Lady Inerva Darkvein | Brewmaster Guide

by Dec 5, 2020


Tank the boss close to where she spawns, standing on the edge of the slightly raised platform. This is because the majority of mechanics will spawn behind her in the center of the room. Tanking the boss in this spot gives the raid plenty of room to handle the mechanics, and more visibility for handling the beams from the Container of Sin and soaks from the Container of Bottled Anima.

Container of Desire

This is the first container to begin filling up in the fight, and the only container that directly affects us as tanks.

Throughout the entire fight, the boss will cast Expose Desires. This is our taunt swap, and we should swap on two stacks. Depending on how full the first container is, this will also gain other effects.

On Mythic, after the boss hits us with Expose Desires, we will need to turn and face the red Hidden Desires image. We have only about a second to face it before it charges through us, and if we’re not facing it when it charges through, we will gain an additional stack of Warped Desires.

The only other thing we have to be aware of with this container is once it reaches 66%. At this point, when our Warped Desires stacks fall off, we will gain a debuff called Change of Heart, which you only have a few seconds to run out before it explodes. Be pre-positioned before your stacks fall off and ready to handle this. It’s important to note that at the time of writing this, the tooltip reads as though it is fall of damage, but it is not. You will get a circle around you, and as long as no one is in that circle, they are safe. The best place to safely move to with Change of Heart is simply behind where you are tanking the boss, as no other players have a reason to ever be back there.

Container of Bottled Anima

This one is pretty straightforward. If you’re not tanking the boss or the adds, try to run out and help soak the Bottled Anima.

The only thing that will really affect us with this container is positioning. Once the container reaches 33%, each Bottled Anima soak will leave behind a pool. We shouldn’t have to worry too much about it early in the fight, but later in the fight we’ll want to make sure there’s always plenty of space around the boss, and move the boss to the left or right depending on where the free space is. There should be more than enough open space to keep the boss in relatively the same area for the whole fight, as long as you’re tanking on the edge of the room and not in the middle. Very few Bottled Anima soaks go up by where we stand as tanks, so small adjustments to the left or right of where we stand should be all that’s needed to leave enough room for melee, while also keeping them from having too run too far to go out and soak.

Container of Sin

This one really doesn’t have anything we need to worry about as tanks, which is great. This container is a large part of the recommendation to not tank in the center of the room. Keeping the boss on the edge of the room keeps melee almost entirely out of the chaos that is the Sins and Suffering, especially later in the container when beams start rotating.

Container of Concentrated Anima

The actual abilities of this container that change with percentage filled don’t really affect us, but the basic mechanic of the container is what we’re going to be focusing on. This container can be summed up with one word: adds.

This container will cause the boss to target three players with Concentrated Anima, which will put a large circle around them and do damage to anyone within it when it explodes. When it does explode, each one will summon an add. There are only two types of adds that can spawn, Conjured Manifestations and Harnessed Specters.

The Specters are our first priority. They must be tanked and do not move. When a tank is not in range, they will cast Condemn and it isn’t interruptible. This cast will wipe your raid! Every time adds spawn, our first priority is finding the Harnessed Specter and getting to it. They will cast Unconscionable Guilt on the tank that has threat, which really isn’t as scary as it sounds. One tank should be able to keep threat on it the whole time, so keep your taunt swap rotation on the boss and don’t worry too much about who is tanking this add. Just be ready to throw a Celestial Brew or Fort Brew out if your stacks start getting high, but it is cast infrequently so you won’t have to worry about it getting up to anything crazy.

The Manifestations are still important to pick up and get grouped up quickly. They will also cast Condemn, but their version is interruptible. Pick them up quickly and get them grouped up with the Specter so they can be nuked down, and have an interrupt rotation until they die.