Huntsman Altimor | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 7, 2020

Phase 1 | Margore


This phase is extremely simple for tanks. Tank the boss roughly where it spawns so that DPS have plenty of room to spread out with Sinseeker. Taunt swap Margore on 1-2 stacks of Jagged Claws. You may choose to swap the boss as well (so that each tank is only tanking one target at a time), however this should not be necessary. Your ranged may choose to spread out, or form two groups.

Phase 2 | Bargast


As a Brewmaster, you will likely be responsible for tanking Bargast due to Rip Soul, both for the ability to mitigate the damage, as well as mobility.

Roll/Torpedo out shortly before the cast, and use Celestial Brew to keep yourself topped up.



For recommended positioning, tank the boss in front of Bargast’s gate, and bring Bargast to Star shortly before Rip Soul. If needed, have your other tank kite Huntsman along the wall for a short period until the add is healed up and despawns.

You may choose to bring Bargast to a different corner, or bring Huntsman further away at the start of the phase, if your healers are slow to heal the add up. Work with your raid to find a positioning that works for your raid team.

Shortly after Rip Soul, Bargast will cast Shades of Bargast. Keep him in the corner until this cast finishes, and be ready to use Paralysis on one of the adds that spawns, if assigned.



After the adds spawn and get crowd-controlled, bring Bargast and Hunstman to the other side of the room for Sinseeker. This Sinseeker will spawn adds identical to the Rip Soul adds, so be ready to move the boss away.

Immediately after Sinseeker finishes, move Hunstman and Bargast back to Star and kill the crowd-controlled Shades. Be ready to use additional crowd-control if needed to prevent a cast from going off.

Shortly after the adds die, Bargast will cast another Rip Soul. Repeat positioning from earlier, keeping him in the corner until Shades of Bargast have spawned, then move Bargast and the boss back to the same position for another Sinseeker.

After Sinseeker goes out, bring both bosses back over to the crowd-controlled adds and kill them. This pattern repeats until Bargast dies, which should be shortly after the second Shades die.

Phase 3 | Hecutis

In this phase, tanks will be moving both Huntsman and Hecutis slowly around the room, clockwise. Move the bosses together in short bursts when needed to drop stacks of Crushing Stone.

Note: It is currently unknown if dodging still applies a stack of Crushing Stone. If it does not, Brewmasters will want to be the one tanking Hecutis. 

Avoid bringing the boss too deep into a corner before Sinseeker, as it will still summon adds that must be healed. Be prepared to kite the boss away after every Sinseeker cast, just be very careful with moving Hecutis too much during this time, as the healers will be focused on healing the adds, not the raid.

Communicate with healers when you need to drop Crushing Stone stacks, make sure before any movement that the raid is topped and healers are ready for the incoming damage. Avoid moving Hecutis when any other damage is going out, such as during Sinseeker.