Huntsman Altimor | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 7, 2020

Phase 1 | Margore


Tank the boss roughly where it spawns, on Skull. The raid should be loosely spread out behind the boss, and Sinseekers should be brought to Diamond, Star, and Circle.

Taunt swap Margore and Huntsman on 2 stacks of Jagged Claws. This bleed hurts, so use Celestial Brew on the second stack.

There is no movement in this phase, just the taunt swap. Help soak Vicious Lunge, which should be positioned in melee just behind the boss.


Phase 2 | Bargast


As a Brewmaster, you will likely be responsible for tanking Bargast due to Rip Soul, since we can use Celstial Brew to greatly reduce the missing health of the add.


Bring Bargast to Square out shortly before the cast, and use Celestial Brew just before the cast finishes. Try to have built up a maximum absorb from it going into this, which should not be hard to do if you are purifying regularly.

Shortly after Rip Soul, Bargast will cast Shades of Bargast. Keep him in the corner on Square until this cast finishes, and be ready to use Paralysis on one of the adds that spawns, if assigned.



After the adds spawn and get crowd-controlled, bring Bargast back to Huntsman until shortly before the next Rip Soul cast. For the second Rip Soul, move out to X, as the Shades will still be crowd-controlled on Square.

The third Rip Soul will also go to X, as there are still no Shades there, but the second Shades cast will happen very shortly after this Rip Soul. Keep Bargast in the corner on X and CC the second set of Shades, then move Hunstman and Bargast over to Blue to break and kill the first Shades.

Try and use grips and knocks to get the Shades closer to Skull, as shortly after they are broken and killed, the next Sinseeker will go out, and we’ll need to be back in position on Skull for it.

After this, it is rinse and repeat. Just keep track of the timers for Rip Soul and Shades, as positioning these badly will cause a wipe.


Rip Soul Placement: Blue > Red > Red > Blue > Repeat

Remember that Shades of Bargast comes immediately after the First, Third, and Fifth Rip Souls, and we should keep Bargast in the corner until the Shades spawn.


Phase 3 | Hecutis

This is the lust and burn phase. The boss and Hecutis will be kept mostly still and tanked on Skull, with Hecutis being dragged back and forth every time you need to drop stacks of Crushing Stone.

Be prepared to kite the boss away if needed after the Sinseeker cast to avoid the healer adds hitting the boss, but we want to avoid this as much as possible. Players targeted with Sinseeker in this phase should either immune if possible, or simply die. You can use Ancestral Protection Totems from Shamans to resurrect one or two players that do not have an immunity, but they will otherwise be sacrificed as the boss dies very shortly afterwards, and dealing with the number of healer adds from properly soaking Sinseekers in this phase is not worth it.*

Players targeted with Sinseeker should move as far towards the back of their line as they possibly can, to summon the add as far back as possible and prevent tanks from having to move the boss. If we do have to move the boss, avoid moving Hecutis with it until the adds have been healed and despawned, and the raid is healthy.

Communicate with healers when you need to drop Crushing Stone stacks, make sure before any movement that the raid is topped and healers are ready for the incoming damage. Avoid moving Hecutis when any other damage is going out, such as during Sinseeker.

4-5 stacks is doable, but very quickly becomes too much if we let it go any higher. Try to regularly drop 2-3 stacks at a time, not letting Hecutis gain more than 5 stacks. Make sure you clear all the stacks before Sinseeker, as you won’t be able to clear in the few seconds before it, during it, or for a bit afterwards, until the healer adds have despawned.


*In current tuning