Sludgefist | Brewmaster Guide

by Dec 12, 2020


This fight is 80% positioning the boss, and 20% staying alive. There really isn’t a lot else going on for us besides those two things, so we’re going to cover positioning pretty in-depth.

The white arrows are going to be the path that we are taking, including the boss charges to smash the pillars.

The red arrows are showing the path that the ranged group is taking.

This is by no means the only path/positioning that will work for this boss, but it’s a good one that will utilize the entire room, so long as your dps groups are making use of the space.

Start-of-Fight to Break 1

We’re going to want to put the boss right on the corner of the column, and tank in the space in the very front of the room, while the melee rotate around behind the boss. Be extra careful about staying in Line of Sight of your healers here. We shouldn’t have to move the boss from this position until the first break.

If your cotank is a slow class, make sure that you are the closest tank to the boss when he is about to do Hateful Gaze, as this is how he chooses a target.

You can put a transcendence down behind the first pillar before the fight begins in order to get a few extra seconds of hitting the boss before he charges, then transcendence right before the charge and not have to spend any time moving behind the pillar. Every little bit of damage counts on this fight, so try to maximize everything you can.

Break 1 to Break 2

Let the Colossal Roar coming out of the first damage phase push you back towards Skull. Tank the boss right on the corner of the column again, and back yourself into the spot in front of the stairs.

Be extra careful here about not outranging your healers, as the ranged group is pretty far away at this point.

Very slowly kite the boss back as the melee group runs out of space, but you really should not have to move the boss more than a few steps back here before the second break.

Break 2 to Break 3

Let the Colossal Roar coming out of the second damage phase push you back towards Orange. Tank the boss on the corner of the column and back yourself into the little nook between the column and the point of the gate.

Drop a transcendence here, and when you run out for the first Destructive Stomp, transcendence back. This is to prevent the boss from taking even half a step in the direction that you run out, as the positioning is pretty tight here and it’s very important that he doesn’t move any closer to the third pillar, as the second Destructive Stomp will destroy it if it’s too close.

Break 3 to Break 4

This is where we start to move the boss more. We’re going to go in the general area of Star, but you’ll have to work around the existing Rubble that has already started falling in this area. Tank the boss anywhere from the bench to the back of the room, and move along the wall as the melee begin to get cut off or run out of space. This phase is just about working around the existing Rubble and being extra aware of how much room your melee group has to move around, and adjusting as necessary.

Break 4 to End-of-Fight

After the fourth damage phase, bring the boss to Moon and go as far back as you can, all the way up against the Rubble. We can easily step in and out of the Rubble to dodge Destructive Stomp, but we want to give our melee as much room as we can here, since they cannot without dying. After that, it’s just burn the boss with everything that you have.


Beyond positioning, the only other thing we have to worry about is staying alive, so it’s worth mentioning some tips.

Try and get good, valuable uses out of Celestial Brew. This means being aware of what mechanics are coming up, and not wasting it. Don’t use Celestial Brew immediately before a Destructive Stomp or Hateful Gaze, as the boss will stop meleeing you here and it’s going to get wasted. 

Be aware of the other damage going out in the raid. Colossal Roar does massive raid damage, and your healers are going to be very preoccupied healing it back up. During a Colossal Roar or immediately after is a great time to use Celestial Brew, as this is when we’re most at risk of bleeding out due to lack of healer attention. 

There’s a lot of tank damage on the main tank in this fight, but there’s a lot of raid damage as well. Do your best to make your healers’ jobs easier, not harder. Use your mitigation and cooldowns to increase your self-sustain during the moments of high raid-wide damage. Call for externals. Your cotank won’t need them, don’t let them go to waste.