direction of the first add, to either side of it, or in between adds 3 and 4, so that no star will ever hit an add even while the boss is moving. On add 2, tanks should taunt swap to clear stacks, with the Kingsmourne 1 tank taunting back shortly before Kingsmourne to clear again.

When the second Grim Reflection dies, the melee will move to the third add to kill it, but the tanks will move the boss to the fourth add so that Kingsmourne is cast on top of it. The fourth add should be cycloned at this time so that it can’t get broken by cleave. If you are missing a cyclone, be very careful to position Kingsmourne on top of the add without breaking it.

Kingsmournes will be handled exactly the same as they were in phase one.


Kingsmourne 1 Upstairs

After the first group goes down, pull the boss just a few steps back off of the add (towards the center) for the wicked stars that follow. Wicked stars should be brought to the sides, relative to if you were facing the add, so the north and south sides of the room, with the tank standing directly between the add and the center. This time, the stars will finish completely before you need to turn the boss around for barrier, so you have time, but after stars finish turn so that the barrier is placed directly on the adds again. You can inch backwards towards the edge until you are out of the barrier, so that the boss stays in the middle of the adds. The first group will come up almost immediately into stars, so have your cotank get into a good position to keep the boss still and himself safe from stars first, then taunt off you.


After everyone comes back up, there will be another round of Grim Reflections. You’ll be starting where you ended previously, and will pretty quickly need to move the boss over to add 2 to place the Kingsmourne on top of it.

Kingsmourne 2 Upstairs

Immediately after group two goes down, there will be wicked stars. Move the boss a few steps off of the Grim Reflection in the direction you just came from, and face the boss towards Grim Reflection 2. The Befouled Barrier cast immediately after stars will once again be placed directly on top of the Kingsmourne souls, and then you’ll get another round of stars. Finish the stars, and everyone should be back up as it’s time to head over to the third add.


Clean up the third and fourth adds, there’s not much that happens on the final two adds before phasing, just make sure no kicks are missed here.

Stage Three



At the start of the final phase, bring the boss to Star and make sure everyone is out of the middle when the phase begins. Whichever tank is holding the boss primarily in this phase (should be a brewmaster or a death knight as they gain damage from holding the boss, if you have both it should probably (unfortunately) be the death knight so they can maintain Dancing Rune Weapon) should start with the boss, and be towards the edge of the platform.


When Hopelessness is cast, the other tank will clear their debuff in the middle, which will expel a Fragment of Hope from the middle that needs to be caught by the other tank. These fragments will go almost directly opposite the direction that the player enters the middle from, so the tank clearing should make sure they are lined up perfectly in a straight line with their cotank when they clear.

After the first clear, the other tank should taunt to reset stacks. The first tank should taunt back just before Wicked Stars to keep the boss still. In the final phase, stars will bounce off of the edge of the platform, so whenever stars are happening, you should be on alert and looking for any that are coming towards you that you’ll need to dodge. Try and make small movements so that the boss stays in position as best as you can. The second tank will taunt on Empowered Hopebreaker to reset stacks again, and the first will taunt back before the spread for Hopelessness so that the other tank can once again go clear and throw a Fragment for the boss tank to clear with. From here, it’s pretty much the same thing and just burn the boss before everyone dies. Just keep an eye out for bouncing stars, as that is the main thing that will get you as a tank.