Shriekwing | Brewmaster Guide



Tank Boss on Skull, as close to the gate as you can get it. Make sure that Star (all the way against the wall, in the corner) is not within Line of Sight of the boss. 


Relevant Tank Abilities

Exsanguinating Bite – Taunt swap on every Bite. Exsanguinating Bite will apply 10 stacks of Exsanguinated, which will reduce healing received by 10%, increase physical damage taken by 5%, and cause the player to bleed for 206 physical damage every 1.5 seconds, per stack. 

It is recommended to use Celestial Brew for every bite to mitigate the window of heavy healing reduction from the debuff. The bites are roughly every 30-35 seconds.

Blind Swipe – The boss will turn towards a random player and casts a frontal (12 yard cone). Move out from the front of the boss until the cast is complete.

Earsplitting Shriek –  Raid stacks in on Star, out of Line of Sight of the boss, until the cast completes. This ability will leave behind Sanguine Ichor pools. On subsequent shrieks, wait to stack into the existing pools until just before the cast finishes, and use defensives, barrier, and/or anti-magic zone to mitigate damage from the existing pools.

Phase 1 | Thirst for Blood

Tank right at the base of the stairs for Phase 1. Raid will be behind the boss on Orange, moving back to Blue when targeted with Echolocation, to drop the pools.

As the boss begins casting the first Echoing Screech, the raid will move around the boss towards Star to dodge the Echoing Shrieks.




The raid will reposition on this side of the boss, next to Star. Players targeted with Echolocation will now drop them around Purple.

When the boss casts Earsplitting Shriek, the entire raid will stack in on Star. It is very important that we are not late getting to this spot, and are stacked with the raid.

Phase 2 | Terror of Castle Nathria


If you follow the positioning in Phase 1, you should have all of the pillars to freely move around to dodge the Echoing Shrieks, and stay hidden for Earsplitting Shriek in this phase.

This phase is extremely simple for us, just stay stacked with your raid and make good decisions about where to dodge to. As a general rule of thumb, the farther away from the boss you are, the more time you have to react to Shrieks coming at you.

At the end of this phase, reset back to Phase 1 positioning and repeat.