The Council of Blood | Brewmaster Guide

by Dec 15, 2020


These are the markers that we will be using to refer to positioning throughout the fight. Only the line down the middle (Diamond, Skull, X, Moon) is relevant to us, as tanks. The bosses will always be positioned on one of these markers, with the exception of slight movements towards either side to hit Dutiful Attendants. 

Throughout the fight, the raid will be stacking up for Dark Recital. The players that do not get targeted will move to the left, and everyone that does get it will be rotating counter-clockwise around the boss. As the Dark Recital stack starts to move towards you, rotate around the boss so that you do not get hit by any of the puddles. Try to keep the boss as still as possible and rotate around, so that the melee Dark Recital players can continue to hit the boss.

The Mythic mechanic for this boss is Dancing Fever. This is extremely easy for us to deal with as tanks, it is simply a matter of jumping when we are told. However, since this mechanic does massive raid damage, it is very important that we are aware when we have it, and jump when called to by either the healers or the raid leader. Make sure that you have a WeakAura for it, and assign a sound to it if needed.

Phase 1

Kill Target: Baroness Frieda

At the start of the fight, immediately bring the bosses to Skull. The raid should be stacked on or just behind Skull, with the bosses just in front. This will be considered our “home base” throughout the fight, and we will always return to this positioning after dealing with various mechanics.


If we are the ones taunting Frieda and Niklaus, put a statue down in between where they land. Keg smash Frieda as she lands, wait about one second for them to run in towards the statue, then taunt the statue to grab aggro on them both. Your other tank can grab Stavros immediately and pull him off to the side, outside of the statue’s taunt range. This is also helpful if your raid has Night Fae Balance Druids, as it pulls Stavros (non-target) out of range of their Convoke.


After using statue to taunt the bosses, make sure to despawn it so that it does not grab threat on Begrudging Waiters later in the fight, unless your raid specifically chooses to use that as a strategy, in which case you will need to move the statue to a set location.

In general, we’re going to taunt swap Stavros and Niklaus on every second Evasive Lunge. This will manage the stacks from the Lunge, as well as the stacking Duelist’s Riposte from Niklaus. 

However, from the beginning of the fight until the first Danse Macabre (until Frieda hits 50%) you can let the tank with Stavros take 3 stacks. You should be phasing for the Danse Macabre before getting a fourth Evasive Lunge, and then both tanks can keep their targets after the Danse as their stacks will have dropped. At this point, the Stavros tank can take another 3 stacks before swapping, and Frieda should be nearly dead as this swap happens. This simplifies things a bit, as the tanks don’t have to worry about constantly taunt-swapping three targets, and Frieda will not run out a few steps with the Stavros tank after a swap to position for Evasive Lunge. One tank can hold Frieda and Niklaus until Frieda is almost dead, and maintain optimal positioning for the raid to focus Frieda (especially during the Dark Recital) while the other tank can focus solely on positioning Stavros for the Lunge, for the majority of the phase.


Generally, all three bosses should be tanked together and both tanks should be focusing the kill target at (almost) all times. We highly recommend setting an audible countdown timer for Evasive Lunge in DBM or BigWigs, and just a few seconds before it goes off, the tank with threat on Stavros should step just slightly out of the raid and position their back so that Stavros lunges just behind the tank with Niklaus. In phase 1, this positioning isn’t as important, but once Stavros becomes the kill target in phase 2, it becomes extremely important to minimize the movement of this lunge, and get it as close to the group as you safely can.

Phase 2

Kill Target: Lord Stavros

We will continue to swap the remaining two bosses on 2 stacks of the Evasive Lunge.

Once Frieda dies, we will be dealing with the Waltz of Blood. There is always one area of the room that is safe, and it is simply a matter of identifying which area and moving there. We will always prefer to stay at Skull if possible, then Diamond, then Moon. If Diamond is safe, move the bosses there and position exactly as you would on Skull, using Diamond as the marker instead. Likewise, if Moon is the safe zone, treat Moon as if it were Skull, and position exactly as you would for Dark Recital and Stavros Lunges. Make sure that the raid is always on or behind the marker, which becomes especially important if you are moving from Skull to Moon. Call out that the Lunge is coming for any stragglers that stopped moving between Skull and Moon and didn’t make it all the way around the other side of the marker.


Phase 3

When Stavros dies, make sure that the tank that will be tanking the Veteran Stoneguard picks up Niklaus, and tanks until the Stoneguard drops. Right when the Stoneguard comes out, the other tank should taunt Niklaus.


The tank that has the Stoneguard should then bring it to Triangle, and tank for a short period of time before they begin kiting. Vengeance Demon Hunters are perfect to tank the Stoneguard, and if we are not the ones tanking it we should take Tiger’s Lust to give to the cotank. However, if we are the ones tanking the Stoneguard, Chi Torpedo will be a better pick for kiting.

The kiting tank should use a combination of Tiger’s Lust, Wind Rush Totems, Stampeding Roars, Demonic Gateways, and personal movement to kite the Stoneguard in a full circle around the room until Niklaus is pushed to 50% health. This push should happen almost immediately after the second Stoneguard drops, and the raid should use the Danse Macabre to kill off the first Stoneguard and bring the second one to low health. The new one should die very shortly after the Danse.


The non-kiting tank will be tanking Niklaus from the time the Stoneguard appears until the Danse. We will need to plan our cooldowns accordingly to survive 6-7 stacks of Duelist’s Riposte. If you are getting any more than that, your damage is too slow (it likely will be in early progression). Use every CD available to you in early progression to survive through to the very last phase, and then you can start to pull them off as your DPS get more comfortable and your push timing increases, as you will need a good amount for the very end.


After the Danse, the Stoneguard tank should pick up Niklaus again until the new Stoneguard appears, then taunt swap and repeat the kite pattern. The Stoneguard tank will now be kiting until the boss dies.

The Niklaus tank will need to survive a total of 8-10 stacks in this phase, depending on kill speed. It is very important here to use Blessing of Protection from a Paladin after about 5-6 stacks, and have a Cancel Aura macro ready to immediately remove BoP. This will clear your stacks. If you have two Paladins in the raid, you can use one BoP to clear stacks before the Danse, and one after. This can help save a lot of cooldowns for the last phase.

Make sure you have a plan for defensives for the stacks. Don’t forget about Zen Meditation, as it can be used for one of the Duelist’s Riposte hits when your stacks get very high. You can use Dampen Harm at medium stacks before the Danse, and have it back up again for after the Danse.