The Jailer | Brewmaster Guide

by May 17, 2022

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide for The Jailer in the Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Encounter! This guide contains Brewmaster-specific tips and tricks and is primarily geared towards the Mythic encounter, so don’t forget to check out Tanknotes by Panthea, or the Sepulcher of the First Ones Boss Strategy Guides and Raid Overview on Wowhead for a general overview of the mechanics of the fight on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide we’d love to hear from you! You can always contact us in the Brewmaster Monk section of the Peak of Serenity Discord server!

Recommended Talents

Tier 1 (Level 15) Eye of the Tiger (or Chi Wave)
Tier 2 (Level 25) Tiger’s Lust
Tier 3 (Level 30) Light Brewing
Tier 4 (Level 35) Ring of Peace
Tier 5 (Level 40) Dampen Harm
Tier 6 (Level 45) Rushing Jade Wind
Tier 7 (Level 50) High Tolerance


The Jailer is an incredibly positioning-heavy fight, so I decided to break down each position the boss will be tanked throughout the fight, with a rough overview of what you’ll be doing there, what cooldowns you’ll be using, etc. It’s important to note that this fight is extremely nuanced and one of the most difficult that we’ve seen, from a whole-raid perspective, for an end boss in a long time. This guide will give you an understanding of how to position and why, but you will need to spend some time watching videos of the boss to understand each set of mechanics and learn the timings and flow of the fight. I’ve included one at the bottom of this guide, but I highly recommend watching multiple guilds and perspectives. This fight has to be learned one mechanic at a time, so don’t try and cram all of it at once. I recommend learning one phase at a time and committing it to memory, and only moving on to learning the next phase once you’ve gotten some pulls in and are getting closer to hitting that next phase of the fight in your own raid. I rarely recommend that as a way of learning, but this isn’t the sort of fight where you can randomly have a good pull and make it deep into the next phase that you haven’t prepared for; you’re likely to wipe pretty early on in each new phase.

Phase 1

The above image shows each location that the boss will be tanked in Phase 1, with green locations representing the Brewmaster tanking the boss, and orange representing the cotank. The starting location of the boss before the pull is shown by the boss icon.


1: At the start of the fight, have your cotank taunt from range to pull the boss back a step before he turns and casts World Crusher. After he finishes the cast, taunt and position the boss directly in between the two holes (position 1). During the first Oppression cast, take the warlock gate and let him come to you after the cast finishes.

2: Position him directly in between the two holes (position 2) out of the Oppression cast and make sure that you are in the blood line. Shortly after blood, stand still for the first tank combo. Your cotank will taunt here, and shortly after you’ll be hiding for Relentless Domination. Let him come to your cotank after the cast finishes.

3: After the Domination cast, position him in the middle of the triangle shown by position 3. Make sure that you’re in line for the blood. It’s helpful for you to be the soaker for this blood, since bombs happen immediately beforehand and DPS/Healers may not be able to get to it fast enough. After blood is the second tank combo, taunt and move the boss to position 4 for the next Relentless Domination cast. 

4 & 5: Move yourself up towards Azeroth for the torment spread. Try and make sure the boss is directly in the middle of the triangle, as positioning is very important here for the Domination hide/blood soak during hide. Make sure you are in the middle of the blood line during the Relentless Domination cast, then pop Tiger’s Lust and very quickly run around the pillar, which should open up to be a hole while you’re running, to position for the tank combo. The boss should move up on top of the hole which will close, and your tank combo should be right on the edge of the gold of the hole. MC lines will go off 2 seconds before the tank combo. You’ll be rooted, so make sure your raid knows not to overlap lines on you since you can’t move away. Your cotank will taunt and move the boss to position 6.

6: Stack on your cotank for Torment, then take the warlock gate during the Oppression cast. Move the boss to position 7 after the cast finishes.

7: Make sure you’re in line to soak the blood. Taunt during the tank combo and move the boss to position 8. 

8: Spread for Torment, and wait for Torment to go off, then quickly line of sight the Relentless Domination. You should use the middle pillar to line of sight and head straight to the back of the platform (position 9) to create more room for the MC lines that happen immediately out of the Domination cast.

Phase 2

This shows the locations the boss will be tanked in Phase 2, and the order of pillar breaks with Shattering Blast. The green numbers on pillars represent the Brewmaster pillar breaks, and the orange represent the cotank.


1: Bring the boss on top of the closed hole at the start of the phase. You’ll be standing in the triangle between the boss and Azeroth. Place a transcendence here just to help get back faster after the Shattering Blast. Do not use Celestial Brew at any point at the start of this phase, as you’ll want it for the Blast. The first set of MC players will stack up on you, use Leg Sweep the moment they become mind controlled. Shortly after, you’ll be heading out for Blast, which will be the pillar to your left. You’ll get targeted for the blast at roughly the same time you get Torment, so pop Tiger’s Lust and try to get out before the torment goes off so that you’re not running on top of people when it goes off. It helps to cheat towards that side of the boss a little. Use Dampen Harm and Celestial Brew (hopefully a full stacked one) and transcendence back to the boss. If needed, call for an external when Dampen Harm falls off. Don’t call for it too early, as you’ll want it for when you take the boss back and still have a few seconds left of the debuff (usually right when Dampen falls off is a good time to get something additional). 

Your cotank will taunt on shattering blast. The boss will stay on position 1 until after he gets shattering blast and you taunt back. Let the blood swirlies clear, then start to rotate towards the next position after the Decimator knockback. After he finishes his Unholy Attunement cast, speed taunt him to position 2. The speed taunt isn’t strictly necessary, but without it he will stop and cast again during the move.

2: Stack on your cotank for Torment, then start to cheat towards the next pillar. Since this pillar is close and healers stay in range of me the whole time, I use just a fully stacked Celestial Brew for the break and a small external for the DoT after getting back. Make sure you don’t use Celestial Brew in between your first two Shattering Blasts, or you will need something additional for the second break. After you get back, your cotank will get targeted with Shattering Blast and go to the close pillar, and you’re going to leave the boss on them as they’ll take the next Shattering Blast as well. This allows us to utilize our movement to get all the far pillars, and lets your cotank stay in range of healers to get all the close ones and take more of the damage, as Brewmaster doesn’t excel at handling magic DoTs. Stack on your cotank again for Torment, then he’ll move the boss to position 3. 

3: Drop a transcendence in the spot shown, then get ready to Leg Sweep the MC players again, immediately after they get mind controlled. Spread for Torment, then position yourself on the correct side of the boss to be closest to your next pillar. As long as you are rotated correctly and ready for it, you can use Tiger’s Lust and just one roll to get out to it, then one roll to get back in range of your transcendence, and transcendence back. The transcendence is critical here, as you’ll have to use it to cross the blood swirlies. For this pillar, use Zen Meditation for the hit, and Fortifying Brew immediately afterwards to manage the DoT as you get back to the raid. The latter half of your DoT will be during a big move for the raid, so don’t be afraid to call for an external during that move since your healers can’t heal much while running. Your cotank will move to position 4 after the Unholy Attunement cast.

4: Spread for Torment. If you’re low from the DoT and healers being distracted by the big move, don’t stack on your cotank, just go far and spread. Taunt on Shattering Blast and move the boss back after the decimator cast to position 5, so that melee have room to hit the boss and dodge blood swirlies.

5: Use Dampen Harm and Celestial Brew on your last Shattering Blast, and call for any remaining externals if you need them after Dampen falls off. Drop a Ring of Peace after the Torment spread, right on the middle of the hole that MC players will be moving towards. Once the hole opens up, they can’t fall in, but your goal is to keep them off of the hole before it opens, so that it doesn’t open with them on it, as they will fall to their death. Taunt the boss back as soon as your health is under control (don’t taunt and get 1 shot by a melee because you were low from the debuff) and get ready for a big move right out of the Unbreaking Grasp cast.

Phase 3

1: Position the boss so that it’s lined up right in between the two holes that the raid stacks between, so that melee can still hit it when he turns to cast World Shatterer. Stack just behind the edge of the front debris circle and drop a transcendence. After getting knocked forward from the Decimator, move the boss to Position 2, which will require you moving all the way to where the tank marker is shown. The four melee assigned to chains should be the closest to you.

2: Immediately after getting Chains, your cotank will taunt, and you will roll back towards your transcendence and teleport to it, breaking all 4 chains. Note if you don’t use transcendence, it won’t break all 4 cleanly, and players will instead be gripped to you. Get back to the raid quickly to soak Desolation, then dodge the bolts from the blood. Take the warlock gate as soon as Defile drops.

3: Spread for Torment (dodge the other Torments) on the tank marker shown, then get ready to soak Blood. After the blood, use Leg Sweep on any remaining adds. Watch the Decimator to make sure you don’t get knocked into a hole in this phase. Try to position in the same place every single pull, as the Decimator should be baited consistently. After Defile, your cotank will move to position 4. Make sure you are trailing behind the boss, as the 4 players assigned to Chains will need to be up in front near your cotank. Very important that you do not accidentally get chained by being too close. Taunt halfway through the move on the Chains cast.

4: Soak the Group Soaks on position 4 and immediately after they go off, move the boss again to position 5.

5: Soak blood and dodge the bolts. After the blood soak, bring the boss as close to the edge as possible for the Desolation soak afterwards. Watch the Decimator knock again, then get in for the Desolation soak. Your cotank should taunt during this soak to get the next set of Chains.

6: This will be the same as the move to position 4, with your cotank up in front along with the 4 Chains players. You’ll taunt during the move again, once Chains goes off. The boss should phase very shortly after.

Phase 4

1: Immediately upon entering the phase, move the boss to position 1 and face towards the tank marker for the first Meteor Cleave. Make sure it is lined up so that everyone gets knocked back directly over the closed hole, so that no one goes too far to the left or right and gets knocked into an open hole. Your cotank will taunt on the cleave.

2: Let the Decimator knock you towards position 2, and your cotank will move the boss there. The first Death Sentence will be dispelled in melee, and the two tanks will soak them. Let your cotank get the one closer to the front of the boss, and you get the one closer to the back. Stack on your cotank for Torment, let ranged bait the Decimator, then move back to position 3.

3: Stand behind the boss to be dispelled with Death Sentence. Your cotank will be dispelled in front. Have one person assigned to soak in front of the boss with your cotank, and one person assigned to soak in the back with you. Stack on your cotank with Torment again, then get in for the Meteor Cleave, which should be positioned exactly as it was the first time. Taunt on Meteor Cleave and move the boss to position 4.

4: Stack in under the boss for the mass dispel of Death Sentence, and then soak. You’ll have the boss, so soak whichever one is closest to where you are tanking. Spread with Torment and get it as far back as possible, then move the boss to position 5/anywhere that is clear of Defile. The boss should die before the third Meteor Cleave.